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Let the mud slinging begin!

This weekend is shaping up to be another fun-filled blockbuster, since the holidays are over. Its the time of the year where all the waiting is over and we can find out who has the best stuff. When all the tailgating is over and its time to put up or shut up….Its time for Leaf Bowl 2012!

Yes our backyard is getting rather unsightly again, since it was neglected so much over the holidays. I would like to blame it on the weather but this year that excuse doesn’t fly. But this year was the year I was going to stop making excuses. I pledged to take ownership in my actions for good this year.

Always a helping hand


So, in getting back to our interview from Friday…. LeeAnne can you help me out? Please? Please? Please?



You see LeeAnne used to rake the leaves inbetween our houses when they started to pile up. She’d rake ’em, bag ’em and take ’em to the curb. She would even groom our driveway if it looked unsettling to her. Do we ever miss her! I just found a small toy of Skylar’s underneath the carpet of leaves on our driveway this week. LeeAnne, when ya coming back?

My begging almost has me feeling guilty when I think of some of the things that occurred when she wasn’t around.  You know, boys will be boys! There are somethings you can only do when you ‘other wife’ isn’t around. And sometimes things can get a little out of hand when a wife is not around. You know what I mean!

Yesterday we left when I asked her about some encouragement about the prospects of me being a Dad.  Today we pick up at the idea that maybe my being a Dad isn’t such a good idea:

7) When we first met our families became instant friends. Shortly there after we babysat Drayton, when he was about 3, while you and Troy went out for the night. I introduced Drayton to raspberries on his belly that night. He laughed and laughed. Later that night you came home and asked Drayton how everything went. He instantly jumps on his back on the sofa, pulls up his shirt and hollers “look what Andy can do for me!” (OMG!) Was there anything else you ever noticed that might have raised “concerns” about me being a Dad?

OMG this is so easy.  Prepare yourself because the whole world is about to know that you thought a three year old could go into a bathroom by himself, get up on the toilet, poop, then wipe, get down, pull up his pants and come on out.  How did that turn out Andy? J  Let’s go back.  You and Sabrina took Drayton to Chuck E. Cheese while I was at the hospital with my Dad.  Drayton had to potty so you sent him in the bathroom.  A few minutes go by and you come out the bathroom (according to Troy) with a look of panic on your face.  Oh how I wish I could have seen it.  Anyway, Troy goes in there and Drayton is covered in poop.  He obviously couldn’t get up on the seat so just went potty right where he was standing and tried to “clean it up”.  Luckily I never went anywhere without a few changes of clothes for him.  That was another secret I let you in on.  Always Always Always have extra clothes.  You never know when your neighbor might take your child to the bathroom.  Love ya Andy!  I think Troy and I even said after that incident, “his poor kid”.  Seven years later we are still laughing about that.  It is a moment that we will never forget.

~ Its true. I was helpless. Poor Drayton made it to the “pulling his pants down” stage. And that is it. It was like a Big, daddy-size ball of chocolate sitting on the floor, covered in gravy from the back of his legs, through his underwear and all over the floor. I was NEVER going to have kids at that point!

Best buds from the beginning

8) You were around when we brought Dylan home and you were one of the first ones to meet Skylar when we brought her home. What do you think the biggest difference was between the two? Or us, one child to the next?

As for the girls, Dylan was so petite and had a little bit of hair.  Skylar on the other hand was a round butterball with hair, hair, and more hair!  She had more hair at one week old than I had when I was two!  When Skylar came home you and Sabrina were definitely more prepared.  You had been there and done that so I think it was a much easier transition the second time around.  I wasn’t needed.

~ There were still so many times that we wanted to call! But thought we ought to figure things out for ourselves….and were embarrassed to ask for help….again.

"OUR" Motley Crew

9)  Do you have any confessions to tell us?

Yes.  When Dylan turned one you and Sabrina expressed that you did not want her to get in the bad habit of eating only chicken nuggets, fries, mac n cheese and typical kids snack stuff.  You wanted her to eat healthy.  Well I may not have listened as well as you thought.  When I would keep her she may have went to McDonald’s on more than one occasion and had a happy meal.  I will say the look on her face was pure enjoyment!  Troy, Drayton and I would grin from ear to ear watching how much she enjoyed it.  We had to give her a good lunch because we knew for dinner she would have to endure quiche, tomatoes or zucchini.   I would always tell Drayton, “don’t tell Mr. Andy or Ms. Sabrina that Dylan had this”.  I am so proud that he actually kept the secret.

So THAT’S why she always asks for the macaroni and cheese when we go out.  You are are a wicked woman! 😛


I think that both of us have learned over the years that family is not defined by the blood in your veins but by love.  Not only did you bring those two girls into your family but you brought in Troy, Drayton and I.  The seven years that we spent as neighbors will forever be cherished.  The memories of going to the beach, eating at Yokoso every year for my birthday, making smores when it actually got cold enough to make a fire, house projects that were worked on together, the list could go on and on.  We love the four of you more than words can say.  Miles may separate us now but we will always be as close as family can get.          

Hey LeeAnne, we love and miss you guys too. It was like were losing part of our family. A divorce! How would we survive without our Go-To Girl? And Guy! And Dylan still asks if she can go next door and play with Drayton. She’s still in denial I guess. Hurry home! Lets hook up on the Messenger. And remember our conversations at the Boathouse! Kinda the carrot on the end of ths stick

Oh, and our 3 year old can go poppy by herself already ~ na-na-nanna!  xoxo

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