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We sometimes like to end our day with playing a game with the kids before bedtime. Dylan’s cry to, “Play with me!” can only be brushed aside for so long. Dylan likes to build towers with her Legos so it only seemed natural that she would love the game of Jenga. She loves Candyland but she doesn’t do so well with following the rules in it. She must get that from her dad.

I pull out the game and set it up. About that time our favorite background TV came on, Big Bang Theory. Low and behold, what game do you think these nerdy guys are playing? Jenga! Has it really come to this?


Being a new dad, its sometimes really hard to watch all those “cool points” accumulated in our youth get brushed aside as we transition into geeks playing Jenga and with doll castles. Its tough trying to convert from “cool dude” to “cool Dad”. All that work is gone! But then I look down and instantly remember, its all about the kids at this point. ~ I say this as Dylan is talking to someone on her play phone….

“Hello? Drayton can you come over? We can have a picnic and play at the park!”

I mean she is really having a conversation on this phone that rings for her to answer!

Yesterday I was thinking how my wife and I always like to get away to some place warm over the winter. Those exotic vacations are gone for a while I accepted. We tried going to St. Lucia the first year Dylan was born. We left her with her grandparents, thinking it would be a great way for them to bond. After 4 days, of a 7 day stay in a luxurious Sandals resort, we both missed her so much that we were ready to come home. My point is, sneaking away without the kids is not really an option with these two cherubs.

This past summer we did manage to find a vacation where there was a little something for everyone, the family resort of Ocean City, New Jersey. It was a favorite resort of mine when I was little, complete with a great boardwalk with multiple amusement piers for youngsters, all sorts of junky junk food, putt-putt, candy stores and more. Do you know what was the deciding factor for us in deciding to jet up there?

Schoolhouse Rock!


The local community players were putting on a skit, revisiting lots of favorite kid anthems from the Saturday morning cartoon. Do you remember any of these? Conjunction Junction? We thought what a great event for us our kids to enjoy, subconsciously knowing they were too young to understand enjoy any kind of schooling. We still had our hopes though! Plus the geeks in both of us looked forward to hearing it.

So lets see, playing Jenga and silly kids learning shows for annual vacation highlights compared to watching Jason Bourne movies and snorkeling the Caribbean? Cool Dad 2, Cool Dude 0.

It is soooo all about the kids!

Bye-bye cool dude! My wife would tell you I wasn’t so cool to begin with …..

I wonder what Sheldon would do?

What are your favorite “Cool Dad” or “Cool Mom” activities or memories?

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6 thoughts on “Bazjenga!

  1. I think you’re cool too Derek : ) I’m checking your blag and making notes! Dylan is a daredevil with the Jenga, like everything else she does. She goes for the outside pieces instead of the safe middle one.

  2. Everything I do is cool, so far. We love Jenga, though..good choice.

  3. Where in PA is Sesame Place? I grew up in Hanover, PA. The girls like Sesame Street. It is Elmo that teaches them Potty Training. Ironically, we had a very special trip to the Beaches in Turks & Caicos planned, where they have the Sesame Street characters their for the kids. We made our reservations, made the flight plans, paid all the deposits. The very next Monday we got word we would be having our second child. So we passed on the trip. Thanks for stopping by Karen!

  4. For sure your girls will always think you are the coolest. Can’t get better than that! Show them a few episodes of Sesame Street and then vacation at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania for a few days….soooo awesome!! Now, that’s cool!

  5. Thanks Laura! I figure they can’t laugh at you if you are already laughing at yourself. And~ Cool is only a state of mind….lots like age. The coolest people kinda take it for granted. Thanks for stopping in! And thanks for all that degradation to look forward too! : P

  6. This should make you feel better: right now, you’ve chosen to put your “cool” on hold (choice), but when your kids are teenagers, they’ll keep reminding you that you aren’t cool! A sense of humor is always cool though – whether toddlers or teens – well-done!

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