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Does everyone’s child love to have you chase them? I find this in each of our kids. They run and laugh and there is usually some type of fun consequence for them when I catch them; like a harsh tickling or being thrown over my shoulder to be deposited on the sofa in the next room, or a good ‘whacking of bottoms’, something that brings a similar result to the tickling penalty.

So the request, “Whack my bottom!” is now similar to the phrase  “on your mark, get set, go”. ~ Although Dylan likes to say, “Get your mark, get your set, gooooo”. Her variation to this song  is, “You can’t whack my bottom!” and off she goes. These are all extensions to the boast, “You can’t catch me!”, as outlined in the chase sequence above. ~will she ever learn? I always catch her.

So last night we were getting our oldest ready for bed. We were putting her PJ’s on her in the living room as her sister was already (supposedly) asleep in her room. Dylan was disrobed when she started shaking her naked bottom.

This time she changes the challenge a bit singing, “You don’t wanna whack my bottom! You don’t wanna whack my bottom!”

Drawing ever closer to prove her wrong, I asked, “Oh yea? Why not?”

Dylan gets a big ‘I gotcha’ smile and tells me, “Your hand will get dirty!”

Well mommy laughs out loud as it appears I was set up (again), looking at me like “She gotcha!”. However, I rationalize, all that potty-training training is working as she is catching the concept of germs. I smile to myself thinking, We’ve got her trained pretty good.

Or is it the other way around?

This morning I thought I would take a picture of our living room to offer what kind of creative writing environment I sit in. It is usually the castle being a disaster, Disney Princesses laying in various forms of distress, the costume cabinet being stormed, books spewed on the floor, Legos in various stages of getting completed into walls, an empty bag of apples and two empty chocolate milk sippies laying in unnatural positions.

Today, however, they tricked me again. The floors are relatively clear, certainly not worth uploading a picture for. I have wiped bottoms, distributed snacks, broken up fights, peeled numerous stickers off my hand, and wiped all the spilled milk off the counter, all while I have typed this up. But no pictures to prove my predicament. They are both fed and dressed already. They are ready to go and I sit her in my PJ’s waiting for a good shower.


I think they have me trained just where they want me….

So before I post this I check one more thing, the closed door to their room….



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2 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. Amen Derek! In no time at all they can empty the cabinets. I am glad someone finally agrees with me and the Legos. I am convinced Legos, crayons, and stickers are instruments of the devil. My wife doesn’t see it that way. She’s not the one peeling stickers off the windows or crayon fragments off the floor.

  2. Sounds about right. I am amazed at the swath of destruction that my kids can create and how so very quickly they are too tired to clean it up. Legos are the big thing here and lots of them. Those things hurt when you step on them!

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