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DYLANism: Caption This

I am sorry if any of you got a 1 – 2 punch with the Christmas Video today. It was an accident and was supposed to be loaded to the VodPod widget on the right. Either VodPod or I messed the whole thing up. Hmmm?

So I apologize for loading your Inbox’s today. Some family and friends actually said they enjoyed the Christmas vid. But it is way to long to subject innocent blog readers to I think. If I had to subject some creative bloggers to watch a video it would have to be a good one and a lot shorter! But it made me think, which is my favorite kid video?

I can’t chose. They all have some cute and personal value to them. I thought my favorite must be the one that I have watched the most over time.

So if you can stomach somebody’s home movies here is one of my all-time fav’s. When I sent this out the first time to family and friends I just watched it over and over again. Maybe it was because I was a new father. Or maybe because I felt like such a lucky father. I dunno. But the video has been locked in my computer for a few years now.

I needed to post it to Youtube in order to post it here.  Dylan doesn’t say anything in this DYLANism however. So if you can watch this vid can some of you creative people help me come up with a title for it? I am curious what minds greater than mine might think of?

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Can you think of a good title for this video?

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4 thoughts on “DYLANism: Caption This

  1. I think that should be the title then! Thanks for looking in Karen!

  2. No sound better than that of a child’s laughter. 🙂

  3. Her laughter really gets me. And she is till like this. She loves to laugh; actually invites you to tickle her. have a great weekend too! Thanks for looking in..

  4. I wished I was creative and could help you out in the title hunt (but alas not so much – sorry!).

    I did enjoy watching it though – loved that she was so entrigued watching you juggle and giggled every time you dropped a ball – see you don’t have to keep all of them up in the air all the time to be her hero – she’s fine with you just trying 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this – have a great weekend with your lovely family as well 🙂

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