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Privacy Please!

I wanted to take a minute and tell you about something I thought interesting that happened here this past weekend. Its glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous. But first, I wanted to give a shout out to my friends in, and the country of Great Britan for putting on some fabulous Olympic games and activities last week. Nicely done!

I was captivated at both the beginning and ending ceremonies for these Olympic games. That’s something I could not say in the past, even when our country put them on. These events were well coordinated, transitioned well, visually awe-inspiring, talent laden and a few surprises. In a word “Impressive”! My memory (such that it is) recalls previous opening and closing ceremonies with phrases conjured of “what is that”, “why”, and “is that the best you can do”. Not this time in the UK. I was sorry to see them end.

What did you think of the Olympics?

Another big event that happened last week was the PGA Championship held on one of our neighboring barrier islands, Kiawah Island. Now, I am not a big golfer but I do recognize a big sporting event when they occur locally. Same as the Family Circle Tennis Cup here in the spring, I can’t afford to go to either!

As the time for the PGA event drew near, many famous golfers came to town early to get themselves acclimated with the area (hot and humid in August) and practice a few rounds on the championship course before the event opens. But even with that expectation of these great golfers coming to town sometimes we can still take notice. Such was the case when  the 155 foot yacht pulled up at the marina at Kiawah Island, with the contradictory name, “Privacy”. Even at a yacht club for many of the Southeast’s wealthy and pampered sea-goers, a 155 foot boat stands out.

Just trying to blend in and find a place to park

So then it would be no surprise to find out the eye-catching yacht actually belongs to Tiger Woods. It seems this $25,000,000 toy is how Tiger likes to go to coastal golf events (some of you may know this already). He can pull up early, catch some lodging with security and ‘privacy’ of his own planning, then escape to the hulls of the ship when he is not competing (echo, echo, echo).

So have any of your friends ever let you on their mega-million dollar ship? If not, let’s take a closer look into how the rich and famous get around, when they are not flying in a mega jet.

Its sure not the ‘Minnow’

Tiger purchased his golf-battleship back in 2004. His yacht is reported to have (only) 6,500 square feet of living and work space and a capacity to sleep up to 21 people in a master suite and five guest rooms. Research shows it includes a gym and a theater, and carries three Ski-doo’s. People magazine has reported of Tiger Woods’ yacht that it “offers all the comforts of home, certainly not my home. It has a massive 2,000-gallon water tank, a Jacuzzi, an elevator, a sky-lounge bar, a walk-in refrigerator, a deck dining area that seats 12, two built-in wall safes and a brothel (just kidding ~ had to slip that in).

Privacy’s interior includes cherry wood. His gym, a converted stateroom, includes free weights, a treadmill and exercise bike. There’s a transparent circular stair case. The ‘living room’ is conveniently located between the bar and the dining room.

Tiger’s Den

No word on entertainment being offered in the sky-lounge or not. What do you think? Christina Aguilera  or Pearl Jam? ‘Privacy’ has a working staff of 8-9 to keep her afloat, clean, and Tiger fed (Grreaaat!).

Woods took delivery of his yacht in time for his wedding to Elin Nordegren in 2004; the couple spent their wedding night aboard the Privacy. It has been  reported that it was Nordegren, prior to the wedding, who made most of the interior decorating choices for the yacht.

Ironically, the yacht was offered to the former Mrs. Woods as part of their divorce settlement but she declined to take it, stating the upkeep would be too expensive for her.

For instance, the fuel tanks can hold 12,000 gallons of diesel. If marine diesel is selling for $4/gallon, it is $48,000 to fill up the tank. A boat like this might burn 50 gallons per hour at cruising speed.

Rumor has it the yacht is now for sale for $20 million.

We just have to imagine what the other rooms are like…

“Privacy” is full of pricey bells and whistles that not only make it Woods’ ‘personal’ yacht but also his sanctuary. It allows him the ability to elude the public and media. But as far as ‘privacy’ it may make him more noticeable than any other golfer. Or any other athlete! I wonder what Singh and Mclroy left in?

Here is a quick, scenic video of Privacy at Bohicket Marina at sunset. Have a great weekend!

As far as privacy goes, here’s a link to where the boat is right now:


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4 thoughts on “Privacy Please!

  1. Yes, I enjoyed the swimming a lot, especially that new 17 year old that did so well. I thought there was way too much diving. And, of course, enjoyed the track and field events. I would have liked to see more wrestling. The matches I saw were amazing!

    Tiger’s yacht was both unique and ironic. You’re right. It first got my attention when one of our sales reps came back from Kiawah Island and said how Tiger’s boat would fill up our warehouse. I never got an invite to take a tour. 😦

    Thanks for dropping by Derek!

  2. That is certainly unique and ironic. — As for the Olympics, I thought the opening ceremonies were both weird and amazing. I guess it is hard to explain. I enjoyed the swimming more than I should have.

  3. Yes, I believe you do have it all there Karen. Plus some of your own privacy! Thanks for dropping by! I hope you and yours are doing well.

  4. Yikes!! and I thought I had it all on a few acres hidden in the woods. well, actually, I still do. Good to see you, Andy!! 🙂

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