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The King Of Some Place Hot

The other day Dylan came up to me and we started talking about ‘things’. She suddenly asked when our kitty was going to die. (?) Kitty is 16 years old but still doing OK except for some fur-ball irregularity.

I said why do you ask?

She asked, “Will he die on Christmas or on my birthday?”

I said I don’t know. I followed with everything dies at some time. I will die someday. She will die someday.

Dylan snaps back, “Oh no! Not my Grandpa and Grandma. They are going to live forever!”

It was touching. But for superstitious reasons I didn’t feel like I dared share that moment with my parents. But Dylan must think something special about them. She’s smart!

Me? Not so smart! Ask you-know-who. You see about 6 months ago I booked a vacation to the Caribbean in September. How crazy was that? It was our opportunity to make it past the continental shelf at last.  But anybody that lives  east of Texas knows that September is prime hurricane season. Why would you pay for a flight and reservations when a storm could wipe the whole darn thing out? Not so smart.

Not so smart? Have you felt how great the temperature has been this week? About the time the high heat and humidity finally go away and the long awaited cooler temperatures slide in…we are going someplace hot and humid again! I think I would rather stay here in the 60’s and 70’s. BUT….my three girls and I are going anyway. Wish us luck! ~ I am sure it will be great!

Dylan says she doesn’t want to go thou. I asked, “Why?” She said she would rather go (up) to Ocean City, where we spent last summer’s vacation at….along the beach and boardwalk, rides and bikes, ocean and putt-putt and …Grandpa and Grandma. They have spoiled her real good!

Have a great weekend everybody!

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9 thoughts on “The King Of Some Place Hot

  1. Thanks S.I.M. She / they are me gems….and writing material. We had an incident in your town on the way to Jamaica. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. It went great Nadia. Except for the airlines it was ideal. Yes, some ‘Princesses’ certainly think they rule. She’s too cute.

  3. Hahaha Princesses sure do rule! I will have to try that one myself sometime.
    Good to hear the holiday went well! 🙂

  4. Hi Nadia! Yes we had a great holiday in Jamaica. We found a resort that gives you a nanny from 9-5. But we still managed to bond more with the girls too. That Dylan surprised us everyday in the water. Then, one day it was time to get out and she didn’t want to. After the third try of me calling her and her not saying anything she finally turns around and says, “Princesses Rule!” I’ve created a monster. 😉 Thanks for looking in Nadia. I hope you’re doing great!

  5. It’s so amusing the way Dylan already seems to question the concept of life and death. That’s one smart kid you have there!
    Happy holiday, I’m sure you’ll have a great time regardless of where you go. Especially with your little princesses to keep you company.

  6. Have a great vacation, Andy!!

  7. Its funny you mentioned staying in the room doing crafts…my wife just learned to crochet and is taking the instruments. I know we will have a great time. We found a resort that offers nannies from 9-5. Now…if we only had a photographer to capture the whole trip for the archives….hmmm?

    Thanks for dropping by Jessica!

  8. Well, either you will feel like the only tourists there and the trip will be great or a storm will come and you can stay in your room making handmade crafts for grandma and grandpa – still a great time. Have fun on your vacation. I know I would!

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