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My Gratitude Jar

I ran across this post today from a very dear and trusted blogger on Gratitude. I know gratitude is one of my love languages so it spoke to me. And I thought what a very appropriate thought for Easter weekend as He gave His life so that we may live. Thank You Jesus! Happy Easter everyone!


flowers -joyHabits, whether good or bad, start off as thin as a single strand of hair – easy to snap. However, if we continue with the behavior, that same strand-like habit will grow to be strong and sturdy like chain links – difficult to break. Having an attitude of gratitude is a habit. This is a habit that I am constantly working toward; it is not easy. It takes work. It requires reflecting, sifting through life experiences, and being aware that there is value in all my interactions.  It is not easy to be in gratitude when negativity steps in, when there is illness, death, or when bad news comes our way. However, I know if I search within, there is always something for which I can be grateful.

Over the years, I’ve attempted to keep a gratitude journal, but after a short period, the journaling of my thoughts became a…

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