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DYLANism: it happend one dark and stormy morning…

The other night we had a thunderstorm go through in the middle of the night. One particularly loud thunder boomer crashed and it wasn’t long before our bedroom door creaked open and in walked Dylan.

She came up to me in bed and asked if she could sleep with us because of the loud storm. She climbed up in bed, and before she laid down, she sat there as serious as could be and said, “Daddy I think my sister is afraid of thunder.”

Her sister was soundly asleep in her own bed. Dylan snuggled close and took half my pillow.

The next morning, half asleep I walked towards the shower to get ready for work. As I passed by my chair to disrobe before my shower I tramped in cat…ah…ah….poop.    It was cold, it was damp, and stuck to the bottom of my foot. I looked at Dylan and asked, “Did you do this?” partly joking.

She shook her head no. I asked mom the same question, as she beat me into the bathroom ( I am sooo late by now). She shook her head no, eyes still closed.

Dylan is now in her tattle-tale mode. I asked her “Well, do you think the cat did this?”.

I don’t know daddy,” and she ran off.

She came running back just as swiftly and offered, “Daddy, the cat said he was the one that pooped in front off your chair.” At least the cat can still fess up.

I still had to get our 2 year old up before I left. I went in her room, gave a sunny Hello and pulled her from her crib. I laid her down on the changing table and bent over for a baby wipe. My breakfast started kicking in a bit early because as I bent over for the wipe I let out a teeny-tiny poot. Now, if any of you know me I know that may be hard to believe.

I stood up and to find my 2 year old was laughing at me. I said, “Did you hear that?” amazed because I didn’t think it was that loud.   She just kept laughing at me.  I turned around and there stood Dylan. I said, “Dylan, did you hear that?”

She shook her head yes, laughed, and sputtered, “It sounded like thunder!”

No more sleeping in the bed with me during the storms! She doesn’t know what real thunder can be! At least she didn’t compare me to the cat.

Kitty, I smell some thunder. Was that you?

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16 thoughts on “DYLANism: it happend one dark and stormy morning…

  1. Susie, can put the ‘fun’ dysfunctional! I had a grat time clicking on the links. I met a new friend or two. What a great idea! …..(shhh) I may have to borrow it sometime. Have a great week Susie and thanks for dropping by ! ~ 150 comments! Geez! lol

  2. It sounds like a very happy family!
    Thanks so much for coming by with this link! I hope you are having fun (clicking on links) mingling!

  3. Nothing like early morning surprises! So did you give your dog to Suise? Thank her for me when you see her again : p Thanks for dropping by CJ!

  4. I used to have the same problem with my dog hate that feeling oh and Susie sent me..lol

  5. I have NEVER been compared to ‘thunder’ before lol. I hope she doesn’t pick up more things from ‘Dad’s side of the family’. Thanks for coming up the coast to our little beach SSM! Have great weekend!

  6. Nothing like a cold damp surprise between your toes in the early morning, is there? I hope those mornings are behind you now. Thanks fo rdropping by!

  7. Perspective is everything! I would have said I dunno about cat poop but love thunder, but I’ll rethink that. Funny post!

  8. Well I’m sorry to say I’ve had more than my fair share of feet-in-feces. 2 dogs and an old-man cat…not to mention the yack that goes with him! Glad you survived and still managed to entertain the little ones!

  9. Naaa, not too bad for the cold oatmeal between the toes feeling. At least it stuck to my toes so I didn’t have to clean the carpet too. 😛

    She is hilarious sometimes and why I started to document her ‘Dylanisms’ for when she gets older. One of a kind.

  10. Hey, you’re back 🙂
    Hahaha, your daughter is hilarious! I’m sure it wasn’t that bad =P

  11. You mean you have never stepped in cat poop in your bare feet? Ughhhh! It is truly an experience to be missed! I guess you have lots of tiny feet running around to civer it for you. I hope you had a great Easter Derek.

  12. Well, that has never happened to me. Way to go!

  13. its what I get for fishing for post comments so early in the morning while riding on the coat tails of other writer’s posts. I hope your Monday morning was a lot less dramatic.

  14. Thanks WW! How would you handle cold cat poop between the toes?

  15. Very cute!!! 🙂

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