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This is the Bird you can’t stuff…


I hope you had / having a wonderful holiday.  We have all said our thanks around 3D; lots of great things to be thankful for. And certainly not the least of which is YOU!

Thanks for dropping by when you have the time.  Kind and funny words keep this bird in the air.

But if you had enough ‘seriousness’ for your holiday and want to lighten up, go ahead..

…Here in 3d we like our turkey a little cheeeeezy! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving Day and / or November 22nd.

We love you all!

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6 thoughts on “This is the Bird you can’t stuff…

  1. Derek, we had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks. I was reading some blogs during my downtime that day and every blog seemed so serious. So I searched for a light hearted Thanksgiving and MC Hammer was the best I could do. Don’t get me wrong, we were thankful for our blessings but some were really going on. I hope you and your family had a blessed day too! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. That is funny. I guess MC Hammer lives on. I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  3. Sometimes I think / hope the turkey is just a vehicle to some great family time. Glad to hear you found some of that too. Thanks for finding the time to drop by our little Thanksgiving! Now…isn’t there another holiday coming up too?

  4. Can always count on you for a smile, Andy! Glad to hear you had a great day! Having a great time w/ my kids too!

  5. Thanks for the nice wishes OFM. The day started off slow with a friend that was down, ate way too much, the bike pump was broken. But I worked off the dinner mowing the lawn, fixed the bike pump and my friend seems to be doing better. So it was a pretty good day. I hope you have a good one coming up too. Thanks for dropping by!

  6. One Fit Mama on said:

    Happy thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful day

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