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TRAVEL: Machu Pichhu

In my first Travel post I wanted to offer one of my favorite travel stories, visiting Machu Picchu, high up in the Andes Mountains (cool name for mountains, huh?) Ms. Iconicallyrare offers some great pictures of her visit and an introduction to the mystique of this civilization.

This was the first post I saw of Ms. Rare and have been following ever since. She does an interesting blog on themes from Travel to Fashion and Elegance. Thankfully, for this boy, she does Male Fashion posts too. She does not post that often, maybe once a month. But I saw she owns about 18,000 followers so just replying to comments must take 4 days!

Give her blog a look. And check out these great, vivid travel pictures from a land I would love to visit but may never have the chance. 


And please feel free to offer any great trips of your own! We all can’t travel to every great foriegn land so why don’t you tell us about one of your favorite places!

~ Iconicallyrare ~ The Tailored Life

On my trip to Machu Picchu, this is what I saw upon first approach…A fortified Inca town in the Peru Andes Mountains, thought to be built in the 1400s (exact date unknown).  

The invading Spaniards never found Machu Picchu during the war and so the Peruvians hiding away and thriving here remained safe. The site was not discovered until 1911 (Can you imagine discovering a place like this?). Machu Picchu is noted for its dramatic position, perched high on a steep-sided ridge.  No one is certain about why the inhabitants here appeared to suddenly evacuate this seeming paradise.

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2 thoughts on “TRAVEL: Machu Pichhu

  1. Me too. Does the Peace Corps go down there?

  2. Another thing to add to my bucket list.

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