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You know you are an Optimimist if….

Here is another list from the funny lady with kids, the Ironic Mom! ~ Can you add to the list of signs representing an overly optimistic view?

childrens mess

# 6. You think they are actually cleaning their room.

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11 thoughts on “You know you are an Optimimist if….

  1. Nice to know we’re not alone in this whole parenting thing, Andy!

  2. How about all of those stickers will somehow peel off the mirrors or walls or dressers by themselves without leaving behind the paper stuff.

    • Stickers, lego’s, crayons and the glitter are all works of the devil, I am sure! Your kids went through the phase of putting stickers on everything to, huh? Light bulbs, mirrors, underwear, carrots, computer screens….errrr! Thanks for dropping by. I am still pondering your banana ‘pancakes’. ‘Crepes’ might be more like it it seems or banana omelets.

    • To me it was weird…it didn’t really taste like an egg and didn’t really taste like banana.

    • I was wondering if you put syrup on top? If they are pancakes you gotta add some syrup. Its funny the strange concoctions we create in order to find a new way to eat healthy. I was full of made up things to get more protein.

    • I could have but they didn’t last that long. I put some peanut butter on a couple.

  3. Ha, ha. Loved those.

  4. #7. You are an optimist if you think that marker will actually come off of the walls.

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