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DYLANism: Who is buying all this Stuff?

Sunday I was on the phone with Dylan’s Grandma when that Stuffies commercial came on (How much stuff can you stuff in a stuffy…). We see this commercial a lot on the all kids TV channels we watch.


Dylan saw the commercial and grabbed her little Curious George drawing book and asked me how to spell the word ‘Stuffies’.  I should have heard her wheels turning.

I politely told her I was on the phone with her Grandma and couldn’t talk right now.

So Dylan went to find Mom.

When I got off the phone Dylan told me I could order her a Stuffy for her birthday.

I told her to tell her Aunt Sue or Grandmother as Christmas is a lot closer.

She says, “No Dad, you don’t understand. You can order me one for my birthday right now“and she leads me by the hand back to my office.

I get in my office at home and there on my computer screen is the Stuffies’ web site.

Dylan evidently took the spelling for Stuffies and did a search  for the toy, found the web site on the search, pulled the Stuffies web site up and found the one for her.

I thought this amazing for two reasons.

First, what does a kindergartener know about doing a Search on the computer to find something, let alone reading what comes up under the search and choosing the right link? I didn’t teach her.

Second, this girl saw something she wanted and made a plan to go get it. She just didn’t ask and bat her eyes like a Princess. She made a logical plan on how to make it easy for Mom and Dad fill her wish.

First grade computer class my butt!

Please, please, please can I have one? What is your 3 digit authorization code?

Please, please, please can I have one? And what is the 3 digit authorization code on your Master Card?

I better hide the credit cards!

Now I am a new Dad, is this unusual in this day and age or do you know of some equally amazing feats?

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31 thoughts on “DYLANism: Who is buying all this Stuff?

  1. Yes, she figured that out at such a young age…and knew she needed to come up with a plan to maximize her chances, like you said. It really amazed me (as if you can’t tell) ~ Drop by anytime when you need a laugh Dr. Lynn. Its always nice hearing from you. Take care of your crew too!

  2. And thank you Ms.Runner! You are always an inspiration and I hope to see you in a race someday. Dylan might run along too! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. This story made me laugh! Good for your girl. She figured out how to maximize her chances of getting something she wanted. When my son was 5, he got onto ebay and I caught him trying to place a bid on some Pokemon cards (like baseball cards but totally different).

  4. What an enterprising young lady. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. You have some teenage boys? I never would have thought that. That pic in Hungary has you looking mid 20’s. Do they do all the world travelling with you too? I think I was collecting baseball cards, maybe, at her age. Amazing! Thanks for looking in Ms. Beautiful! Alwaya nice to hear from you…

  6. very enterprising! No, mine just whinged…NOW they know the 3 digit code and they occasionally order things, which is a miracle in itself given they’re teenagers (and could in theory break the bank buying drugs).

  7. Thats very kind, thanks, but Im ok this time, I already changed all of my toys for digital stuff I keep in my hard drives.
    Mr Chum without a Stuffy then, there are better dog toys.

  8. She ll never leave then!

  9. I have apple juice, plus Cheetos and apple pie for dessert.

  10. Mr. Chum would tear his up too… but I guess thats how he plays with his toys..

  11. OK, I get your message….And what color of Stuffy would you like Ms. Aurora? And lets not forget the rest of your family. Maybe I can get a quantitiy discount. 🙂

  12. Youre supposed to actually get three Stuffies, one for Dylan, one as a present for her sister, and another one for Mr Chum, a happy family of Stuffies, everybody gets one, you dont want to leave anybody behind, dont you? that would be very, very sad.

  13. We do have two! I’ll send some apple juice too. Thanks Sunshine!

  14. I’m gonna need my own can of Spaghetti O’s, please.

  15. we won’t go there! you can find my name all over foolish.com

  16. I love your Pink idea and so will she. I can bring her over after school but can you have her back by 8pm? I ‘ll enclose a can of spaghetti O’s. Did you say an award? 🙂 I’ll have to check that out! Its not for my singing is it?

  17. OMG you are so right! I can imagine what lil boys and teenage boys search for on the net. I guess I should be grateful….and I a of course…for both of these gems. Thanks for stopping by this morniing Luanne! Have a great day!

  18. Two Stuffies instead of one? Did she put you up to that? I hate to think if you two put your heads together. I would seriously be in trouble. 😉

  19. And I think she has a better memory than me! She’s sharp. And her little sister is following in her footsteps I am afraid. I think I was collecting botle caps at her age!

  20. Haha, what a funny post first thing in the morning! From my experience even years ago with my kids and computers, you are lucky you have girls and not a boy . . . down the road. Oops, does that sound sexist? Just saying, Marc was a terror with the computer.

  21. Very smart, two Stuffies instead of one!
    She will get that authorization code somehow, Im sure 😛

  22. Good idea! 🙂

  23. How about a pink theme? I scrapped what I was going to do for a few days and chose pink for Breast Cancer awareness, but little girls still love pink, right? And I love your blog, I gave the girls….I mean, you, the Sunshine Award. Info is on my page.

  24. or at the very least hope nothing foolish you’ve done somehow ended up on the www! 😉

  25. Wow, Andy! That is incredible for so many reasons! She is kicking butt on reading and definitely seems ahead of kindergarteners I know. You are so right about hiding that credit card! What a smarty!

  26. I ask her and see what she says. If you are looking for an Ariel theme or any other Disney Princess she is your girl! She is never shy to offer her opinion. Good luck!

  27. That’s what I was wondering if this is NOT that unusual. I might have to keep my computer locked up!

  28. I was sitting here thinking the same thing. She kinda earned it I thought for her initiative and not just whining to have one. But then she is conditioned to do more searches for toys….I dunno. I bet she gets one (or more) for Christmas though.

  29. I think you should buy it for her just for all the effort she put forth. 🙂

  30. Kids pick up things so fast! When my girl was in grade 1, she showed the teacher how to do things on her computer!

  31. I’m working on revamping my blog theme, I should pay Dylan to do it. I bet she can figure it out quicker than I can.

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