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Walk Like An Egyptian….

So Dylan, Skylar, and Aunt Sue are all playing Princess Castle. The girls have their fav Princesses and are talking about their fav Princes….and marriage! 

Aunt Sue offers in, “Well when you are ready I can marry both of you”, holding the King Triton action figure in her hand. 

Dylan counters, while clearly misunderstanding the meaning of Sue’s offer, “Oh no! We are ONLY allowed to marry one person in this country!” 

Ya gotta love her. 

Reality kicked in a bit yesterday after riding the high of a bid on our house. We put a bid on a house this weekend as well (we need to move now) but our offer was so low, in the owners eyes, they didn’t even acknowledge it.

This house listed for $295K. The current owners bought the house 2 years ago for $265K. We offered $260K, planning on going up to $275K  if we had to. 

That wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t even good enough to make a counter offer.

I want to ask the owners if they know what house prices have done over the past 2 years of foreclosures? It certainly wasn’t double digit growth!

My wife and I have been looking in this neighborhood since last Spring, mainly for the ideal school system it resides in. We have looked at several houses in this very same road stay on the market, with their prices dropping regularly over the last 9 months. Remember that one house with a pool?  

Roma out

This house has been on the market as long as we have been looking. It started at the same $295K price and is now under contract for 255K. Big drop! I guess the realtor of our preferred house is not disclosing this gem, which is right down the same street from the owners. And that house had a pool! 

Another, larger house, that is closer and on that same road as the house we bid on, has been on the market for over a year. We actually looked at it last Spring. It has dropped from over $300K to the current contract price of  $259K.  Amazing. What have the rates been doing since then? They are not going down anymore. So go ahead Donald Trump, watch your house sit for awhile. And sit. You could have been moving while the rates were still low.

So going back to yesterday’s post, reality tells me we actually have not sold our house yet. We just have an offer. There are still a few more thi ngs to cross off before we…have to get out!

OK! I got that outta my system. Sorry for the rant. 


We had a birthday party last night at our house! Among all the chaos and stress of hoops and obstacles in the month(s) ahead it was nice to see some happy smiles on the kids. 

My parents and the Great Aunt Sue were in town for the fun. And it was good fun for everyone. 

My parents aren’t getting any younger either. Dylan was helping them unload their car Saturday when they pulled in. She was slow walking bent over as she carried a bag up the steps of our front porch. Confused on why Dylan wasn’t springing up the steps like she normally does, Mom asks, “Dylan what’s wrong with you? Why are you walking like that?” 

Dylan, in her innocent nature responds, “I was walking like and old lady”, mirroring how my own Mom covered the stairs after an 8  hour ride in the car. No matter how wrong that was you couldn’t help but laugh knowing she didn’t mean anything bad by it.

Dylan, enjoy it now. In a few more years you won’t be able to get away with that remark! Except maybe with your Dad

For a quick look at some of the weekend festivities and gift box destruction check out the video below. 

Thanks to everyone for making this a great birthday weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Walk Like An Egyptian….

  1. Yes, every thing that comes in the mail Dylan naturally thinks it is for her. they are fun for all of us as the neat gifts are actually a surprise to all of us. ~ We’re done Karen! We wrote a check for a new home yesterday… so we have a place to stay now. Yay!! Still some stressful parts to go like buying ‘X’ amount of furniture and upgrades with a much smaller ‘Y’ amount of resources. But these are the good problems to have except for the ‘keeping me awake at night thinking about it’ part. ~ Have a Happy Easter Karen! thanks for dropping by!

  2. Buying & selling a home…soooo stressful. Hang in there, Andy! Happy Birthday, Dylan! Gosh, how they love them boxes in the mail. Happy Easter !!

  3. have to imagine a boys birthday party a little bit crazier than a girls. Hope everyone survived. Yes it is never dull this year as one weekend is a birthday the next weekend is Easter then the following with end is another birthday. I hope your family has a great Easter Derek. thanks fro dropping by..

  4. Looks like it was a great time. — the party, not the house shopping. We had a birthday party in March for one of my boys. – 6 years for him — My oldest turns 9 this year. Yikes — Birthdays in our house are so calm! 😉
    Maybe not.

  5. I was going to send you an invite but then I thought you were probably still snowed in! We have another b-day party in 2 weeks so you have 2 weeks to shovel out and attend …and maybe help with some house hunting with us. ~ they are super cute, funny and witty, aren’t they? Thanks for stopping by Sandy!

  6. You should just not move….stay in your current house and pretend you’re ghosts. Pop out of closets, eat the new home owners’ food, open all the cupboard drawers, leave the toilet seat UP.

    As for the rest of your post: I like birthday parties. And cake. And presents. Where was my invite? And your kids are super cute and witty. 🙂

  7. I can see you in the poka dot dress but not the Ariel dress. Actually she got so many clothes I couldn’t put in the video as it would be too long. She received 4 Great looking Easter dresses! I’ll see if they have any of these in your size. ~ I hope everything is going good for you and your still on schedule with your goals. Thanks for dropping by…

  8. One Fit Mama on said:

    Little girls never really grow up, I would like all the same things for my birthday!

  9. Yes we wanted this house; it has the pool but it went under contract just as our did so its not available right now 😦

    Keep your fingers crossed…you and your crew arre welcome to come to the house warming party if and when, ok?

  10. Good luck on the house stuff–both buying and selling. That is always a stressful time! That house looks pretty sweet, too, btw.

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