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Skye High!

 Happy End of the Week Everyone! It appears you survived another one.

We were Skye High here last week. We celebrated Skylar’s 5th birthday week. Yes, our littlest girl is getting older.

I hate to say this post doesn’t have as many pics to help commemorate our week-long celebration. I am trying to be more ‘part of the moment’ and less the paparazzi outsider taking the pictures. Being in the moment is so much more fun than trying to capture a moment it seems.

So, yes, Skye is getting older. She just finished her inaugural attempt at basketball with surprisingly good success.

 team photo

Her naturally aggressive tendencies severed her well.

So next she asked to try play T-Ball in the local town rec league.

This will be her first attempt a T-Ball and still trying to work out the kinks…

t ball
Both her an Dylan are working on their throwing and batting. Again, Skylar is all over the place trying to pic up grounders hit her way. So we will see how this progresses.

But they do have the world’s most greatest baseball coach!

giphyWhat do you mean, “Who”?

We celebrated Skylar’s birthday Easter weekend when her Grandparents and the Great Aunt Sue were down with truck loads of birthday presents for both our girls. Again, sorry no great pictures here in 3D from the mounds of unwrapped wrapping paper

…trying to stay in the moment

…and pick up a bit.

We took little 5 year old Skye to her favorite dinner for her birthday. The Outback was her choice this year.. She appeared to have a good time and was all smiles.

Happy Birthday Skylar!

Happy Birthday Skylar!

Including the presentation of the bloomin birthday sundae… skye outback
And the Outback version of the birthday song, sure to make any bloke, or blokette happy!
skye b day song

We had a little bit of a birthday party for her on the weekend then at her favorite place, Skylar Zone!

Flying Skye High!

Flying Skye High!

She enjoys jumping and flying and dodge ball at this Skye-High zone.


Happy Birthday Skye!

Maybe one of her biggest thrills during her birthday week came in the mail from her absolute most favorite celebrity;

a mutual fan of hers it appears and my 300th follower! (Thanks Miss Nina!!) Nina b day gift 001

….Thanks so much for adding to the birthday celebration and helping to make our little Skylar feel special!

 Ms. Nina pointed out that Sprout.com is featuring a Be In The Moment contest for Mom’s. They are running a month-long contest where Mom’s submit candid pictures of themselves “Sharing the moment of being a mom” with their children leading up to Mother’s Day.

It’s a great contest, honoring the most important and deserving person in each of our lives.

Check out the celebration here. Or on Instagram at #MomIsHere and #NoFilter30

I know what you are thinking, and YES, I have put them in touch with Hans On Marketing Company to help ensure their promotion is a success!

So that’s about it from 3D-Land this week. We are moving through the birthday season here. Only two more big ones to go!

Then it’s time for the beach, vacations and running out doors again…

or all three...

or all three at the same time…

Have a great weekend! I’ll try to do better next time!

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23 thoughts on “Skye High!

  1. Thanks for the well-wishes Nancy! Yes, she is starting to come into her own. She is reading 1st grade books and math and hasn’t started school yet. She will be out-smarting me too in a few years. 🙂 Thanks for looking in Nancy!

  2. Hi Andy,

    A belated Happy Birthday to Skylar. May this next year be filled with lots of good things for her!


  3. Yes ‘coaching’ at this level is all about fun and pointing them in the right direction. Its high fives no matter what they do. Its maybe the best age to coach as all (most) the competitiveness is out of the equation. Every cheers for everyone. Everyone bats. Nobody makes an out. AND…Dylan hit the furthest ball in the air last Friday! Almost to where the shortstop plays. Stay tuned for more fun pics! Tell your girls we all say HI!

  4. Hi Jessica! Yes, Skylar is so loved and a living miracle in our lives. Thanks for dropping by and celebrating with us! Have the best week!

  5. Looks like fun! Skylar is precious and obviously loved!! Happy Birthday, Sky!

  6. Don’t have cable. Will check out the clips. Good for Nina. Multi-talented!

  7. Thanks so much Dianna. You know I only show you the good stuff on this blog, right? 🙂

  8. Denada! Oh I hope that how you spell it… yes, I saw that gif and had to build a story to include it. too funny! thanks for dropping by Maria! Have the best week…

  9. Do you get the kids channel Sprout in your area? Nina is the host of the Good Night Show. Our girls have grown up with her. She works out of her treeehouse and works in her pajamas. She introduces all the next programs as well as teaching the kids some good healthy things in between. We always gather our kids around 7:30 for the Calliou show right before bedtime to wind them down and Nina is always there to great them. She does a great job and something amazing in some sand art with her fingers, drawing in the sand as she tells a story

    Here are some of our favorites of Nina in action.
    Cleanup song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42CGzpbadjA
    make a Wish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjUwDvb80fg
    Sand Art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qbFZ-mtAXQ

    No there legs don’t get tired at all jumping. Its more the energy that gives out first. It is lots of fun and laughs (for all)

    Thanks for dropping by PIF!

  10. johnm983 on said:

    I think you are probably right about your photo theory. On the other hand, Skylar is so photogenic. I always enjoy her smiling face. you would never know from her basketball team photo that she was a holy terror on defense. Good luck with the tee ball coach. I have found, when you coach “youngsters” (I never coached kids as young as yours) it is more about having fun. Don’t take anything personally if they don’t appear to try to learn. If they don’t enjoy it, they will stop playing. Just play and the learning will come along for the ride. Please tell the girls I sent them an extra Happy Birthday wish!!!!!

  11. Who’s Nina, and how long do the kids jump before their legs get too tired and they want to go home? Just curious.

  12. Both your girls are so sweet Andy. ❤

  13. How adorable is she!?! Feliz cinco, Skye! That GIF of the little boy tripping over his bat is awesome! 🙂

  14. so what is your idea Ms. Aurora? yes that was a cheeseburger at Outback, that she ate half of. Had to save room for desert! Poor Skye got upset playing second base. Not so many balls were hit her way. She started to cry. With basketball she was always on the go trying to get the ball. Baseball is much slower. So she just plays in the dirt. thanks for dropping by AuAu! Always love hearing from you!

  15. Thanks Dianna! Skylar blows some kisses back to you! She is very kissy! Have a great weekend!

  16. Happy Birthday Skylar!
    nice name, by the way.
    Those trash talk abilities will surely help now in baseball.
    Theres outback here too, is that a burger on the plate? if so, good choice 😛

    You gave me a very good idea with the mothers moments photo contest 🙂

  17. Happy Birthday Skylar! ❤
    Diana xo

  18. I’m so glad you did put it there. I got a great laugh out of it!

  19. PS… thanks for not giving me a hard time about the other video on ‘Playing ball like a girl’. I debated about putting that one on there. 🙂

  20. Oh Luanne, my girls aren’t that good but they try. Actually nobody is very good at this age. My girls never really played t ball or baseball before. I have been ‘coaching’ them just in throwing the ball and catching it. Ol’ Skylar just like to play in the dirt in the field. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Luanne. I will let you know how they progress.. if we ever play a game. We are 3 for 3 in rain outs so far. Have a great weekend !

  21. Thanks Dr. Lynn for the kind words! I laughed too when I saw that video. It had to go on the post to spruce it up. I hope you have a great weekend too! Thanks for dropping by…..

  22. Happy birthday to sweet Skylar!! I’m glad she has a better coach then my son did. The other parents (very competitive in Murrieta, California, apparently) were not appreciative of his T-ball efforts.

  23. Nice post! Happy birthday to your little darling. My goodness, I laughed so hard when I saw the child with the baseball bat. Looks like something I would do! Happy weekend!!

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