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Happy Beach Day Skylar!

Our trip to Ocean City was good for our little Sandy Monster.  While Skylar had been there 2 years ago she was sick for most of that time and really had a misaerable time of it.  This time she was older, healthy (!), and a little bit more independent.  Not unlike a 16 year old with a new driver’s permit, Skylar took a lot of joy and pride in being able to do new things this trip.

Skylar, has always been ‘her own child’. While our oldest can steal the scenes with a lot of her heroics, bravery, perceptions, and personality, Skylar has never tried t be like her older sister. She maybe be more outgoing or friendly at first, with the cutest smile ever, and very very loving.

She is the opposite Dylan when it comes to bravery however. And that’s OK. We may worry less with this one! While Dylan likes to jump off 5 stairs, into Daddy’s arms in the morning, Skylar may only jump two steps and that is when she is already holding onto Daddy’s arms to start.  She is very careful!

So it was joy to see Skylar come out of her shell a bit this trip, do her own thing, and genuinely having a great time.

First, one more advertisement for Ocean City, New Jersey. I found an amazing thing at the beach. When it comes to calling itself ‘America’s Favorite Family Resort’ it goes to great lengths to be so. This included replacing the feisty sand crabs with bunnies in thd dunes! That’s right I said bunnies.

"Happy Easter Bunny Day!"

“Happy Easter Bunny Day!”

While we didn’t see a single sand crab on our trips to the beach, every evening we saw a bunny or two eating in the sand dunes. On a vacation that came to be known “Happy Beach Day” by our youngest, when she saw the rabbit it became, “Happy Easter Bunny Day!”  Too cute!

And how does OCNJ do this?

One of the things that led to Skylar’s ‘coming out’ was that she was finally able to get on some rides this year and have experiences like the other kids; even if she had to cheat to get on some…

On tippy-toes

On tippy-toes

Here she is trying hard to reach the height requirement to get on a ride. She naturally tried to stand on her tip-toes; no one told her. Honest!

Her stoic look is what she carried on to most of the rides. All these things were first time, brand new expereinces for her and I think they left her in kinda awe. If she got on a ride a second time she would crack that award winning smile. But first times she was always kinda emotionless in her face. She was waiting to hear a “No” or “You’re not tall enough”.

She wasn’t scared to ride the huge, sky-scraper of a Ferris Wheel with her sister, even though it was windy and cold that night..


Yes, they are sweaters they are wearing…in July! It was cold that night.

Skylar wan’t afraid to ride the rides (very unlike herself), spin around on the tilt-a-whirl, or fly high in the ballon ride. She even braved Jaws at the putt-putt course and wasn’t scared of the big shark…much:

For weeks she was asked if she “was ready to go to Ocean City”. Not knowing exactly waht that meant she equated the boardwalk as ‘Ocean City’. So at night she asked if we were going to go up to Ocean City. Then she called the amusement rides. “Games”. She enjoyed the ‘games’ at ‘Ocean City’. She really enjoyed the ‘games’.  🙂

I think she had the most fun, or best experience, of her life so far and it did our hearts good to see her enjoying herself so much. Did you see that smile in the Jaws video?


So here’s a look at a typical “Happy Beach Day” in the life of our Sandy Monster.  You can see here brave the (cold) ocean, experience the under-toe at her feet, have some fun driving her own bumper car, as well as just going “Up, down, up down, up” …

Happy Beach Day Skylar!

Fun was had by all!


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20 thoughts on “Happy Beach Day Skylar!

  1. Happy Beach Day to you! She had a good time. It was good to see her open up like she did. Now how do I keep her this age?

  2. It was a good trip. This beach is just a fun and wholesome place to take the kids (and parents too). I hope to have some more fun videos and pics posted soon. Thanks for dropping by Jessica! Have a great weekend…

  3. Your girls are so cute! Looks like a fun trip. 🙂

  4. HBD…happy beach day, happy bunny day! Thank you for sharing your beautiful vacation stories and photographs.

  5. People hear ‘Jersey Shore’ and get the wrong idea or perception. If this beach’s brand was to be a ‘family destination’ they are growing their brand right. It really is a fun, wholesome place for kids and families. Stay tuned for more fun shots of our trip. I hope you are doing great Cassye! Thanks for dropping by…Oh and one final thought….”Fudge Covered Bacon” 🙂 I’ll let that one marinate with you for a little

  6. Never been to Jersey but it looks like a familial fantasyland. And of course the BUNNIES! Dune bunnies, who’d a thunk?

  7. Thanks for your kind words. It was a fun time Ms. Doris. I have a few more posts to do with some warm pictues and videos. We liked Skylar and look forward to a nickname of Skye if she prefers when she gets older. Thanks for dropping by ms.Doris! Have a great week….

  8. If you make a post about it I will gladly look 🙂
    Im not good with high places 😛

  9. Doris on said:

    What a beautiful post, they are adorable I am glad Skylar (what a beautiful name) had fun this time, like that you put a photo of the family at the end all happy.

  10. It wasn’t so windy as it was cold, especially the higher we went. Next time we will bring you along with us on the ride. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by Ms. AuAu!

  11. The truth about their wardrobe is they get the cutest, bestest clothes from their birth families. They really get some awesome clothes from them, better than anything we could pick out. Last year, Dylan was not old enough to appreciate this but she could wear a new dress to church every Sunday and never wear the same one twice; she had such a closet full. Yes Skylar really flashes some great potential and then she can flip into a tantrum in a breath. Stay tuned! ~Thanks for dropping by Cyndi! Take a day off! 🙂

  12. I think they are pretty cute too. People tell me I will have many restless night ahead when they get older. Of course, they did not get any of their looks from moi. Thanks for dropping by! Have a good, pain-free week. 🙂

  13. Whoever dresses your two cuties has great taste! And they are both adorable to watch in your videos. Such self assurance and sheer joy! Daddy’s littlest girl is really growing up so nicely into her own personality. 😉

  14. Andy, can your girls get any more adorable??? I don’t think it’s possible! Good for Skylar for coming out! Precious! 🙂

  15. Happy Beach Day! Happy Games Day!
    Very nice and fun, thanks for sharing.
    And good for the girls, I dont think I would dare going on the ferris wheel, specially on a windy day.

  16. You have a great week too!

  17. Our oldest has always been such a ‘happy child’ since day one. A complete joy for new parents. Skylar has been so adorable but could be described as more emotional, with more emotional highs and lows. Its just nice to see her break out of heer shell a little bit more and see her personality grow. She flashes such potential to be a really great kid. And the two together can really compliment each other. Thanks for looking in! I’ll take any parenting tips if you have them. 🙂

  18. I guess I better say nice things then. Actually I was wondering how I could preserve these posts for when the girls get older. I can’t see me posting for the next 10 years but, like you said, it is a nice look back. Kinda like looking at old photo albums. Thanks for dropping by Diana! Have a great week!

  19. They are so adorable! Happy Easter Bunny Day! hahaha. It’s so great to see how you appreciate both girls for their own different personalities, instead of expecting them both to be outgoing or both cautious.

  20. Love how you’re documenting your family. It will mean so much to the girls when they’re older!

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