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DYLANism: Pure Art

Dylan was drawing one day on vacation. Now she has gotten pretty good at ‘coloring’. She stays in the lines well. She usually uses the appropriate color. She doesn’t just scribble so much.

Drawing can be another matter though since she will usually color. Still, she can usually be good at drawing recognizable figures or scenes, even if it is stick figures or the like.

So Aunt Sue leaned in to see what Dylan was drawing this time. Surprised and disappointed Sue asks, “ Dylan what are you drawing? I can’t recognize anything.”

Dylan responds, “You’ll see.”

Impatient for the final product Sue asks, “Well I don’t see anything. I can’t recognize anything you are attempting to draw here. What is it?”

Calmly, without pausing or looking up Dylan responds, “Its Abstract (art).”

What a piece of work!

"Can't you see that?"

“Can’t you see that?”

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30 thoughts on “DYLANism: Pure Art

  1. Janice I was devasted for 2 weeks. I feel comletley normal, healthy, strong. How could it be me I thought. WTF does it mean to have cancer cells in my body? It turns out my cancer is still fairly small, slow growing and operable. They are going to insert about 75 radioactive seeds in my prostate in an ‘outpatient’ procedure in September. Janice, I’ve connected with a few bloggers going through cancer ride now (Susies Wild Ride) and mine is a frickin cake walk compared to these. So I feel highly relieved https://ourlifein3d.com/2013/06/12/its-a-miracle/

    Still moving in to our new house the goal is to put up a pool next year. We put a fence up last week. We have left the Master BR empty for when my parents visit so come and see us! I would love to catch up and find out what you have been doing since you left WordPress. If you want, catch me on my email address. Here is one where I am thinkig about her grwoing up. I told her to stop it! https://ourlifein3d.com/2013/06/18/3901/ And I think about you and your one
    guest post you did a while back.

  2. Omigod, Andy, cancer? 😦 I’m so sorry. I really do hope it’s nothing to worry about!!!

    Thanks for thinking about me! Just been busy with work and keeping up with the songwriting. Are you enjoying the new house? Good luck to Dylan on her first day of school, you/she must be so excited 🙂

  3. If I can help you navigate the comments please let me know. I will turn the gatekeeper off for this next post. Can I ask, who is this? I know you don’t i?

  4. Hi Ms. Janice! How are YOU doing? I was wondering about you the other day. We were driving home from our vacation at the Jersey shore and the plan was to stop at a Smithsonian, with the dinosaurs for the kids on the way home. Sadly, Dylan got sick in the car so we decided to drive straight thru but first we had to drive into the Inner Harbor for some lunch. We drove by your Ravens stadium. It made me think of you and wondered what you were up to. Look for the next post for some more pics and vids of the kids. Its great to hear from you. Stay in touch! ~ We have moved to a bigger house, trying to rescue a grey hound this week, I found out I have cancer but it doesn’t appear to be too bad.And yes, Dylan starts school in 2 weeks. Although she could read to you everything I just typed if you asked.

  5. hahaha! too cute!
    and omigoodness, she is getting so big! wow.
    i hope you and your family are doing well, Andy! 🙂

  6. She doesn’t get it from me! I mean literally, she doesn’t. But she is blessed and super cute! Thanks for looking in Ms. Jessy!

  7. She is awesome. I know you are in education Karen…I hope they can find some way to keep her stimulated and learning when she starts school as she should do real well I think. Any suggestions?

  8. She’s a gem! AND…a real mermaid lover! Thanks for dropping by Ms. Beautiful!

  9. So cute! Wise beyond her years. 🙂

  10. Way to go Dylan!!

  11. I agree I think she will be bored in school for the first 3 years. She needs an elevated program. And more pics on the way stay tuned! And thanks for commenting! Wah-Wah?

  12. I like your thinking! Maybe I can send her down to ya for week before school starts to drum up some business? But that would mean child seats and driving the speed limit….

  13. Whoa, signed? We have a lot of galleries where I live…I can hook her up with some big spenders. These beach houses all need to have great art hanging in them, y’know. And all those hotels and condos, omg. Get that little lady a piece of the market!

  14. Home Email on said:

    Once again I can’t comment thru WordPress so I will this way! I never tire of reading about Dylan. I’m telling ya, that school will see they a genius going there!!! Also loved the pics from the Jersey Shore! Skylar is coming into her own bubbly self! They are both adorable!

  15. Well, I’d take any help I can get when it comes to college. Next time she is feeling creative I ‘ll scan some images and send you a copy. How much ya got for a signed Dylan original? :p

  16. I’d be curious what she’d do with a huge canvas and some acrylic paint…might fetch a nice little nest egg for her college!

  17. She really is a gem!

  18. Oh, I never ever saw the drawing Ms. アウ アウ. It was the fact that she knew what Abstract Art even was and defended her position with it. She’s barely 5 years old. I might have been in my 20’s when I knew what abstract art was. Have a great weekend アウ アウ! Thanks for stopping by…

  19. You forgot to upload the drawing.

  20. She sounds super smart, but it’s nice to know that she’s a good helper too :). I hope you’re feeling well, Andy.

  21. She’s a sharp one! Have a great weekend Diana!

  22. Atta girl Dylan!

  23. She sure is. I hate to think about how bad she is going to out smart me when whe gets older. Or when I have to take her to college for the first time. Thanks for looking in Ms. Brickhouse. Have a great weekend!

  24. OH, I KNOW! She frequently just amazes me with the things that leave her mouth. I should have a Twitter account so I could post them more timely. She’ll be smarter than heer ol Dad in no time! She already has my memory beat. 🙂

  25. She didn’t say that remark maliciously. We thought it was funny as we wondered where did she learn that word or that concept. It turns out it was something they talked about in a library Reading Day visit earlier in the month. We were amazed that she remembered it and knew how to use it…appropriately eveidently. She’s super smart it appears and just a real happy, good kid..and big sister. We got a new nanny this week and I hear she was super helpful in showing her around and how to do things.

  26. Smart cookie that Dylan!

  27. As Healthy A-Z says Dylan is a wise little lady or a wise guy. Look at that personality.

  28. Dylan is a wise little lady! Can’t you see that?!?! 🙂

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