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Be part of a Travel Documentary!

We are getting close to going on our vacay to Ocean City.

I receive so much interest on the activities and pictures of our girls. So, I wanted to let you, the reader, help guide me to tell our next beachy vacation story.

OC Vacation 2011 018

When I post the story and pictures of our vacation adventures, what would YOU rather see on the blog:


OC Vacation 2011 016

Your vote matters!

Plus some lucky participant can win a fun-filled trip to our Indigo Way Pool Society Grand Opening.

Vote as often as you would like!

What else would you like to see covered in post-vacay stories?

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6 thoughts on “Be part of a Travel Documentary!

  1. Have a fabulous vacation! Take lots of photos to share with us.

  2. I dont know why I missed this post from the reader, but anyway.

    I would say go for everything, post everything you want, if its too much it can be divided in different posts and days.

    good luck with the laptop, did anything important broke or just the keyboard?

  3. Thanks Ms Country Music….bad news…my lil one (the sand monster) spilled chocolate milk on my lap top so updates will be postponed 😦 but lots of fun stuff on film (digital). Thanks for dropping by!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your photos, I hope you have a safe and exciting trip!

  5. Thank you! I know you can’t join us right now but I will send up some fun pics if I get a signal. I hope you are still feeling well and filling in those green boxes every single day. .. stay strong my friend! I will be thinking of your status here, I’m just trying to ignore mine at the time. There’s always time for that later. 🙂

  6. Have a great vacation!

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