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DYLANism: What are you hiding in there?

This morning the girls, Chum and I were in the kitchen fetching some breakfast. Dylan was standing beside me when Chum stuck his cold wet nose on the back of Dylan’s leg to sniff her.

Dylan laughed and said, “Daddy, the dog wants to smell by butt.”

I told her that is how dog’s recognize people sometimes and then rhetorically asked, “Why, whatcha got hiding in there?” as if there was a reason Chum was smelling her toosh.

Dylan shrugged her shoulders, laughed and innocently answered “Just poop and tinkle!”

As much as some things change some things can still stay the same! You have to like her innocence and honesty.

In another note, we had a present when we reached school this morning. This is what was waiting for us as we walked in together.

full rainbow

I know this blog has been getting a bit one sided this week and I want to leave the ‘Back To School’ idea alone.

After all, millions of kids are going back to school this week or month, right?

But this being my first time to experience this,  it just seems that something remarkable happens each day so far.

Maybe its this way for everyone more or less. I dunno.

I hope so!

God has a plan when he puts the end of a rainbow in the direction of school. A different kind of 'pot-of-goid'.

God has a plan when he puts the end of a rainbow in the direction of school. A different kind of ‘pot-of-goid’.

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18 thoughts on “DYLANism: What are you hiding in there?

  1. Is there an opening in Texas? We do have the female Governor here in SC. Yes our kids have been blessed and I believe God was looking in…and smiling. Thanks for dropping by Laura!

  2. Yes, why can’t we stay like kids just a little bit longer, 30-40 years or so. Its always great to here from you Ms. Bailey. Thanks for looking in and commenting. Have a great weekend!

  3. It was a surprisingly good week. She got 5 green smiley faces from her teacher for all 5 days meaning she go to pick out of the treasure chest on Friday (for 5 smiley’s in a row) 🙂 Ugh…more crayons! 😦 Have a great weekend MS. SSM! Thanks for dropping by…

  4. Thanks Ms. Honey and thanks for dropping by! I see you have a coupla great kids(?) yourself. Any advice is always welcome. 😉

  5. Laura Hayes on said:

    Dylan for Senator? Govenor? President?! I say why not. We could use someone that is smart, witty, and Honest for a change. The rainbow was letting you know that God is there protecting the school! It’s ok to enjoy and be proud of everything they do because they grow into teenagers very quickly. Lol.

  6. Short, sweet, and beautiful. Kids open our eyes to a whole new perspective on this world we live in. Thank you for sharing this..

  7. Awesome rainbow – and what a great way to cap off the first week of school!

  8. I wanna vote for that boy in the vid! Too cute. Thanks for your nice comment about our clan. I’ll try to keep it interesting or at last readable 🙂 Have a great weekend Ms. Jessy!

  9. Haha. I fully agree, and that reminds me of the cutest youtube video I saw a while back: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-gQLqv9f4o.

    And you’re more than welcome for looking in! I love hearing about your family and what you’re up to. 🙂

  10. Maybe we should elect a few kids to some govenment positions? I hope you are doing great Ms. Jessy! Thanks for looking in. 🙂

  11. Hello Vacation girl! Did you have some Lobstah for me yet? Did I enjoy it? We are surviving laright here in the real world so enjoy your time away, take pictures. Looking forward to your views when you get back to reality with the rest of us, brown eye. 😛 Enjoy!

  12. Thanks Ms. Aurora. I would like to say I did it myself but I really had some help. 🙂 I hope your weekend is a great one! Thanks…

  13. I love rainbows! And, yes. The honesty of kids never ceases to amaze me!

  14. Peeking in from vacation to say hi! How adorable is she??? Love their honesty and innocence. Enjoy these days! 🙂

  15. Very nice rainbow.

  16. Thanks for the kind words Cyndi. Life can be remarkable! Hoping you have the same on your beach this weekend. Thanks for looking in!

  17. Ahhh, I like the way you think! A Daddy’s love for his child(ren) and his awe for all of the miracles around her/them is never overdone. Life IS remarkable!!

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