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If only….

I was thinking Sunday night, after we put the girls to bed, if only there was a beer, or whine wine, or a tequila that tasted like….

Banana Pudding!

I absolutely love banana pudding, which helped to make Sunday so great. But I’ll get back to that.

This past weekend, Sunday included, was a To-Do list type of weekend. I really need to get some things done around the house because after my procedure in 3 weeks I won’t be much good at anything for awhile.

So Sunday, the bulk of the day revolved around yard work, organizing the garage some more and finding the stink in my car (long story)

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day, weather wise, with a cool breeze blowing from the north. So I jumped on the Honey To Do list right after lunch.

The comfortable temperatures allowed me to make super fast times and so, not wanting to waste a great weather Sunday, asked Mom if I should fill up our two old kiddie pools for the girls when they get up from their naps.

She gave me a nod and it was on.

Like I said, we have two. We had one but Aunt Sue thought we could use another. So stopping short of giving each of the girls their own pool I became a little creative with these small pools and decided to make a giant water slide with the second one

Hoped its big enough

Hoped its big enough

Dylan was the first one up. She was very open to playing outside in the water and so we jumped and splashed and squirted each other for awhile. The dog did not escape the mayhem either.

We could fire a stream of water at him and he would light up around our yard, like only greyhounds can do. I literally was scared, he was going so fast in our small confined back yard.

At one point he decided to change his circle around our backyard and cut in front of the above swing set, leaping over the extended hose at one end of the swing set and soaring past the blue wading pool beneath the sliding board at the other end.

Yes, in one stretch his momentum and powerful back legs let him leap literally from one end of the swing set to the other without breaking stride. I was in awe.

Skylar was up by now. Mom had dressed her in yet another darling swim suit. Thanks Grandmas!

This one was too cute! It was a little yellow and black striped one piece. She looked like a bumble bee!

Can you see the little wings on her Bee swimsuit?

Can you see the little wings on her Bee swimsuit?

I asked her if she was a bumble bee.

She said, “No! I’m a super hero!

I asked, “Who are you then?”

She said “Super Beee. Bzzzzzzzz!

I'm going to sting you!

I’m going to sting you!

Dylan has always been our daredevil. And she had gone down the baby waterside several times already, before Skylar woke from her nap. But I thought the slide was just Skylar’s size. So I asked her ‘How about it?  Want to give it a try?’

And she looked it over, gave it some thought and walked right up those steps and had at it!

From that point on it was just a great wet and warm summer afternoon. The girls wet slid and splashed and squirted and laughed and chased. Typical kid stuff on the back end of naps on a wonderful summer afternoon.

Yes, Chum leaped over both pools in one giant stretch, but not while the girls had the hose out

Yes, Chum leaped over both pools in one giant stretch, but not while the girls had the hose out

Here is a quick window into the afternoon as Dylan shows you her Gabby Douglas type skills while Skylar shows you the true meaning of ‘Chillin’ by the pool‘ at our house…

We had a great little afternoon after naps. Everyone was out enjoying the favorable temps, getting in on the fun, and sun or just chillin’ in their own way…..ah…..ah…

Will someone bring me a menu? I'd like to place an order...

Will someone bring me a menu? I’d like to place an order…

Even Chum found time to soak up some shade and just ‘be’ in his new home….

chum chillin

But eventually the shadows got a little longer in our backyard and the tummies got a bit emptier.

So Mom wrangled the girls upstairs to get baths for school in the morning while I was left with the task of dinner.

The hour was a bit late to go out so I just went with our outdoor summer theme.

I ran down to the local Piggly Wiggly and bought something for a cookout so we could eat outside.

Now if you know the stories behind our girls, you can’t really say cookouts are part of their heritage but summer cookouts were a big part of my growing up and so I tried a cheap fast all-American version of it…Hot Dogs, Coleslaw, and (my favorite) Banana Pudding.

Skylar screams, “Happy Pool Day!” as we celebrated the simple fun we had that day at dinner.

This afternoon no one cried, or played hours on the phone, or stole the other’s doll.  Just good clean fun.

And no one saw Daddy steal seconds of the banana pudding, right out of the container, while the girls were upstairs getting stories read to them before nighttime either.

Gosh I really love this stuff! If only…..

“Hey Dylan? What are you doing here? I thought you were reading upstairs. What? You want some too?”

Have a great end-of-summer week everyone!

Oh yea, here is my new favorite commercial that I told you about last week…

I think I told you why….

Its the SONG! (chichi) Summer, Banana Pudding and Jeans On!

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29 thoughts on “If only….

  1. Cassye, I didn’t even think about it like that. (sigh) It was fast! Hot? You’ll have to hop in the pool! What’s this about a late Summer? September is really one of my favorite months here. It is like the summer (80’s) just not as hot and the crowds have gone home. I hope you are doing great and hitting all your goals. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. it was a nice, ‘spur-of-the-moment day in the end.. If we only had some sort of fancy fruit type cake to make it complete…hmmmm? 🙂 thanks fro dropping by Ms. JellyBeans. Always great to hear from you!

  3. What a wonderful day! 😉

  4. Ah another season come and gone…it was good, but a fast one. Thanks for helping slow it down for a moment to squeeze out those last few fun moments! Although I have to say it’s still pretty dang hot here, and I’ve been literally just sitting around sweating…almost as bad as Texas! And rumor has it, you’re gonna have a late fall too!

  5. You are something, Andy! I’m pretty sure you will figure out a way to put a humorous spin on it. It sounds like a GREAT advance in technology!! Nothing like what my dad had available to him when he had his surgery 20 years ago.

  6. Thank you, 3D. Now that I’m past the root canal I had on my lunch hour today, I can only imagine the rest of the week being a breeze. Hope it is for you, too. God bless your perseverance and positive attitude.

  7. We were eating dinner tonight and Dylan says to Skylar , “Look …spider”. We all looked out the dining room window looking for a spider, either inside or out. We didn’t see anything. Dylan pointed with her head and insisted “spider”. Here the plumbing truck parked across the street was named spider and it had its big worded logo on the side of the truck. No picture mind you, just the word Spider. ~ thanks for you kind words and prayers. Its easy for me to talk about it now. I will be a big wuss the day before… 🙂

  8. to set the stage i will be knocked out sitting in something like a birthing table where my legs are spread apart. The procedure used to be done from on top of the belly but they found the most direct shortest distance is between the rectum and where my two legs come together. See? I have to find a way to put that in a more positive, if not humorous prose. As if the image of me all doped up and slumped over in a birthing station isn’t funny enough. It is high tech and I feel fortunate to have this option

  9. Laura Hayes on said:

    I Have to agree with all of these comments! You are a great dad! I love hearing about Dylan and Skylar all the time! I too will keep you in my prayers for your procedure. Positive thoughts only. And family summer fun is just amazing. Now I’m just a little jealous about Sabrina getting to lay in that hammock. I bet I can guess the first music that comes out of those speakers will be from Jimmy Buffet!

    Keep writing I enjoy it very much.

  10. Just write what YOU are comfortable with!

  11. For what it is worth my Dylan doesn’t like jeans either, only shorts or capris

  12. Lets have faith that it will be Ok 🙂

    In my long to do list (I also have one) its making videos, Im sure Ill be wearing shorts then, and occasionally jeans just to show it up. I wear large shorts cause theyre more comfortable 😛

  13. I agree! They have! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. I’ll do an update post or two. I am teetering on how much detail to include. Its kinda high tech but at an area nice people normally don’t discuss.

  14. That winky face ended up in the wrong place for some reason. WordPress has officially gone mad.

  15. Andy, try to remind us right before your procedure so that prayers can be sent at the right time! You know I’m rooting for you to have the easiest possible time of it, and you can get right back to blogging even if you can’t go to work 😉 . . . .

  16. Have fun with it Cyndi, if that is your blogs purpose. Just be you. If you see a gadget you like that you want to incorporate do it but no need to buy every gadget n the store when only a very techy few may appreciate it. I want to find out more about South Florida and the life and travels of you rich and famous. 😉

  17. Thank you for sharing the personal stuff. I was trying to understand the process. I’ll be sending you lots of positive energy on that day.

    Be sure to tell us the first song you play through those speakers when they are hooked up.

    Hmmm, my project. The more I learn, the more I see there is to learn. I may have to ignore the techie experts and just start blogging again. It might be more fun. 🙂 All is well in South Florida.

  18. Thanks Aurora, when I think about it I get a little worried too so I try not to. But it is supposed to be OK so I have faith. Super Bee was super cute and Chum amazed all of us! He’s been really good for the family so far. I hear what you say aboutyour jeans and shorts, especially where you live in Mexico but still, we haven’t seen any pictures of either? ~ Hope you are doing Great AuAu! Thanks for looking in…

  19. That does sound good! Mix a little Malibu on top and we have ourselves a nice little ‘dessert’. 😉 Thanks for dropping by Ms. Felicia! Alwsy great to hear from you…

  20. As you know, it is all in the hips! I was a regular Desi Arnez out there! Well no, not really. But if I canget it on tape I will send it to you. but beware…it may be censored! 😉 Howabout you Ms. Latina? Care to show us how it is done? Glad to see you back, what a wonderful surprise you had as well as the one we all had…a photo at last! You looked Mahvaless! ~ yes can you believe being operated on by a robot? Usually I really just don’t care to think about it. Thanks for dropping by!

  21. 🙂 Thanks Diana. Its just ordinary stuff all glammed up in a blog. But our kids make it easy to inspire to be the best we can be. Have a great week! Thanks for dropping by and embracing our family

  22. I read about the robotic procedure. Is that what you are having done? Regardless, we will all be here for you during that time and will be cheering you on! 🙂

    You truly are an amazing dad, Andy!! I loved the videos and pics. Let’s see a video of you doing the salsa – before your procedure!!! Get those hips shaking. 🙂

  23. Yes, sadly the healing waters of the ocean can’t fix this one. Lord knows I have tried! We chose it because it is the least invasive although if you read it you wonder how. I won’t get into it here. But it is the best thing going for tis type of cancer and I feel lucky / blessed/ fortunate to be able to chose this option as it could be much worse. You liked the slides? I didn’t go down. Thanks for dropping by SSM! Hope you have smooth sailing in your week ahead.

  24. There really wasn’t a wait on the procedure per se. I found out in early June but had our vacation scheduled in late July so I asked to wait until after then so I didn’t have to deal with some of the side effects on vacay. Its a slow growing cancer that hasn’t spread yet and so we scheduled for 9/3. While I was on vacation they called and told me one of my doctors would be on vacation that week now so they bumped it back 2 weeks, as they only preform this surgery every other Tuesday in each month.

    yes it was a fun, make up as you go along summr fun. The only thing missing I thought was a ‘slip n slide’. Some silly music would have been perfect for the afternoon. I am working on the speakers. My stereo is still in a box 😦 I was going to put that up next weekend. You know moving…grand schemes with so little time! ~ I hope you had a great weekend Cyndi! How is your project coming?

  25. How fun! Simple old-fashioned summer afternoons with the family. Until I saw the photo with the second blue pool, I was thinking you had somehow mechanically changed a pool into a slide. I couldn’t figure out how you had done that. Silly me! Your yard and all of the playthings…child and adult…are REALLY GREAT! Have you installed speakers yet, so you can have music in the backyard, too? 🙂

    I’m curious…why was there a wait for the procedure? Is there a medication period beforehand?

  26. WHAT procedure?? You’ll do great, I know. Great water slides!

  27. You know…you’re an awesome Dad!

  28. That was so cute and funny! Banana pudding rum would be awesome!!! Buahaha!!!

  29. You got me a little worried about your procedure, I hope everything goes ok.
    A great place to have fun, since the other post I really like it there.
    Super Bee looks cute, and good for leaping Mr Chum, he seems happy too.
    I used to wear jeans all the time but now I wear shorts all day everyday 😛

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