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Wayback Wednesday….

Since ‘Hump Day’ is already used by a favorite blogger I follow, I have to use ‘Wayback Wednesday’ today I guess.

You see, my new school girl isn’t old enough to appreciate Hump Day yet.  Doesn’t know what it means or how it feels.

This morning our car was a bit wet due to the dew point the night before. So I rolled my window down as well as Dylan’s on the way to school so I and she could see out.

A few minutes later I hear Ms. Chirpy behind me saying in her playful voice, “Hello house. Hello swing set. Hello mailbox. Hello bird. Hello clouds.

It was cute as could be and as I turned around to say something to her I see she has her new Winkx Club doll hanging out the window, like the doll was greeting everyone she saw instead of Dylan. Can you picture that?

She continued on, “Hello sun. Hello road. Hello cat. Hello runner.”

Sorry for the blurry picture. Blue (Winkx Doll) seemed to be flying pretty fast

Sorry for the blurry picture. Blue (Winkx Doll) seemed to be flying pretty fast

Do you think she will be this happy going to school 5 years from now?

With her, probably.

Evidently this whole new going to school thing (at 6.45am) isn’t getting her down yet. She is doing great with it. And her teacher has nothing but nice things to say. ~ Her button got to stay on Green yesterday as the rest of the class had to move their buttons to Yellow for talking too much. Atta girl Dylan!

Her mood is a great transition to my Wayback Wednesdaysince Hump Day was taken.

There is a new jean commercial on TV that resurrects a lost classic from the 70’s. I saw the commercial a few times this weekend before I had to do a search on MyTube to hear the whole thing, Jeans On.

Jeans On was one of my favorite songs when I was little. It was a favorite song before I knew what music I was supposed to like, or band or singer. I just heard it on my parent’s radio and always liked it. It’s one of those lost classics that just don’t get replayed too much from that era…until now.

And Dylan’s upbeat mood this morning just replicates the kind of tempo this song carries. It carries a real cool mellow tune. It reminds me of waking up on a sunny Saturday morning in my youth when there is nothing scheduled the whole day. …A weekend of the past! My wife even liked it so it can’t be too bad!

So if you need an attitude pick me up or boost to get you through today here is Jeans On…and you can practice your “chichi’s”. Go ahead you know you will….

Did I tell you I love that song!

I used to think he sang, “Coco jeans on” which for some reason I thought was cool too when I was young

This song reminded me of a few other favorite songs that I long to hear but rarely do from this past. There are several, I am sure. But here are the other two unique songs that don’t come across my parent’s radio any more….that also get you in the day. I think I like them because they are timeless in a sense. That is they are not representative of any particular era. And that unusual beat or melody just kinda sticks with you.

This first one, I’m not quite sure she is talking about roller skating all the time. What do you think?

Ya think?

I didn’t think they did symbolism like that back in the 70’s


If you all have at least one ‘ear worm’ now my Hump Day Wayback Wednesday job here is done!

Have a GREAT rest of the week! It’s all downhill from here….

Right Dylan?

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16 thoughts on “Wayback Wednesday….

  1. lol…Don’t worry, Mom will never let the drop school. And they appear to be super smart! You are right about the lock on skates, when I think about it. I think the lock was there to adjust the length or size of the skates. And I promise I won’t judge on the lack of a guard on your skates 🙂 And besides, you were a runner

  2. Nah, dropping school was the best for me, dont tell your kids, they might get the wrong idea 😛

    Nice to see the pic, sometimes those get blurry, its ok.

    I did got the lines but didnt understand about the key, because I didnt know skates had a lock, mine didnt have (does that mean Im easy?… hehe).

    I was good at running and walking long distances when young, but now Im more sedentary, I do daily walks though. I rather run than skate too.

  3. OMG, how early was your school? That is sad if that is ther reason to leave school. Ms. Chirpy was my peppy daughter, Blue is the name of the Winkx doll. I inserted a blurry pic of the doll in the post for you. Symboloism was the man sticking / inserting his new in her rollerskate lock. If that clue was not enough in this G rated blog check out the video again and see where that lock is hanging on him in the last image of the video. She says, “I haven’ t been anywhere but I go pretty far” for another clue. It sounds like one of your characters in your book. That’s the meaning of Chichi, huh? No wonder I like the song so much and enjoy singing the chichi’s. I was never much good at roller skating either. I’d rather just run. Thanks for dropping by アウ アウ! Have a great day…

  4. SSM, I imagine your kids are and will be great young citizens and master their homework with pride, if one’s ‘environment’ has any roll on developement. I inserted a pic of the Winkx doll so you could relive your youth. She is a fairy that rights wrongs; with a heck of a fashion sense. I hope your skate key didn’t gt you into trouble. 🙂 Have a gret day SSM! Thanks for looking in….

  5. Great for Dylan, shes very strong.
    I had to quit school cause I couldnt get up early 😛

    Is Ms. Chirpy the name of the doll? a photo of Dylan with the doll would be nice 🙂

    chichi means breast in spanish and japanese (weird coincidence).

    I liked the video of the rollerskates girl, even when I dont always get the symbolism, like the key, I didnt get that.
    When I was a kid I used to wear twin tails like the girl of the video, it was a nice memory. I did used old rollerskates but mostly 4 in line new ones much later, I liked them but the streets where I live are in terrible conditions (I live in a good place, no worries), you cant do it like that, so I stopped.

  6. OMG, I had a skate key! 😀
    Overheard in the hallway at school this morning, coming from a teacher: “Day 3 is always the hardest…” Wasn’t for us. Our little one saw his older brothers doing their homework after school, and he demanded to have a piece of paper where he scrawled something like pre-cursive writing and put it in his take-home folder to turn in to his teacher tomorrow. Like Dylan’s zeal, I hope ours still has his umph for homework 10 years from now! I can picture her doll out the window – sounds like me.

  7. I have always missed the Lime in the Coconut song along with Brand new Key (which reminds me of listening to it with my mom) Jeans On I never hear any more so i guess why I enjoyed its recent revival. You just carry that Chirpiness into the gym Jenn. Let the others catch up! Although ‘bounce into the gym’ at 5.50am sounds like a contradiction in terms. Dylan is such a sweetheart and may amuse you with her athletic feats of strength as well. Hope you are doing good Jenn. thanks for dropping by!

  8. Glad you have some nice summer days Diana and finally drying out. Dylan has been a ‘happy child’ since day one. It is her disposition it appears and we are so fortunate. (no biases at all!) I only try to feed it and not ruin it over time. Funny thing, she likes her clothes but she doesn’t like to wear jeans. I hope your weather is building to a fantastic weekend Diana. thanks for dropping by!

  9. Well I guess you might have learned two things here then today, that I am so much pathetically older than you would be the other, if you didn’t know that version; possibly it was played on a different radios stations than what you liked. I’ll have to give Keith’s version a try. I’ve only listened to this one about 30 times over the last week. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Country Music! It is always great to hear from you…

  10. I was hoping Dylan’s morning ride didn’t get lost in those songs. I wanted to do a post on that one song since I saw it again on the commercial (for Sears jeans I think) but Dylan was just so cute this morning I wanted to use that as well. That video says it was out in 76, which puts me at 14 but I would swear it was out a few years earlier than that. I found my music genre so to speak by 14. Corny kinda sums me up too. I was going to add how they had their own unique beat and non too serious which was a lot like me but the post ran on as it was. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Cyndi!

  11. aw she sounds like such a sweetheart! and i love the morning chirpiness : ) i usually bounce into the gym at 5:50 and get those bleary-eyed stares that tell me to keep my cheer and energy to myself for another hour or so haha.

    also, i LOVE “put the lime in the coconut”!! my mom and i used to sing it a lot when i was a kid. don’t know why, but we liked it. : )

  12. Dylan has a great disposition. I would imagine that it will be part of her for her entire life!

    Too hot here for jeans (I ain’t complainin’!) Oh and hey, there’s no monopoly on the term Hump Day! 😉

    Happy days to you and your family.

  13. I totally learned something new! I have only heard Keith Urban’s version, I had no idea about the original. Interesting. Great post!

  14. I don’t remember the Jeans On song/commercial at all. Unfortunately, I do remember the other two. How old were you when you liked those songs? They are seriously corny. 🙂

    I’ll stick with Dylan being today’s inspiration/pick me up. She has the right idea. All is well in her world.

  15. You are so right Ms. Laura. I think it illustrates why I call her a ‘happy kid’. This is more normal than unusal for her. I was hoping this story didn’t get lost in the songs I was trying to pimp. Ihave a funny dylanism for you on the horizon too. Your note strikes a cord with me. Yesterday after I dropped her off and i was on my, so proud of her a reggae song ws playing on a Jimmy Buffett CD I had in. And the chorus part went, “thank you Lord for thinking about me”. And it felt so perfect to hear it just then. ~ I was going to invite others to post a link to their fav song from th e past and make it like a Wednesday wayback Mix Tape but reconsidered on the too cheesy aspect. have a great week Laura! We hope all is well with you and yours.

  16. Laura Hayes on said:

    If only we all could wake up and begin our day with such excitement and thankfulness of all the beautiful creations that our Lord has given us!! I hope she never looses that! She could teach us a few things. I’m glad school is going great and she’s keeping her color on the green! Happy Wayback Wednesday! Ps my fav song was always Rockin Robin!

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