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Knock Knock….

Its us again. Remember us here in 3D? We have been distracted with Fall Festivals and Fall Carnivals at school this past week. Plus college football Saturdays, completely removes one day of the week from the calendar. (sigh) Don’t ask.

So I am coming up completely uninspired to write lately. It’s either a dry spell or ‘Life’ just isn’t popping with as many great or funny stories to rehash. (sigh again). I got nothing for ya but wanted to let you know we are all still alive here. What should I do?  Pictures of dinner? Reblog? Don’t worry…they are coming….


Do you know what I mean when I say a ‘ Highway Pee”? A Highway Pee might be when you have to go to the bathroom while you are driving but there is not another exit or rest stop on the highway for another 15 miles to go.

This has been my way of life the last few weeks… a small inconvenience for prostate cancer. And while the feeling of urgency is graphic, the ending result is usually a minimal or disappointing load. This bladder illusion over the past 2 months  has taught me that if I just whack myself in the jewels a time or two the urgency alarm subsides. Kids, don’t try this at home! Again, a small inconvenience for having and treating the C-word. 

Plus, I can still get lucky, when circumstances permit. And I am not very lucky guy! I wish I was luckier. Many prostate cancer patients can’t experience that kind of luck with their spouse anymore; which, of course, affects more than one party. So that makes me doubly lucky it seems like.


So, if a highway pee several times day and getting a self-imposed sock in the groin occasionally is a small inconvenience for me, why not put down YOUR razors this month? 

Ladies? Howabout you? I was really expected to see hoping to see some ‘furry or prickly’ legs by now. Think about the great conversations you might have over Thanksgiving dinner on your selfless, charitable act! Happy Movember! Enough said.


My mustache is filling in nicely and starting to gather crumbs. My little 3 year old calls me a “Hairy Monster” now. She says, “Daddy is that hair growing?”

And oh, how I can embarrass my wife in church! ….sneaking a powdered donut in the kid’s Sunday School beforehand ~ yes I can’t get away with anything!  Busted! Did I mention I wasn’t too lucky?


But I am starting to look famous! 


With all due respect to Wolowitz and the Big Bang,

I call this ‘the Connery ‘….


How many of you are thinking about the big meal for Thanksgiving yet? And the hosting of families or the traveling to? We talked with my parents Sunday night about who was doing what for the big meal. They have always come to visit us in the comfortable climates of the South for T-Day.

Of course, while they try to mask their intentions with the Sunday call, with questions about our week, jobs, and health, they really just want to talk with our girls.

So I put each granddaughter on so they can start warming up ‘Santa’ with their Christmas wishes.

It was cute. Our youngest just likes to go on and on and on on the telephone. Finally she got to her Christmas wish. …a Stuffie.


Of course that is the same item Dylan is wanting as well. So when it was time for Dylan’s Christmas list it came back to the Stuffie. Her grandmother said she never heard of it. So Dylan proceeded to tell her how she can order it over the Internet, being an old hack at that already. My parents would never understand this, or even trust doing a tranaction over the Internet. So I hope Aunt Sue can help the girls out.

You know, I frequently paint out some of the kid’s amazing exploits here in 3D but 99% of the time they are just typical kids. They wrestle for Mom’s cell phone. Love to color and swing outside. Dylan had her best friend from Kindergarten over this past weekend and their other best friend, their next door neighbor, frequently accompanies us out to lunch on the weekends. They don’t want to go to bed. They get up WAYYYYY too early and always want a story, hug, and a kiss good night. They are both good kids and we are blessed.

Plus it is less than 5 days until the radiation in my belly dissipates low enough for me to hold the girls on my lap again. Then they can wrestle with Dad instead of for Mom’s cell phone. And Dylan is counting the days….

The other big news is that I had my biggest day of views in almost ever on Sunday. I received a Notification on Sunday that my blog was getting HOT!

Your blog, OUR LIFE IN 3D, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!

88 hourly views

1 hourly views on average

The hour before that I had 49 hits. It turns out the great country of Japan, or someone in it, viewed this blog 130 times in one hour. What are your thoughts on this?

Of those 130 ‘clicks’ 27 of them came from a post on Ocean City, NJ. Another 20+ clicks came on photos of my kids. Oh, how I hope this was some long lost friend of the family that was just bored in Japan on Sunday….but I can’t think of who that would be. If you see this, Mr. or Mrs. ‘Japan’ and you know me, please say’ Hello’ by way of a comment. I would love to catch up! Otherwise I am having WordPress look into it. …cause they saw it first.

And that’s about it right now from our little part of the coast. I wish it was more. No happy feet. No new technolgy acheivements. Just us. Or, like my oldest would say, “I’m just Dylan”.


Thanks for dropping by! I’ll try to do better next time….

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24 thoughts on “Knock Knock….

  1. Sounds like you’ve got your Japan connection -bet that’s it. We wear a lot of sockless footwear here, but school uniform policies are somewhat prohibitive. I forfeited the ultimate wraparound porch out west, perched over a mountain top, for this humble, standard model here, complete with a ceiling fan:

  2. Oh I know Japan was not you as no one left a good comment! Yes the girls look at me wondering what is going on. My 3 year old asks me each night if ‘my hair is growing’. They don’t seem to mind. They tell me it tickles them for the kisses. And we started our practice warm-ups for wrestling these past two days. Any girl I pinned down to the sofa got a 2 hand tickle! ~ I hope you are doing great Ms. Cyndi and able to find time for your beach. As always, great to hear from you! have a great weekend!

  3. I’m impressed! You look rather well-groomed with all of your new facial hair this month. Are your girls okay with prickly Dad kisses?

    And now it is 3 more days until wrestle time for Dad and daughters!!

    By the way, I know I have been hit or miss of late, but I wasn’t in Japan.

  4. Hi Ms. Cassye, and thanks! I grew it myself. Yes it is a little S&P and more salt every year. I actually like to grow it out each year to see whre it is at. Has your husbands chin stated greying yet? It seems like the first to turn. And we are one day closer to holding them on the lap.We were prepping this week by full out wrestling matches with two-handed tickles as the penalty for getting pinned on the sofa the last two days.. 8 Scrolls? Yes, when I struggle I try to find a handful of fun pics to amp up (and extend) a post. Sometimes th epics can tell a better story than I can! I hope you are doing great! Thanks for dropping by. Its always great to hear from you…

  5. You are too funny Ms. Muse! “rightfully blamed” huh? Not the kids? And does 51 socks to put away! I think you all need to wear some flip-flaps and boa shoes more often. ytour laundry must be a nightmare! I see how my wife struggles with 2 youngons. Sine th eJapan incident I do have one vist from Japan everyday but I haven’t noticd it as a ‘follower’ yet. Plus I had one lady from Belguim who has a blog on all things Japan leave a ‘Like’ on this post. So maybe, hopefully we found our person. Part of me still wants to worry though. ~ It sounds like you have a full out Southern porch. Is it of the ‘wrap arounud’ variety? I would be surprised if it wasn’t Ms. All Things Southern SeaMuse. Thanks for dropping by! I hope your week is a blessed one!

  6. i know how you feel. I am not likeing this new version of Reader either. Good luck with your blo-jo! I see you cranking some stuff out and I and talk Christmas anytime.

  7. Very weird. WordPress is yankin’ my chain, I think.
    We’ll both be working on our blo-jo.

  8. Nice stache, Andy! Love that salt and pepper look – so distinguished! Thrilled to hear that you are so close to holding those girls close AND that your ‘nothing’ post amounted to 8 scrolls worth of content. You always have something to say even if YOU don’t think you do, and I’m so glad 🙂

  9. A big thank you to your girls, for the perfect Christmas gift idea. I am going to give my husband about seven Stuffies. One for the top of his dresser. One for under the bed (his side only, which is also starting to bleed over under his bedside table – or vice versa, not sure anymore). Three for the shed. One for the knick-knacks he leaves on top of the microwave that I get rightfully blamed for if they disappear after three months. And one for my special spot on the front porch that always seems to wind up with clutter that doesn’t belong to me (except the cast-net – I have given full authorization for that to be hung behind my front porch swing near my rocker because it adds local ambiance…and I like that). Wait, make that eight Stuffies – and one for the top of the dryer when he leaves 51 socks for me to pair and put away. Like tonight. But he gets extra credit for doing an extra load today 😀

    That fountain looks familiar…

    I hope you get to the bottom of the Japan hits. Keep us posted.

  10. “Good day, whats your name? do you know me?”

    its ok. good luck 🙂

  11. Sandy, yournotification did come through weird last time in that I saw the notification in my inbox at home about 6 hours before I saw the little orange notification light up on my WordPress site. But I never saw a comment, which I thought odd too since you and I are so tight (wink, wink) yes, here’s to getting my blog mojo back…maybe I need a beer or two first? I love your ideas about Christmas and my favorite things post (reblog) is on the count down. I hope you get yor blo-jo working this week too. Looking forward to it! And thanks for dropping by and commenting, again! Cheers!

  12. How does this look:


  13. I’m so confused….I KNOW I left a comment here yesterday. Where did it go? *scratches head*
    Welcome back – not that you were gone long. I think it’s safe to say it’s just that time of year when posts are dwindling a bit. I haven’t had the motivation much for posting lately. Hopefully we all get our blo-jo (blog mojo although blo-jo sounds a lot dirtier) soon.

  14. もしもし 貴方 の 名前 は?

    moshi moshi anata no namae ha?

    moshi moshi – hello (like over the phone) .
    anata- you
    no- possessive pronoun.
    namae- name.
    ha?- is?

    lets see if he-she-it answers.

  15. I know, when YOU find a spider…and all his / your kids off to school 🙂 I am reading it now….

  16. Head on over to my site to see what makes my husband “lucky”. 🙂

  17. You always make me laugh Aurora. Dylan would make us laugh too when we would say something complimentary to her. this may have been two years ago…and she would say “No, I’m just Dylan” It was super cute!

    I don’t know about that Japan thing. You have all good ideas. Of course, being a parent you just worry about putting pics of your kids out there…child pornography and such. Maybe a spam bot. Maybe someone for a love of Ocean City, NJ. A true fan leaves a comment I think. …sometimes long and funny comments. We’ll see. But to be on the safe side can you give me a “Hello and what’s your name” message in Japanese? Are you sure its no one you know? 😉 Thanks for looking in AuAu!

  18. So do you wanna race to see who gets the hairiest weeds going on this month? And how is that going over with your spouse? Or is he razor free this month as well? Yes, I remember coming home from college and eating anything home made. He will adore your Thanksgiving feast…although he may not tell you. You are making me curious and hungry with your Puerto Rican bird. Save me some! I just smoke ours. Its easy and you can’t over cook it. I don’t know whats going on with the Japan connection. It was kinda eerie. 140 clicks? Freaky! Well at least at my home…maybe not Swimming into MY 50’s. I hope you are feeling and doing great Maria! Thanks for your hairy update and your support!

  19. Dont worry, later you will be able to hide the donut in the mustache.
    Theres no thanksgiving here, which is actually good for me, with xmas I have enough.
    I got the dry spell too, then got busy and such, maybe its the time of the year before it gets cold.
    Hope the Stuffie makes it home for xmas.
    “Im just Dylan” thats great 🙂

    “…What are your thoughts on this?” mmm, a lost soul, perhaps?
    Maybe its not that much, for some reason normal bloggers dont like to click much, but its actually natural, that why the stuff is put on the page anyway. Lets say I look at some of your posts, then click on all the pictures, that would be like 9 clicks for this post, then I leave it for later and my browser crashes or my computer has to restart, after loading all the tabs again you should get another 9 clicks, that would be lets say twenty, times lets say four posts I had opened, that would be near the eighty.
    Maybe can be a spam bot,
    or luckily a true fan of 3D 🙂
    Has he-she-it come back again? my jap is not very good, but at least I can make some kind of sentence saying hello.

  20. Well, I’m glad your “dry spell” is only occurring with your writing and not elsewhere. That is some kind of lucky! And, yes my leg hair is growing like weeds! As is my upper lip. Yahoo! Your stache is looking quite full. 🙂

    I looks like I am cooking the big meal this year which I am actually looking forward to. My son can’t wait to come home from college to a big home cooked meal. I like to spice up my turkey and give it the puerto rican touch it needs! Lot’s of marinating and garlic.

    You are on a roll with your views and hits! Somebody out there cares, right? LOL.

  21. So I am not the only one? If you are like me, life has just been crazy and then there are those holidays on the horizon I need to get mentally prepared for. I hope you are soon out of your funk in country music land. and thanks for dropping by …and comiserating with me 🙂 Have a great week!

  22. I’ve hit a serious writing rut in the last week. I’m chalking it up to cold weather too soon, but still, I got nothin useful to say.

  23. lol, do you mean the glasses? 3D glasses? …” oh no..they say he’s got to go, go go Godzilla!” Now, are you giving your razor a rest this month? Still on the run?

  24. This is actually a great update. Maybe 3D will be a big fad in Japan!

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