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Tax Return Weekend!

OK, who out there would like to have more money next year on your 2015 tax returns?

Good! I see you, and you, and you over there.

How many of you enjoy fitness, or being active, or outdoor activities?

Good! I see some more hands.

Now everyone, take deep breath.


Doesn’t that feel good?

I love that feeling!

Nothing gives you the feeling of being alive, or healthy, or being energized like a breath of fresh air to me.

This weekend is made for everyone that raised your hands.

Its that time of year, where I try to raise money for one of my favorite and worthwhile charities, The Lung Association

Next weekend July 25th, I am running up and down stairs of our local coliseum to raise money for the Lung Association.

And I need your help…


In order to participate in all this huffing and puffing, with my now antique lungs, I first have to raise $100.

If any of you value your health and your healthy lungs, or value clean air for that matter, or know someone suffering from asthma, would you like to help me raise money this clean air / healthy lungs initiative?

You can check out my Stairclimb web page and make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE (add $ to your tax return) donation here. Please check it out!

Do some of you remember this little girl?

Dylan awards assemblyWell she likes to race Daddy up the stairs every morning after breakfast. I stopped letting her win about 6 months ago.

Now, she flat-out beats me!

So little Dylan wants to race me in the Lung Association Stairclimb too! And why not? She loves to climb…

Dylan 3At Disney World we constantly had to remind her that they did not build Disney for her to climb on!

And so she really thinks she can beat me on my Stairclimb!

Who wants to make a bet?

We went to a practice last Saturday and she actually ran the course twice! Of course she was huffing and puffing too! Nothing like climbing a bunch of stairs to help you appreciate your lungs!

So she is now registered to climb next Saturday. She set up her own Stairclimb web page here, if you would like to sponsor her. She will need to raise $100 too though in order to participate.

We both do!

(not just her)

UPDATE: So we made a Team for the Stairclimb. You can check out my team, “I Can Beat My Daddy“.

and Thank YOU to all incredible sponsors so far! Wow!

Thank you so much! Your generosity really touched Dylan and myself.

The Stairclimb people were so excited to have Dylan climbing at her age that she was actually interviewed on the radio Friday by one of our sponsors!

Pretty cool, huh?

Kickin 92.5

Check out her radio promo spot Here.

Good advertising for the Stairclimb! Good advertising for her fund-raising. I wish they would interview her Daddy too so he can raise some money 😦

So all you people out there that raised your hands (you can put them down now). Please consider donating to Dylan, or I, to help us try to improve the quality of breathing in air in our life times. Any amount, $5, $10,  or so one would be so appreciated. Dylan said she would even send a personalized thank you letter to all of her contributors.

I will too but I don’t see that as much of a selling point as one from a second grader.

AND, you can add to your tax return for the entire amount of your contribution.

It’s a Win, Win, Win!

The good feeling inside will have you soaring!


Here is our local Stairclimb FB Web page. Look back in a few days to see if Dylan’s radio interview is on there.

Thanks for considering this!

We love you all!

Or some of us just take the stairs Kevin...

Or some of us will just take the stairs Kevin…

 Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

Breathe in, Breathe out, move on…

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7 thoughts on “Tax Return Weekend!

  1. Hey wait just a second… yes she is pretty quick going down but I get her going back up as I can go up two stairs at a time to her just one. Yes, I started to make another post…I just may yet. She is #5 in fundraising for our area stairclimb and out team is #5 as well. She scored a Taylor Swift concert tee shirt after the interview then too. Go Dylan! I just ride in her shadows…. and then blog about it… Thanks for dropping by Aurora! Have a great week!

  2. Dont blame the donuts if she beats you, better said, after she beats you.
    You should have made another post, I almost missed the radio interview, good one.
    You forgot to shout “Ourlifein3d.com!” but I guess may not be appropriate for a charity event 😛

  3. PS: Lil Dylan is currently the # 5 top fundraiser for the event and our / her team is #5 as well.. Go Dylan!

  4. HI Susie, it is actually this weekend. If you haven’t unpacked yet please come and join us. it should be fun with her doing it this year! Where did you jet off to this time? 🙂

  5. I just got back from vacation. How did it go?

  6. Yes, it will be a competition. Just like every morning when she has to beat me up the stairs at home after breakfast. She is very competitive! At the practice I had a hard time keeping up with and her energy, until we went up the stairs and I could take two at a time and her little legs couldn’t. Thanks for looking in Natalie! Have a great weekend!

  7. My bet’s on Dylan. Wait, this isn’t a competition! But still my bets on Dylan climbing her heart out!

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