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What’s next?

Hey gang!

I wanted to share something that appeared in my Inbox this morning from the American Lung Association’s Event Planner, Margaret Ann Mabry:

‘Hey Andy! I hope you all are having a great week! I just looked at the stats for the Climb, and Dylan is only $15 away from $500!! I’m so impressed. Please let her know that everyone who raises $500 gets a special recognition at the Climb. I appreciate all you guys are doing! Can’t wait to see you both on Saturday.”

Margaret Ann Mabry | Development Manager

American Lung Association in South Carolina

44-A Markfield Drive | Charleston, SC 29407

Isn’t that so cool?

So I wanted to take a minute a publicly thank all our family and friends who have supported little Dylan in her fundraising efforts for the Lung Association. There have been several very very generous gifts to Dylan that have really ‘Wow’d’ us. So thank you to everyone for your kindness and love!

And $15.00 more dollars till she hits the $500 donation mark!

Can you believe that?

I have never done that. It would take me 3 years to raise that much for the ALA. She currently is the 4th highest fundraiser (follow her goal HERE or you can add to it HERE) of all the participating climbers this year. As a team, I Can Beat My Daddy is currently in 6th place, thanks largely to the love shown to Dylan.

Not bad for her first year.

And if you haven’t been following along closely, she actually did that promo spot on the local country music station,

…along with Margaret, the station DJ Garrett Doll and me. It was quite an experience and a lot of fun.

Kickin 92.5

If you are interested you can listen to it here.

But her first radio experience didn’t end there. She was given a tour of the radio station, shown how a radio station actually runs its music on air (very interesting I thought) and then given some radio swag like a Taylor Swift concert t-shirt….

ala concert tee

…and the promise to go out on the radio’s customer appreciation catamaran that Sunday.

Again, pretty cool for a little 7 year old.

What Is next for this girl?

Thanks to Garrett and Margaret Ann for getting Dylan on the air!  A few of you have suggested, with her fun smile and charm,  she would actually be better suited for TV.  Hmmmmmmm….

Wish her, I mean, us well on Saturday. And thanks again for all your generosity and the love!

YOU are awesome!

high 5


If you are interested on where all the donations go to for our Lung Association Stairclimb you can check here for the good news it brings to lung cancer suffers, clean air lovers and kids with asthma.

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13 thoughts on “What’s next?

  1. Maybe so, maybe so. But who do you think got the word out to all her doners Ms. Bareclona Beyonce? In the end she didn’t send out one email or make one call. It was just some great friends and family that adore her so much that wanted to help her out after I did that one blog post. And so, MY cause, the Lung Association, was the winner. She did great though today. I was very proud of her! We went down town where I was snapping pictures for one of your type of blog posts.. Stay tuned. Say…what are you doing awake this late on your side of the hemisphere anyway? 🙂 Have a great …night Natlalie. thanks for dropping by! The pool is an in ground pool….and the water temp is 90 degrees. What do you call that in the UK?

  2. I knew she’d win the competition who can get the most sponsor money. Opps, keep forgetting it’s not a competition.

    In the words of Beyonce, Who run world? Girls!

  3. And I just realized that reply comment went to you Paul.. Just ignore me

  4. so you each have separate computers? You forgot to log him off of his web alias too. As always, thanks for dropping by and adding to the fun with our girls Betsy, or Paul, Mrs. Viking.. ; p

  5. it was a great experience. When they called her up to get her award for hitting the $500 mark the DJ called her a Rock Star. they gave her a 5 lb. Hershey bar instead of the champagne all the other $500 raisers received. Then she won her age group (there were only tow in her age group) and so got a medal for that too. It wa a super day for her……VikingsPaul…. 🙂

  6. I think she is too 🙂 Thanks Luanne!

  7. Well, she is sure a smart cutie!

  8. vikingspaul on said:

    P.S. This is actually Parenting is Funny, on my husband’s computer!

  9. vikingspaul on said:

    Wow. What a neat and fun experience!

  10. She actually hasn’t sent out one phone call or email. She does it all on charm and that smile I guess. That hasn’t worked for me so good over the last few years of me trying to raise money for the stairclimb. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words Luanne. Have a great weekend!

  11. She not only takes on a good cause with philanthropy but last weekend she wanted to give everyone n the family classes on recycling. Yes, she’s pretty special. Thanks for looking in Diana! Have a great weekend..

  12. Ahh teaching your girls philanthropy Andy, way to go Dad! ❤
    Diana xo

  13. Congrats to Dylan and what a great cause!

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