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Hi Gang!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Can you believe it? The summer is dwindling down and slipping away..

We were tying up some last family type things before the first week of school.

Last week Mom’s work had another great Family / Employee appreciation day. Her company always does a great job in making a nice outing on a Saturday. So we got all dressed up for the event.

a post family

The day was filled with fun; fun video games, fun with waterslides…

a post pool slide

Even fun with a Talent Competition….

a post skye talent

We had to cool down with a great Sno Ball, ahh, Sno Cone

a post sno ball

Now when I was a kid peddling sno balls with my friend in our wagon we never gave out straws with the sno balls. Here, Skye just heads right for the syrup with her straw. If we would have handed out straws when I was a kid we could have charged for refills or had a lot more business!

The following Sunday we decided to cool off in the pool with one of our ‘soon to be famous’ Cannonball Competitions!

We had a lot of fun splashing the water out of the pool.

Yes, the pool. It’s been a long hard fight (working with contractors is a nightmare!) to get this pool up and running this summer. But it’s finally ready to use and enjoy.

She's waited a long time for her pool

She’s waited a long time for her pool…and her magic carpet ride

It looks like the pool is finally coming alive. And this is one of my favorite retreats now at night…

a post pool

Hiding beneath the water, watching the cascading lights on both the floor of the pool and the ceiling of the water. Swimming peacefully alone at night has been such an escape; refreshing, relaxing and rewarding. If you are looking for me after dark (and the kids go are in bed) you might find me here.

Monday then was the first day of school! Yayyyy!

Dylan was ready……

Her 'Bunny' travels everywhere with her evidently..

Her ‘Bunny’ travels everywhere with her evidently..

Poor Skylar had a fever of 104 though and sat out her two first days. But after several trips to the doctors we got her feeling better and with that fun smile on her face.

a post

Happy first day of Kindergarten Skylar!

And YOUR beginning of a great scholastic career too!

Only 16 more years till I can retire…..

Happy Weekend everyone!

Don’t forget to dance and have fun like no one is watching!



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18 thoughts on “Cannonball

  1. …and I find the more you do the better you get! You will be great! 🙂

  2. Hi Andy,

    Well, I really don’t know. It has been maybe 30 years since I have done one. I think it’s like riding a bicycle though, you never forget how to do one.


  3. No, I didn’t mean to jinx you! I taped it up and actually have a ‘prescription boot’ top wear at night and it has been healing at rapid pace. I still feel it but no longer grimacing when I walk…

  4. No, touch wood, fingers crossed and I don’t want to! See an physio or osteopath to sort it out if it’s still bad!

  5. Skye’s better now and doing great. ~ I was sitting at the pool last night, sporting an adult beverage that wore a lime and noticed that the pool does not sit level. (sigh) But you are right, really enjoying it! The pool people still need to come out and add a layer of spray decking to the concrete to finish the project, when we pay the final bill (we still owe $3000 on it) But after two unreturned texts asking when we should expect this to happen I am thinking the builder is too embarrassed or has a hard time asking for the final payment after the fiasco and is ready to just let it go.. at least that’s what it feels like. He boasts of his Angie’s List rating. I think he is trying to preserve it… Do I over think things or what? 🙂 I hope you are doing great Betsy! Thanks for dropping by!

  6. So sorry the little one was sick for her first days of school. What a bummer. Glad she’s feeling well now. And no doubt, despite the contractor troubles, the pool was well worth it! Enjoy!

  7. Hey Nancy! How are your Cannonballs? The girls first week was non-eventful, other than Skye’s fever and long lines waiting to get into (and out of) school. Make a note, Cannonball competition 9/7. Prizes are being handed out for form, originality and over huge splash. Contest starts at 11am. Please join the fun! ~ Thanks for dropping by Ms. Nancy! See you Monday….. 🙂

  8. Hi Andy,

    Looks like you and your family had a blast celebrating the end of summer. The girls do look like they are also having fun at school.

    I look forward to reading more about their school adventures (and your adventures too, of course!).


  9. I’m still limping 😦 Have you ever torn yours? They take like forever to heal it seems….

  10. Yes, school does start too early it seems. It is still plenty hot out (last week) and lets face it, who wouldn’t want an extra week or two of sleeping in 45 minutes before the day begins? On the plus side, school is supposed to be out in May this year! No chance of snow days here. Hope you are doing great Laura! Thanks for dropping by!

  11. Looks like a great close to summer! Love that trapeze girl photo– so cute! School seemed to start so early this year…

  12. Uh oh! Sadly at times there’s a price to pay for having way too much fun! Hope it’s just a scare!

  13. Thanks Susie! It has been a ‘Fun Ride” this summer. I hope you are doing great my friend! I always enjoy hearing from you.. cannonball competition this afternoon…come on by.

  14. 🙂 Thanks Luanne, I want to say, “working till I am old and grey” but I am already grey. Yes I plan on working for a long long time yet! Thanks for dropping by Luanne! Have a great week!

  15. Thanks Ms. Natalie. All the times you have asked how do you beat the heat this summer, this is what I wanted to put. It has felt great. Sadly, I think I tore my plantar faciittis jumping off the side. 😦 Have a great week Nat! Thanks for dropping by!

  16. That pool looks like loads of fun!

  17. I love one of your closing lines after all that fun stuff and a great update on your family: only 16 years until. Hahaha. Only. At least you are having fun with the girls in the meantime!

  18. Your girls are darling! Looks like a lot of fun!

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