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New Drive Time list…

Ok.. so my youngest child kinda freaked me out Monday on the way to school. She started singing the Monster Mash.

Does anybody remember this song?

I wondered how had my little 5-year-old ever heard of it.

So picking up on that this week  I we hastily created a new Drive-On-The-Way-To School list (albeit searched for on my phone via Youtube) of fun scary tunes to sing in this creepy-crawly season.

First on this year’s Halloween Hit List: the Monster Mash (of course):

Coming in number two on our morning, back-to-school drive is last year’s favorite ‘who ya gonna call?’ Ghostbusters!

And coming in at the number one spot was the too-long-of-a-video-because-we-got-to-school-before-the-music-started-so-Dad-couldn’t-bust-a-move hit video, the toe-tapping, hippily-scarey, Thriller!

My girls like watching this video cause they say I look a lot like these dancing zombies when I wake up in the morning.


(See how I just put all the songs together here on my blog so I don’t have to do a video search for the songs tomorrow while I am driving? Pretty smart, huh?) (Opps! did I just say that?)

Not making this Year’s Scary-Song list was:

Iron Maiden’s: 666, The Number Of the Beast

Nine Inch Nails: Dead Souls

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s: Heads Will Roll

Metallica’s: Enter Sandman (hmmmm I may have to reconsider)

the Adam’s Family theme song

and Frozen’s: the Cold Never Bothered Me Any Way (what a nightmare!)

They were Giddy with excitement!

Make it stop. Make it stop!

Now, a quick show of hands, who else out there is actually old enough to remember the song, the Monster Mash?

Is anyone old enough to remember the coming out of Thriller?

Yes, my girls seem to be pretty down when it comes to out-dated music trivia.


Their Dad is not. He is more like helium..

He’s so old…

Kinda fitting, huh?


Happy Halloween everyone!

PS: So tell me faithful reader(s) what fun Halloween songs am I forgetting and can add to our list of spooky drive time hits?

Be afraid!

Be very very afraid!



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6 thoughts on “New Drive Time list…

  1. Thanks Laura. The girls had a great time. They also went to the birthday party of the 1 year old of our current nanny and had a great time playing with ‘baby Luke’ there. So when I put Dylan to bed lat night I said you had a pretty great day today didn’t you, between trick or treat and baby Luke’s birthday party and all the candy and cupcakes?” Dylan said “Yes but tomorrow is going to be an even better day.” I said, “huh?” “Every new day is going to be a better day than the day before” she exclaims. She is wise beyond her years! Happy Halloween Laura! Tell Jess we said Hi!

  2. I remember the Monster Mash! I’m old. Hope the girls have a safe and dry Halloween!! Give them hugs and kisses from me and Jess!

  3. I know the Thriller video came out during MTV’s heyday….back when they still played videos there, because his video was a sort of a ground breaker. Late 80’s maybe? Hmmm…Anna’s dress? I hadn’t noticed. lemme check… I hope you are having a great week Betsy. thanks for dropping by!

  4. I have no idea how Skylar heard and knew that song. I want to say from school but i don;t know. What a surprise. I just threw that Frozen video on at the end to tie up the scary music post. They had never seen it before. I hope you are having a good birthday week! Enjoy!

  5. Yes, I remember Monster Mash. Don’t recall when Thriller came out. That video of Frozen Thriller was well done, except I’m not sure what was happening with Anna’s dress.

  6. So how did the girls originally find the Monster Mash. Be sure to tell them it is my birthday theme song. Do the girls like that Disney Frozen Thriller video? I have never seen those characters so scary………its down right bone chilling……

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