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I rode my bike to school today!

All the grandmothers here keep asking, what did you wear on the first day of school?

I had to tell them, “Work clothes”. I went to work after I dropped the girls off!

Yes it was the first day of school this past Monday. But not just any school. This year our girls are going to a new school, never-been-opened, no-one-has-ever-sat-at-this-desk-before school. It smelled like a new car!

Our area is growing such that the previous school was getting overcrowded and need a new one to be built. We actually moved into the neighborhood, 5 years ago, where the school was supposed to be built.

Well it’s finally here!

I don’t know if the girls can appreciate a new school or not. Maybe when they are older and the school starts to look weathered and worn. In fact they barely got the school finished on time. The ribbon cutting was moved  back two weeks until last Saturday. Plans for the school include an interactive park neighboring the school, and new town rec center and a playground.

That’s right they didn’t get to build the playground yet.

It’s really to hot anyway.

But the first day of school wasn’t too bad…

It was an organized chaos. But easily half the cars or traffic then we were used to.

….cause half of the old school is coming here now.

Day 1 Organized Chaos

Oh…. you were wondering what our kids wore?

First Day Smiles!

Well, it looks like they wore clothes to play for the playground!

But Dylan wore something else!

Skye is in trance the first day

She wore her bedroom in her 40lb back pack!

I don’t know how she does not fall over backwards!

Skye still looks stunned that her summer vacation has come to and brake-screeching halt.

And then…


They did not open the doors on time the first day!

The doors were easily 10 minutes late opening on opening day.

Maybe somebody did not gt the memo

….and went to the old school?

Storing Eagles

Overall it was an easy transition on Day 1 and the girls had a good experience.

~Did I tell you it was brand new?~

Day 2

Was a bit less hectic although the doors, again, did not open until 10 minutes later

Day 2 Eazy Peezy

I was wondering if maybe I did not get the memo at this point?

Day 3

Felt almost routine and even though we got there when they opened the doors.


This is what the main corridor looked like after I dropped off the girls off in their class and headed back out to my car…


Day 3 Crickets!!

I am getting up and to school Waaaaaaayyy to early!

Day 4

So on day 4 we decided to switch things up a bit and we all rode our bikes to school!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, can you all remember that?

Pulling up to school in your own cool bike and silently smirking while other kids got out of cars and buses?

I got the girls some way-cool bike locks that light up and actually mount on your bike….

….uh wait.

What do you mean they have been around forever?

Back in the day when I rode my bike to school, up hill all the way, in rain and snow, and we only used a stinkin’ key!

….in the dark.

I, I mean THEY, had a lot of fun riding to school and I am happy to say none of my girls rode over any new kindergartners or mommies with strollers.

I mentioned the ribbon cutting ceremony, that was actually last Saturday. And while they let the School Board introduce and thank each other they did let any returning chorus members from the previous school lead the room in the Star Spangled Banner..

Sorry, the lens got a little Teary

..and then we found our self in the middle of the first PTA meeting!

This mega event actually lulled the girl’s grandmother and Aunt Sue in town for the cutting of ribbons.

So Dylan got all dressed up

Maybe something more of what the grandmothers had in mind for a new school pic

And with Aunt Sue in town you know we had to take advantage of any and all Photo Ops..

Don’t Just Fly, Soar!

Sorry I kinda missed the school slogan above there with my pic.

I should have just relied on Aunt Sue

The next day, a Sunday, I actually worked and  handed out some free samples of the snacks I peddle for a living… for kids and back to school lunches. But I still took the opportunity to bond with my child as she graciously agreed to come with me and keep me company.

And why not?

She got to meet a dinosaur!

In other news…

After 4 long months we finally got our construction team to complete a new gazebo in our back yard…at the end of the summer

I don’t know if you remember or not but the old metal one took a beating from last year’s hurricane and then last winter’s freakish snow storm.

It couldn’t bare the weight, so we had to find a new one..

Yes, wood piers, buried 6 feet deep into concrete.

I may get a little more sleep during this year’s hurricane.

The view is changing from this side too as someone is sneaking in from the side and ruining any ideas of ‘private memories’ in the pool again. This may be the last summer to use it before neighbors start watching us from behind.

I wish I could stop them.

But I can’t.

That’s it from my zip code this week knuckleheads. Be sure to keep an eye on your young ones.

One of our kids just had a predator ask her to do things on her YouTube channel. You can never be too safe! The other is having misgivings about going back to school and is throwing tantrums. I may need to hire a good child therapist! They won’t be young forever. Si Dieu le veut!


Have a great weekend!




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6 thoughts on “I rode my bike to school today!

  1. Thank you Resa! Yes it was sickening. I did take the email from Youtube, where they wanted to ban my 10 yr old daughter from it for doing something on camera she didn’t know was innocently suggestive. I gave the file to the detective in our local police department but I have not heard back. However, the city I live in did send out an email earlier this week for parents to attend a media safety type of workshop for their kids. So I hope some good came of it. Thanks for dropping by Resa! I hope you have the best week!

  2. Nice post, except for the predator part! Sickening what some people are up to. Yes, Keep our children safe!

  3. They get out the first week of June here. We actually have a week set aside for rain days. But if it gets too cold, like below freezing, they will close the schools too. The end if June really shortens the summer!

  4. ….Back in my day…..we used to finish fairly early in June. But the last few years there have been so many school cancellations due to snow storms that the kids aren’t getting out now until the end of June. Lotsa snow here in Nova Scotia during the last few winters. Too much!

  5. Way too early Sandy! It is still pretty hot here. What time do your schools get out then in the spring?

  6. It’s so early for school to start. Isn’t it? Schools don’t re-open here until after Labour Day – September 4, I think.

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