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Social Distancing

I wanted to thank you for reading this post…

from your home…

and not mine…

so we can maintain our required social distance.

We have had a coupla crazy weeks, with lots going on and big decisions to be made,

last week and this week.

So between the 2 weeks we tried to step out and unwind and detox this past weekend.

If you know me, few things are as therapeutic as the beach and the ocean.

So come and join me…

Family Social Distancing in the ocean

I think I said before, to me, nothing beats walking in ankle deep water on a soft sandy beach and the warm sun on your skin.

I lose myself..and the rest of the world…

….and sometimes my only worry in the world is…

Is the tide going to reach my chair..

…while I’m gone.

But today its back to Staycation…

and the illusion of Travel and Freedom just remain an exotic fantasy.

.…and hoping the local reptiles in our neighborhood will Staycate too!

Good news!

Along the lines of being happy and bringing happiness to others, we had an orientation to become Foster Parents last week.

Its a long process, but we are happy to begin our journey….

and our version of

an ‘Instant Family‘.

Other good news is one of the other projects we were working on is coming to fruition…

….we are becoming foster parents of a young professional athlete….a retired greyhound on Friday!


The kids are excited.

Anyone care to adopt a greyhound?

They think they are royalty.

That’s it for now knuckleheads.

I’ll try to do a better job next time.

Until then….

Love someone and show them some gratitude.

Find an old friend or Mentor and give them some overdue gratitude.

It will make you BOTH Happy!


Eat some ice cream!

Its hot out there!

Ice cream will make you Happy too.

Be social,

but keep your distance

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