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iFit website = iCrapDoggyDue website

Every now and again you run across some company that you think is an evil, money-grubbing outfit, that appears harmless enough, but then cracks you over the head with some surprising billing that you feel helpless to stop.

….and a web site, service or product you feel you should warn others about!

Let me introduce you to iFit.

Buyer Beware!

A few years ago I bought a treadmill. It was a nice one that even came with a modem to connect to the Internet. They suggested using the iFit website as a way to track my runs as well as download some trails from around the world. I thought, OK, cool!

I bought a one month membership. And then another. At the end of the year they were giving away some nice gifts if I would buy a Yearly Membership.  I was tired of rebilling all the time. We had some nice taxes coming back that year and so I thought why not. I paid $130.20 on 12/31/2016 for a 2017 membership.

I know, crazy, right? That much money to track how far you run?

Well this January I received this message in an email:

Your Premium Membership has expired.
Hi Andy,

We couldn’t auto-renew your iFit Premium annual membership as expected.

To continue your iFit Premium membership, visit your Account Billing in your settings to upgrade your account to Premium.

If you have questions, we’d love to help. Simply email us at support@ifit.com.

Keep Moving,

Well, I don’t use the treadmill much. If I use it two times in a month it was a good month. Some months I don’t use it at all.

I even write down all the data from my runs in Journal form.

The little 3 inch TV screen on the treadmill is not very motivating when I am running through the woods in the Ukraine so those advertised runs are not very motivating either.

So I thought, no I am not renewing it this year.

It is such a waste of good money!

So I did not renew.

In-fact I did nothing. The email suggests they can’t bill me. Let me just right this poor, expensive fitness training off and manage the tracking of calories and distance on my own. ( I have a college degree after all )

So then the next day I was shocked to find this email in my Inbox:

Thanks for your purchase!
Please retain this billing receipt for your records. You can access your complete billing history in your settings.
Order ID: 2351041
Order Date: January 15th 2018
Item Amount
Coach 1 Year Auto Renewal – AUTO $180.00
Subtotal: $180.00
Estimated Tax: $16.20
Order Total: $196.20


I didn’t do anything, least of all ask for another overpriced fitness membership. ( do you see where the price for this Premium Membership went up $66 or 33% in a year?)

And I may be mistaken but I am pretty sure I changed the credit card number I used last year to a new one, hence the first email I received from them saying they could not renew.  Hmmmm?

Now I have gone through all the refund links on their website. Twice. I still have yet to hear from them.

Other than the ol’ take a number routine:

“Your request has been updated. Reply to this email or follow the link below:”

Meanwhile $196 just was stolen from my checking account by this shady iFit web site.

I started a dispute for this charge with my bank now. They have been good in the past about not paying for money not earned by some service (internet web site). But it really frustrates me that there are crooked outfits like this that stay in business and take people’s money when they have not earned it and through some shady business practice.

So I thought you should know. If you ever get an offer to join iFit, whether it be for a Fit Bit, treadmill, stationary bike, Stair Stepper, Nordic Track, anything….

Buyer Beware!!

If you see a promotion for anything from iFit I hope the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and you run, not walk, but run far away from the offer.

And please tell your friends and family too. If you get a membership they keep your credit information on file and bill you again when your membership is up whether you ask for it or not.

iFit = Buyer Beware!

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23 thoughts on “iFit website = iCrapDoggyDue website

  1. Hi there! So sorry I took so long to respond. Had a couple of busy days. Yep, still riding my bike. Thanks for following again! I took a long break from my blog, but it’s great to be back and see how many of my blogging friends are still out there!

    Also, bummer about the 30 days. But I’m glad you’re at least getting your money! So annoying. :/

  2. I think these companies know any foolish person joining websites like these has more money than motivation, and so doesn’t mind trading one for the other as much as some would. I just think it is a sleazy way to do business behind the context of a ‘Healthy’ or ‘Fit’ brand. Thanks for dropping by Carolee. I hope you are doing great..

  3. Carolee Croft on said:

    I don’t know why it’s often fitness companies that do this. I guess they assume we can’t commit to our fitness goals and must be forced to do so. I had a bad experience with Spa Lady where I moved to another city, and they assured me I could join one of their affiliates there, but the so-called affiliate would only let me use part of the gym, so I cancelled my membership altogether (after some hassle, of course.)
    Glad you’re getting a refund at least.

  4. I hope it comes through! You’ll let us know?

  5. They appear to have received my email now as I finally heard back from them last night. Supposedly the refund is in the works but “it might take up to 30 days” to see it in my account. Yes, Yelp and the BBB were next. Good idea!

  6. Thanks MS. SSM. I think I will just keep to logging them from now on. Be well my friend! its always nice hearing from you.

  7. They finally responded late last night. They claim its in my contract but that they will refund my money…..but it may take up to 30 days.. errr.. Thanks for stopping by Ms. Jessica. I thought I was Following you but it appears I wasn’t. I have to catch up! Still riding your bike?

  8. I guess I am leaning towards it then. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. I have used it for a student for a couple of years, so far its been good.

  10. Oh I hate it when stupid companies do that!! These days it seems to happen more and more. Something very similar happened to me with a site called “Active” not long ago. I was super frustrated.

    I will definitely stay away from this company!

  11. Yes, very well, thank You, Mr. 3D! No money lost really, just precious time – to the tune of an hour or two a day for 2 months trying to get it going. But I felt badly b/c the prohibitive app issues Kept me from enjoying it the way I hoped. Well, I tried my best! Live & learn…Good luck with your workouts Mr. 3D!

  12. Are there yelp reviews for this sort of business? If so, you should leave one. My friend left a negative review for a moving company and they bent over backward to make him happy and take down the review.

  13. And you would think, w a shady business practice like that, complaints would happen all the time,. Especially when they add to the price like that. I hope you are doing great Betsy! Thanks for stopping by

  14. Wow. What a bummer! And shady business indeed! So warned!

  15. Hi Ms Aurora, you know I thought of using PayPal awhile back but I didn’t want to give them my cc info. So you use them and no bad experiences? I may have to reconsider. Thanks for the tip. I hope you are doing well! Thanks for stopping by!

  16. So you dealt w them too SSM? It’s frustrating. I was even on hold for 45 minutes before I hung up. And a week later I’m still waiting to hear back from their customer service. I hope you didn’t lose any money. Thanks for dropping by SSM. I hope you are doing well!

  17. Good idea. But what state? Yes that’s a real good idea. But I have to guess they hear these complaints every week as the screw old members for automatic overcharged fees.. I can’t imagine I’m the only one to complain w business practices like this.

  18. Hey Dr. Lynn, yes, like you I’ve had this once or twice before and it’s worked out in the end but this a big chunk of change. And they raised the $$ too. It’s really really shady. I hope you and your crew are doing well. Thanks for dropping by!

  19. Its better to use paypal, so they never know your info, and you can cancel subscriptions very easy. These scams never use paypal anyway.
    Never trust unknown name tech brands, theres enough problems with the “good” ones already.

  20. The original deceit is that the brand “iFit” leads us to believe that the “Fit” part of “iFit”= Fitness, when it actually refers to the emotional reaction one experiences when trying to deal with the website and the company itself. Last year I had an iFit and within 2 months I was fit, alright – fit to be tied!! They’re trendy but not user-friendly. I burned a few calories by throwing some fits before guiltily relegating it to the back of my closet.

  21. johnm983 on said:

    Ya put a complaint on the BBB then they will answer you : )

  22. That’s terrible. Unfortunately it’s not that uncommon. I once had a similar problem trying to cancel my subscription to a bodybuilding magazine. They just kept billing me and I had the hardest time dealing with them. Luckily it didn’t involve the amount of money you’re dealing with but it was frustrating nevertheless. Wishing you good luck resolving the issue!

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