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Hello Everyone,

I would like to welcome a young lady named ‘Truly‘ to our WordPress family.

(sounds of applause in the background)

Truly is a rescue greyhound just off the track.

We are fostering Truly for a week or so, until someone adopts her.

She turns 2 years old this month, so still a pup.

She is very sweet and potty trained.

She also has a gorgeous, exotic, pseudo-tiger looking coat me thinks.

She has been getting along great with my male greyhound.

Or I should say he has been very accepting of her.

They swap food and


She has a wicked scar on her hip. Lord only knows how she got that one.

My girls have fallen in love with her already. There is talk of our family adopting her.

What do you think?

Should we?


In other news….

We completed our first day long training session on becoming foster parents over the weekend.

There are so many tragic stories we heard but I will leave that for another time.

I also completed my training to become a Mentor or Big Brother last week.

Folks, this is so simple!

Being a Mentor, here in town, involves only one hour of your time per week.



I was almost disappointed that it wasn’t more than that.

And, given the signs of the times, that one hour is a virtual Zoom call.

How hard is that?

And ‘boundaries’ are very defined for both parties before entering into a Mentor agreement.

So its safe and private….for both parties

So do you think you have some good advice or support to give to a deserving child that might not have a great positive role model in their life?

Have you been a good parent


might you be a good parent when the time comes?

And do you have one (1) extra hour in a week, over a lunch maybe, that you could give some support or hope to a child that might not have so much as you had growing up?

If so, please consider looking into being a Mentor in your area.


Yes, you could make a significant positive influence in some disadvantaged child’s life.

Think about it.



That’s all for now knuckleheads.

I will try to do a better job next time.

Until then,

be nice,

wear your (frickin) mask,

and show somebody some Gratitude.

Not Attitude 🙂

You will both be happy!

Cause everyone should be loved…

not just puppies


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