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My homework

This whole experience of Dylan starting school has reminded me of that one car commercial with the little girl sitting in the car and the Dad telling her to be careful.

Do you know which one I mean?

The girl is sooo Dylan!

She says, “Daddy, OK” just like that.

Is that our (not so distant) future?

To steal a line from the comments yesterday, “yes, I clearly am the ones with the growing pains”

Several people asked for pictures of Dylan going off to school today. I imagine it was to see how she was going to handle her first day.

Would she be scared? Would she be nervous? Would she be intimidated. Would she make Dad carry her.

Here is a quick look of our girl as she prepares for her new experience:

And that last look was the same look of that teenager in the video above?

Did I you all worry for nothing? She was cool as a cucumber!

I didn’t get a lot of pics today, as I was there for her support, remind her of how proud we are of her and honestly just in awe of how well she walked into school. So here are a few pics outlining the morning from cameras on cells. Day two begins in 8 hours!

Her first "Back To School" dress

Her first “Back To School” dress

Family Hug

Family Hug

Waiting patiently while Dad gets it together

Waiting patiently while Dad gets it together

WP_20130819_005Hey, there’s a wall with my name on it!”

Waiting in line at her new class roomThat last look is Priceless to me. She is displaying ‘cool as a cucumber’ and the confidence of ‘this ain’t nuthin’ but a thing’ while she waits patiently outside her classroom waiting for school to begin.

And she will show them, the best is yet to come!

And part one of our homework has just been handed in…..

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15 thoughts on “My homework

  1. Crazy cat woman will be in my stories, but much later.
    Ill draw you something for the catwoman you have in your mind when I get back to drawing.

    They live in usa (I think) but I lost contact with them long ago, it would be nice if they were in japan cause it would give me another good reason to go.

    Its fun to learn about kids through you daycare, thanks for sharing.

  2. Maybe crazy cat woman could be another persona in your stories. When I say Crazy Catwoman I think of the Batman villian. Can you draw her? Are your relatives w/ kids back in Japan? Yes, it does make it hard to babysit that way. πŸ™‚ I guess you can just help us raise ours in the meantime.

  3. She is great…better than I deserve…both of them actually. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Beautiful! Always nice to hear from you….

  4. What a nice little kid she looks!

  5. The nanny history sounds interesting, maybe one day you could make a post about it.
    Nah, I dont have any kids nor seem that Im going to, I have cats though, gonna be crazy cat woman one day πŸ™‚

    Those germs are bad, good choice.
    I worry too much as well, I understand the feeling.

    I have relatives who have kids, but Ive never seen them, sadly.

  6. We chose to have Skylar stay home with Mr chum and our nanny during the day. We have had a good history of finding good nannies that have also been good instructors for our girls. We think better than a day care so they don’t bring germs home and get some good 1 on 1 time. Are you a parent yet? Yes, we always worry…if you can’t tell already. The driving gig will probably put me in my grave! Thanks for dropping by Ms. Aurora!

  7. Nice to see she is doing well at school, so confident.
    Does Skylar stays home with Mr Chum? just curious, I dont know much about schools.

    If it was me in that commercial, I would be worried and running after the car πŸ™‚

  8. We all had a great day! She was excited when it was over. And we were so proud of her. Today is another day. Instead of hugging me when I left her at her class she gave me a body slam infront of her new friends. She knocked me back against the wall! I let her of course. Nobody was hurt and that little girl eyeing my daughters lunch has now taken notice. Take care Sandy! Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Awww…I hope she had a good day and that you’re “recovering” well. πŸ™‚

  10. You are right Cassye! This will sound funny but I took her to the bathroom orientation night and the janitorial smell of the bathrooms of elementary schools brought back a flood of memories. The smell of crayons and erasers. Good stuff! i hope you are doing well Cassye! Always great to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by….

  11. What? Me worry? You are right Cyndi, her ‘toolbox’ is stocked! Thanks for looking in!

  12. Precious and priceless! She got it all, Dad! Not to worry.

  13. Fabulous! There is something magical about these days…the crayons the, bulletin boards (the frogs on the wall). Elementary school is such a cozy launching pad. So glad you held it together since it’s clear Dylan is on her way to blastoff!

  14. WaWa she really didn’t talk much about it when we got home. We had to pry it out of her. But she did sleep until five for her nap so it must have been a big day for her. Mom said when our nanny picked her up she let Dylan call her and she was still pretty excited, “upbeat and smiling”. I think in the end they didn’t do much today but get the grand tour. I’ll see if I can be a little fly on the wall Tuesday. Stay tuned!

  15. Laura Hayes on said:

    Did she have a good time! Was it a fun day! She looked adorable.

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