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Just a Quickie….

To let all our friends and family know…

We all are OK!


This past week has presented more than its share of anxious moments. Wednesday it just looked like the sky opened up and dumped everything it had on us.

The next day we got word of the ‘Water Hose’ that would hose us and presented Flood Warning after Flood Warning on our telephones and TVs all weekend.

The rain started raining again here Friday at 5pm and didn’t stop until Sunday. Thankfully it was never really a wrath-of-God type cloud burst. And with a brand new pool we are still learning how to take care of, a block-long drainage ditch behind our house where all the rain from the other houses on our block runs through this ditch to the drain at the edge of our property to the town reservoir a half mile behind our house, I went to bed nervous Friday night as I listened to it pour in the dark.

Adding a log to my restless night was my buddy from our class reunion that texts me Saturday morning letting me know we (Charleston) are on the “national news” .

Well I threw off the covers and tore open the sash to see what was the matter!

Thankfully it was all clear at our house. So far our property and development has weathered the storm. The only troubling signs were the plague of frogs I found in my pool the next morning! Easily 10 frogs in there frolicking around!  ..each day since,

flood 2Yes, frogs were in my pool not the drainage ditch behind it.

…but how did they see it?

It’s elevated substantially off the ground.

flood 3

No matter, these guys just got a bath.

All in all the local news said we received 11.5 inches of rain Saturday! Think about that for a second, almost a foot …of rain.

Not snow but rain. In one day.

Again we were lucky. Others locally and else where in the state not so much.

As we left church on Sunday we joked with our friends that this freaky weather situation didn’t even have a name. It really wasn’t part of the hurricane south of us over the Bahamas but a unique, ‘once in 500 years’ weather occurrence where two fronts pulled water off the ocean and shot it like a fire hose across Charleston, Columbia and the rest of South Carolina.

floodssOur weekend weather

radarThis was Sunday’s weather pattern after the  ‘Hose’ started to disperse.

It is still aiming at Charleston.

We said, years from now what will we call this? ‘The weekend we got a lot of rain’?

Yea, that never happens here on the coast in the fall!

It wasn’t Joaquin but somebody else!

Our girls didn’t care. So far they have been off Friday, Monday, and Tuesday from school. Same with Mom this week. Dad had to work. While my distribution center was open, other company distribution centers in the state were not…

flood 1Like I said, we were lucky!

Yes Columbia, SC appears to have had it even worse than Charleston…

floods columbia

That is s river in Columbia that went up about 13 feet in one day!

Our rain at least could make it to the coast.

Columbia’s rain has nowhere to go….

but here!

Tonight our very good friends and our other wife texted everyone they knew and asked for prayers as the river behind their house was rising and had 5 feet to go until it reached their house.

It appears South Carolina in not out of the storm yet.

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