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Just time for a quickie..

Hey gang,

I just have time for a quickie here! Its a wonderful spring afternoon here. Ideal temperatures. Clear blue skies. The kinda day just screaming for To-Do’ lists to get done.

And here I sit.

We finished up ‘Birthday Month’ here this week with Skylar’s b-day on Monday. It was really a low key affair since both girls have been celebrating for the last 4 weeks. The upcoming month of May brings another birthday month, for all the adults this time. Not to mention all the other things that could be going on in May.

To bring you up to speed, we have been approved to buy our new house. Everything is contingent on the sale of our house.

The status of that sale is still murky. The termite inspector came by this week. While he found no termites he did want us to replace some wood damaged from water….that may be conducive to termites.

Silly me. All this time I thought that was the responsibility of the termite company that we pay the termite bond to.

Cha-ching! And the old house cash register rings up again.

Our contractor did the work required for this Termite CL-100 report plus the work needed to satisfy the 23 page home inspection. (Cha-ching). Upon his completion of the work he gave me a letter stating the house is fit to live in.

We may just stay then!

That thought has crossed our minds.

Also, the bank preparing the loan for the buyer sent their inspector out for a home appraisal, to see if the house is valued for the amount of the load. This is the last stage of the process in selling our home.

At this point we are calling it the ‘home appeasal’ since we have had to appease so many different parties. We are holding our breath and putting off boxing until we get the ‘thumbs up’ from this report.

If, and when we get that, it will could be smoother sailing until the sale at the end of the month. We put off grocery shopping this week in order to force us to ‘eat down’ the stash in our pantry, freezer and refrigerator. It may make for some curious meals this week!

Add to these checklists some questionable blood tests that require further investigation  and the ending to a 3 year old probate from a death in the family in 2010, and the family agreements that need to take place with that, and the rest of the month looks full.

Going back to the quickie, that is why this week and the festivities earlier, were such a nice distraction. Thanks to all who helped make this and both birthdays so special for everyone!

Here’s a quick(ie) look at the beginning of the week. It can bring out the little girl in all of us, er….I mean you. If you listen closely you can hear me roll my lips in an attempt to show Skylar the proper way to apply lip gloss. And you can draw your own conclusions about that last statement…

Thanks for dropping by! I hope your weekend is fun-filled, action-packed, or relaxing, which ever you desire. I hope my friends are all hitting your goals and making the most of this special weekend!

Happy Birthday!

Monday was Skylar’s birthday. ~Films at 11:00!

While we are waiting for some vids to get downloaded I just wanted to give you a glimpse of the last carefree day or two.

happy birthday skylar

Yes, little Skye turned 3 Monday. We had a low-key celebration at our house since she and her older sister have basically been receiving gifts over the past two weeks. Her birthday wish for her birthday dinner? Macaroni and Cheese, what else?

But mac n cheese was only the side, the main course you say? Peanut butter and jelly! And even then she still likes to pull the sandwich apart and lick the insides or pick them off with her fingers. Yes, we are still working on her fork skills. You should see what happened to poor Cinderella!

Licking the icing off Cinderella

Licking the icing off Cinderella

Skylar painted her chin with birthday cake icing and then went out to play with her sister and new friend from next door. Nice and low key.

Sunday was the kick off to her birthday weekend as some of her very special grand parents popped into town and had lunch with us. Skylar smiled and laughed and enjoyed all the attention as her grandmother tried to steal all the hugs and kisses. And then, true to form, they walked both the girls out to their car and presented the birthday girls with two life-size birthday bags. It was a great day!

I think they remembered how much Skylar likes her lip gloss…

What did you eat this time?

What did you eat this time?

Because she got another sampling if it again. And she loved it too!

Sitting here I just realized we never said thanks to both of you after the kids tore open their birthday booty so THANK YOU SO MUCH!! The girls loved their new princess jewelry and tents! We loved those dresses! You two are great and we are so lucky to have you in our lives!

The girls treated these grandparents to their best versions of some favorite Schoolhouse Rocks songs. Does anybody remember these? Saturday morning educational commercials? I won’t tell anyone how long ago they were on TV.

  • Conjunction Junction
  • Interplanet Janet
  • 3 is a Magic Number
  • Electricity
  • Lolly, Lolly, Lolly (get your adverb here)
  • Interjections

Mom is always interested in seeing our two girls excel in school and these fun songs really fit the bill. We loved these songs as kids and so far our girls really like them too. It doesn’t matter that they don’t know what adverbs are; or interjections. Heck I was surprised at a couple of the pronouns.

But when the girls get to school these things are just going to click. Like the way Dylan can now count by fives to this song. Ya gotta have fun singing them out…

And having fun with these songs this past weekend took me to a happy place after the last week or two. You see two years ago we went to Ocean City, New Jersey on vacation and the local theater troupe put on a Schoolhouse Rocks play for kids on the boardwalk that week.


Truthfully, mom and dad enjoyed the play and songs more than the kids did that year. But listening to these songs reminded me that is our summer vacation again this year, as we hope the kids are big enough to get on more rides this time. The town is made for kids and young families. So my clan’ll fit right in!

Here is a peak at two years ago at OCNJ, the Schoolhouse Rocks songs and some of the boardwalk adventures if you want to take an impromptu trip right now.

Or if you are interested in more family dirt here is Part I…

More about the summer vaycay later. It was nice just to relive some of those memories.

Friends and family, I am still working on the videos of Skylar’s big day and pictures from Aunt Sue to give you the full scam this weekend as well as some fun things from Easter. Stay tuned!

Happy Birthday Skylar! And have a good week everyone!

Walk Like An Egyptian….

So Dylan, Skylar, and Aunt Sue are all playing Princess Castle. The girls have their fav Princesses and are talking about their fav Princes….and marriage! 

Aunt Sue offers in, “Well when you are ready I can marry both of you”, holding the King Triton action figure in her hand. 

Dylan counters, while clearly misunderstanding the meaning of Sue’s offer, “Oh no! We are ONLY allowed to marry one person in this country!” 

Ya gotta love her. 

Reality kicked in a bit yesterday after riding the high of a bid on our house. We put a bid on a house this weekend as well (we need to move now) but our offer was so low, in the owners eyes, they didn’t even acknowledge it.

This house listed for $295K. The current owners bought the house 2 years ago for $265K. We offered $260K, planning on going up to $275K  if we had to. 

That wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t even good enough to make a counter offer.

I want to ask the owners if they know what house prices have done over the past 2 years of foreclosures? It certainly wasn’t double digit growth!

My wife and I have been looking in this neighborhood since last Spring, mainly for the ideal school system it resides in. We have looked at several houses in this very same road stay on the market, with their prices dropping regularly over the last 9 months. Remember that one house with a pool?  

Roma out

This house has been on the market as long as we have been looking. It started at the same $295K price and is now under contract for 255K. Big drop! I guess the realtor of our preferred house is not disclosing this gem, which is right down the same street from the owners. And that house had a pool! 

Another, larger house, that is closer and on that same road as the house we bid on, has been on the market for over a year. We actually looked at it last Spring. It has dropped from over $300K to the current contract price of  $259K.  Amazing. What have the rates been doing since then? They are not going down anymore. So go ahead Donald Trump, watch your house sit for awhile. And sit. You could have been moving while the rates were still low.

So going back to yesterday’s post, reality tells me we actually have not sold our house yet. We just have an offer. There are still a few more thi ngs to cross off before we…have to get out!

OK! I got that outta my system. Sorry for the rant. 


We had a birthday party last night at our house! Among all the chaos and stress of hoops and obstacles in the month(s) ahead it was nice to see some happy smiles on the kids. 

My parents and the Great Aunt Sue were in town for the fun. And it was good fun for everyone. 

My parents aren’t getting any younger either. Dylan was helping them unload their car Saturday when they pulled in. She was slow walking bent over as she carried a bag up the steps of our front porch. Confused on why Dylan wasn’t springing up the steps like she normally does, Mom asks, “Dylan what’s wrong with you? Why are you walking like that?” 

Dylan, in her innocent nature responds, “I was walking like and old lady”, mirroring how my own Mom covered the stairs after an 8  hour ride in the car. No matter how wrong that was you couldn’t help but laugh knowing she didn’t mean anything bad by it.

Dylan, enjoy it now. In a few more years you won’t be able to get away with that remark! Except maybe with your Dad

For a quick look at some of the weekend festivities and gift box destruction check out the video below. 

Thanks to everyone for making this a great birthday weekend!

How to Beat the Birthday Blues

I’m not a big fan of birthdays, as you may know by now. This last weekend is a prime example. My wife calls me Peter Pan, as I don’t want to grow old and sometimes the birthdays can just sour me a bit.

Such was the case this past week. But I beat those Birthday Blues this time. One might say by getting in touch with my “feminine side“, based on my antidotes for the Birthday Blues, along with some great and kind advice from the blog-o-sphere. You’ll see what I mean. But, if you ever have trouble with your birthdays, here is my recipe for kicking those Birthday Blues in the bum

1)     Listen to “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. The popular 70’s rock song, made famous by Christopher Walken’s “I got the fever for more cowbells” on Saturday Night Live. My brother sent me a birthday card and when you opened it up this song played. I had to laugh. I was feeling sorry for myself and he just kinda made fun of me. It was just what I needed. I didn’t fear the reaper anymore!

This was one of my all-time favorite songs from my youth. It is a very cool, harmony-laden, well written song that romanticizes death (Romeo & Juliet are together in eternity) leaving you to believe it is ‘trendy’ to walk with the Reaper and that there is “nothing to Fear”; i.e. “40,000 men and women do it everyday; 40,000 people redefine happiness / We can be like they are”. … Hey, at 50 I still want to be hip!


2)     Got the Blues? Buy a new pair of shoes! Right? Every woman knows this. In my case I took some birthday money and went out and bought some new high end, eye-catching, feel-better… Asics running  shoes. I am hoping the curiosity of ‘are these things going to help’ will get me running more. And more better better! The last time I bought some racing Saucony’s it worked miracles for my performance.

Let’s go for a run!

3)     Go get some great looking, feel-good cosmetic surgery! I get this tip from my wife watching the Housewives of Beverly Hills. When those girls are feeling down they go get some plastic surgery to make them feel good again. OK, I have no use for implants; or Botox. So, to make me smile and feel good about myself again I went…….. to get my teeth cleaned. 🙂 And I feel so much better!  (wink, wink) They don’t look 20 years younger but at least the stains are not scaring little kids anymore. Tomorrow, I may get my hair done cut and maybe my nails. Nah, not the nails.

The ladies at Flowertown Dentistry will make you smile!

4)     Go to the gym. Simply go prove you are not as old as the calendar says. This Saturday I hit some new highs with the weights including 3 sets of 70lb bent over dumbbell rows (these will be important later), 190lbs on the Hammersmith Bench Press machine, and 480 calories burned on the treadmill on a good 35 minute run. These aren’t my all-time personal bests but I haven’t touched any of these 3 levels in a good year or so, telling me my body is not withering away like my sorry butt wanted to believe. In fact, its still getting stronger each week. I just need to go to them gym to remind me of that. Exercise will make / keep the body younger. JDI!

I felt 20 years younger! (almost)

5)     Enjoy your surroundings. Do a put off Home Improvement project. If I want to be around awhile I might as well make my home a little nicer to grow old in. So I went out and worked on my weekend patio project where I am making a stone patio and walkway out back, replacing the torn down deck we first had. Folks this will look nice when I am done making a bigger patio and a bigger backyard for our girls. I was so energized to get this done I moved 4 tons of stone and cement! In 3 hours! I placed 3 tons of individual flagstaff stones in place on my patio and then bought, moved, and stored 12 80lb bags of cement. Now that might not sound like a mental rejuvenation but just the fact that I did all that tells me I can still hang. Four tons, one rock, or cement brick at a time! Those dumbbell rows came in handy! In fact, I wasn’t even sore the next day.

Tons of fun!

So that’s my recipe for beating the Birthday Blues. I stumbled on them all by accident this past weekend but each one had a positive impact on my attitude. Sorry for being such a stinker last week. Being Peter Pan, I never really have enjoyed birthdays for the last 10 years. “Life begins at 50” someone said last week and so I have nothing to fear. So, come on take my hand, we’ll be able to fly, we can become like they are, come on baby, don’t fear the reaper…..I got the fever…. for more cowbells!

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