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Phriday Phunnies….

I’m sorry I have not been writing often lately. Starting my new job has my thoughts focused on ways to learn my new role. I get home and I get 2 hours with my kids and maybe two hours for everything else and that’s it right now. I want to take a moment and thank you, and everyone, for continuing to look in 3D, and leaving the fun comments. I really appreciate it and you! I’ll try to do better!

That being said, it is Friday and I thought a new feature here in Life in 3D might be Phriday Phunnies, since I have so few original thoughts of my own lately. I wanted to start off with my favorite comedian from the Comedy Channel, Mitch Hedberg.

I love watching Mitch. His delivery is unusual, kinda like the ‘burn out’ from school that everybody liked and was rooting for. Similar to a Seinfeld, he uses funny things that occur in our daily lives and doesn’t feel a need to resort to using a high profile line of profanity, which I often feel makes the comedian seem less original. Have you ever heard of Mitch, or know who I mean?

My favorite routine of his is not on Youtube however. I found these jokes at the Comedy Channel web site though. The bad thing is they would not post here. So  is a link to my favorite 150 second routine of his and why he doesn’t like Turtlenecks. Check it out, but promise to come back….


Here is another fun skit on what to do when neighbors pound on your wall for playing you music too loud. Very creative!


You may notice that Mitch shakes a bit when he does stand up and looks at the ground a lot. It turns out he still had stage fright very bad, unusual for someone doing stand up I think.

If you like Mitch and you want to see some more funny stuff here’s a bit more….

The sad thing is Mitch died in 2005 so there will be nor more ‘new Mitch’ jokes or routines. Maybe he wasn’t playing the role so much as the role was playing him. Regardless, I loved his work, creativity, and delivery. When I do my first stand up I want to emanate Mitch….as I will be just as scared up there.

So which was your favorite joke?

1) Turtlenecks

2) Pringles

3) Knocking on the Walls?

4) Escalators

Have a GREAT Friday everyone! Smile and have some fun today!

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