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Time Capsule 2020: Covid Shelter-In-Place-Staycation 19

Note to future self….

If you are looking at this post at some time in the future, Congratulations. You DID survive Corona 19 (T-shirts coming), So, since we are still alive in the future, I wanted to show you a little time capsule on how you survived that Covid pandemic back in 2020 that everyone might still be talking about.


Some of the signs of sheltering in place were actually neighborhood stuffed bears-in-windows scavenger hunt and chalk paintings on sidewalks

Here was an amusing sign in an elevator on my way to my doctor. “Everybody grab a corner!”


And, of course, the schools were closed and the future of education, E-Learning took over..

it was OK though because I had just lost my job a month earlier due to a ‘company restructuring’ and so I had #%¿¡}¥Ω  time to teach (eerrrr!) 


So we tried to think of Diversions help us cope with Sheltering.

Verizon is offering free Disney + for a year if you have their Unlimited Plan. Big plus! We love it. Lots of things to chose from like the Mandalorian, Runaways, and One Weird Rock.

Also, I heard about a well received Free course from Yale online on the Science of Well being. Actually its a Happiness course on the science of being happy.

And since we were all stuck inside and no where to go, and one of us out of work, and that same person forced to be an E Learning instructor (instead of bike and go to the gym), we thought it might be a good time to enroll.

We tried to sneak into a state park, and get out of our house, and stretch our legs on some trails.

Most state parks were closed in the beginning. So we wore disguises.

For a little glimpse of some Lowcountry scenery…

(Daddy made the running creek sounds again….)

But…..everyone was still getting bored with not much going on.

So we tried to get creative at home with some corn hole toss, left over croquet and anything else we could think of…

But the fun could still run out…

Tired of losing to Dad in Cornhole Toss

And then girls got really bored …

(poor Chumley)


But with you being home, I mean me being home and unemployment and severance pay kicking in, your girls got spoiled!

First ever banana split

And the fav from last year’s vacation, frozen Mocktails….

Its tough being stuck at home!


….but not our beaches.

Some of the state parks opened the beginning of May so we took a day trip down to Beaufort, SC for my birthday. Its the prettiest beach I have seen here in the US. Its a State Park named Hunting Island…..and they filled to capacity by 11am.

the Boneyard

Then, Memorial Day weekend, we drove to a remote little beach town called Edisto Beach. We checked in the state park there as they have a little trail that leads to ‘shell island’.

  We walked.

We picnicked.

We swam.

And the ocean felt amazing for being May!

So we were truly, if not unusually blessed during the pandemic of 2020.

I was being paid to stay at home; with my girls. Our home was a great place to shelter in place. We didn’t need to leave our home except for groceries. It felt like we were pretty sheltered from the novel virus. It couldn’t touch us.


Then, at the end of May, we got word that my 91 year old Dad, stuck in a nursing home, picked up Covid 19.

Back to earth we came.

But, through lots of prayers to the King of Heaven’s army, my Dad is holding on. Two days ago he was officially Covid symptom free, although he did contract pneumonia in a lung and has really lost his appetite. #covidsucks

So hold on Dad! We love you!

And so with a wink and a prayer, we all survived Covid 19 (if you are reading this time capsule in the future).

And now…

I have to get back to sheltering in place…..

.its my civic duty

That’s it for now knuckleheads.

Be good. Be safe. Wear those masks for me and our parents and grandparents. And say lots of prayers. God does things.

Keep Calm

Fins Up

Listen to Buffett

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