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What now?

 Pop Quiz:

What do all these three icons have in common?
(Pillsbury_Doughboy)the Pillsbury Doughboy and the StayPuff marshmallow man..

staPuff Manthe Michelin Tire guy

and that insatiable cat… Garfield?


Give up?


I have turned into a frickin’ porker! A pig. An oinker. A fat-belly-jelly-belly!

Folks, I put on ten pounds since that post this summer bragging about buckling my belt a hole further; from running and biking and StairClimbing? When I felt so good I celebrated by eating two breakfasts one breakfast? I can barely even buckle my belt anymore!

Well no more! This fall I have become sloth-like. Saturday was always my gym day but College Football and ESPN’s College Game Day seduced me from the gym. I hadn’t gone in over a month. I suck.

So I finally went to the gym last week when I was off. I had gained 10 frickin’ pounds! So I ran 30 minutes two days in a row (I am also woefully out of shape now). The third day I spent about 5 hours doing landscaping work around our yard. So the next Saturday, you know what?

I gained an extra pound!!

People! This is sad! I was never going to be this heavy and this out of shape. Right before the holidays? Are you kidding me?

So I made a pact with myself. No more! And ten pounds over weight calls for some drastic measures!

Like no more finishing the kid’s dinner plates!

And also, no more of this…


and this

no more

and especially

dbl brkI am such a Glutton!

And ALSO (sniff, sniff)

No more Happy-celebatory-goodnews-at-the-doctor-after-a-checkup rewards…

bye byeThis is going to be so hard, to lose that weight. The sacrifices. The will power (which I lost)

Did I tell you I am the official ‘taste tester‘ in our location of all new snack items that our company produces? As well as the official checker for freshness on all Chocolate covered Christmas pretzels, Christmas cookies, Chocolate drizzled popcorn and fancy tortilla chips there too? It’s a tough job sometimes! Who is going to take care of all these extras now?

Extras we got in at work this month like:

choco pretzelsand white chocolate covered pretzel cookies

cookiesas well as weekend chips and dips like..

late julyI don’t know how I will ever survive!

Even as I sit here and type this post I have 3 York Peppermint Patty wrappers in front of me.

Soon to join the 3 Reese’s Peanut butter cup wrappers that are in the trash can.

 So you see that last post / reblog of mine was no accident. Its time for me to start running and toning up and believing I’m a 12th grader again.

Every year about this time I sign up for a local half-marathon that takes place in February.

lighthouseThe reasoning is simple. The training it takes to compete in a half marathon should work off all the calories of junk holiday food that I inhale  enjoy over the holidays. Then I get an extra month of 45-60 minute runs to burn off the excess and slim down .

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Running for 60 minutes at 900 calorie workouts should do the trick, right? Right. …as soon as I knock off the late night beers and the rationalizing at the cookie jar , “Its ok, have another. You’ll run it off” mentality.

What do you think?

Do you have any great tips to help one slim down and drop 10 pounds real quick?

Did I mention I love eating? I am not so much a ‘foodie’ as I just enjoy tasting great tasting things from my restaurant days.

I guess I need to quit it.

Does anybody have any other suggestions? Anybody want to challenge this Biggest Gainer? Or run with me in the half marathon? (sign up Here)

Last year I did the race on a dare of a good friend as a way to reclaim my life after my cancer treatment. But it was February. It was cold; and it rained. The win blew. I finished the race but I swore I would never do the race again!

I didn’t know I was going to become such a porker!

I run like a Stalker don't I?

I run like a Stalker don’t I?

So, if you can, show me a little love, some encouragement, are a flat-out dare to help me get that belt notch back from this summer. Join me! Because the next three weeks this little Christmas song is going to pound in the back of my head.

Thanks for your time everyone!

Speaking of Christmas songs, what’s your favorite?

Care to share by Commenting on it or adding a link below?  … along with your words of encouragement? Yes?

Merry Christmas everyone. Prepare your hearts for the season.

I’ll try to do better the next time…

Stay hungry

Its a Dog Day…..

First off…Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

I hope you had a great day with family and friends!

We had a memorable meal here, although it was a bit different as my parents couldn’t make it this year. Aunt Sue drove through the stormy rain to make it here though, to the delight of my girls! It was also a bit different as we were starting new traditions for our Thanksgiving, being the first one in our new house.

And so, let the Holidays begin!

It is officially the  Holidays in our home when someone from my family comes down to visit. Do you know how you can tell?

Domino’s Sugar starts sending us post cards and thank you notes!

Yes, my family can’t travel unless they bring the treats. And so, now stocked up this morning we had this piled in the corner…..


That is a collection of an Apple Pie, a Pumpkin Pie, a pan of Brownies, a tub of Macadamia Nut Cookies, and my wife’s ever so decadent Cranberry bars.… for three adults and two little girls. That pile would have been higher if my parents made the trip.

So I did fit in a run this morning, knowing what kind of day weekend  it would be.  I did a few laps around the block and then another as a fav Buffett song came on the Ipod, Pascagooula Run...With the warm and inviting thought of the Gulf Coast of Alabama on my mind I decided to run until the end of the song.

I smoked the bird and my wife did the usual amazing things with dinner. I really enjoyed it this year. I mean I really did! You can tell as I didn’t stop to take any pictures. Right?

We went around the table to say what we were thankful for, starting with Dylan. She said ‘Family’, which touched my heart. It went to Skylar next who said, ‘Pumpkin Pie’. Then Dylan said another and then Skylar. And back and forth it went.

It was nice to see the girls recognizing things they were grateful for, not just taking them for granted. The going back and forth with thanks finally ended when Skylar said she was thankful for God. Dylan couldn’t top that.

Dylan learned a lot about Pumpkins for two weeks prior to Thanksgiving in her Kindergarten. So she was really looking forward to her pumpkin pie. So much so that using the fork just would not do. Before long she just picked the pie up and ate it like a cookie.  ….crumbs all over the place!

Pumpkin Pie

I ended the meal looking for volunteers to help Daddy clean up all this mess. The room fell silent.

After all it was nap time. So you can’t blame our girls.

So I blamed Aunt Sue.

You see Dylan wanted Aunt Sue to sleep with her. Then Skylar wanted Aunt Sue to sleep with her. Then Dylan. Then Skylar. Then tears.

So after a lengthy debate it was decided Sue sleeps with Skylar while Mom went to sleep with Dylan.

Hello? Volunteers? All these plates? All these cooking pots and pans? Leftovers? Hello?

Stop and think what your kitchen looks like while you eat Thanksgiving dinner. Is it a pile of dirty dishes and empty counters kinda natural disaster like ours?  (sigh)

This was what was left after I hid all the dirty dishes and silverware in the dishwasher…the Leftovers!


Putting my thinking cap on, it was that time  I decided I was thankful for a few things.

First, after carting all the dirty plates to the kitchen, the dining room floor was a disaster! Remember when you had two small kids eating big meals?

So with little time to lose I became ever so thankful for technology and our Roomba Robot Rosie, who agreed to sweep and buff the dining room floor for Daddy.

Rosie RobotThanks Rosie!

Before I started rinsing all the dirty things and trying to find a place for them I noticed it was after 2:00pm. And so the Thanksgiving football games had started. THAT would be a good way to distract me while I labored over this disaster in the kitchen!


Thanks Fox Football!

So I got all the dirty things stowed. I only had the leftovers to put away yet. But where? What to do? Tupperware? Dirty containers? What to save and what to throw away? Mom usually does this chore for me! What to do! …the game was on!

How am I going to clean up all these leftovers I thought?

Enter my best buddy Chumley…..

DishesThanks Chumley!

I hope yours was memorable and found things to give thanks for too!

Now, did you hear there is only 3 weeks left until Christmas?

Thanks Online Shopping!

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