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Father’s Day

Father’s Day..

…Thank you God for this day and the joys of being a father.



of course, she may still have a few things to learn

Fathers Day gift

Father’s day has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who remembered us Dads! Phew! Its tough work !

I did see some great Father’s Day posts out there. But in the interest of brevity (for once) here is a Quote from one of my favorite posts on Sunday, courtesy of Beach Treasures and Treasure Beaches

Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it.

Mike Myers

courtousy  of Beach treasures

As you may know by now, I am not big on celebrations per se. I down play birthdays and the like. So Father’s Day was not a big deal to me either. My feelings are its nice to be remembered and appreciated but that is about the extent of it.

Accordingly, Fathers Day I mowed the lawn.

But a blogging buddy, D’Anna at Style Salvation, pointed out what a cool Father’s Day I actually had via our comments to her Fathers day post.

Yes, while we did make it to my favorite restaurant, the one we never eat at because it appears I am the only one that likes it in our clan, and the lawn was mowed, and I celebrated with my greatest vice, ice cream, D’Anna pointed out my day was a bit more magical than that.

D’Anna, who has been one of the dozen readers I carry and knows my clan quite well by now, pointed out, “I bet received a homemade card from my little darlings” .

That I did! The truth is I am still receiving them! I received another homemade Fathers Day card tonight from my lil’ gems. In fact, I have received one every day for over a week from these loving daughters of mine. My girls have hearts of gold and in a few days, when grandma and grandpa come to visit, they will receive their stack of homemade “I love you’s” too.

But I am dragging this out. Know what the best gift I received Father’s Day was?

Dylan wanted to take our greyhound for a walk. He hasn’t been on a walk in our neighborhood in almost a year as he was charged by a dog coming out of its house last year and so he was scared to go past ours. Sure, he can bite and growl at the nanny but he is afraid of most any dog.

So I told Dylan that was a good idea. Chumley needs to get out of the house, burn some energy, and quit chewing on our furniture. I got the leash and hooked him up. I made it to the door and called for Dylan, “I’m ready”.

Dylan,  hollers back, “Wait a second I want to get a trash bag.”

I shrugged my shoulders, trash bag? “I don’t think I will need anything quite that large for walking Chum

Dylan replies, “No Dad, to pick up trash that is on the street.”

My jaw dropped. Where did she get this idea from? I was just awed and so pleased with her. What a beautiful daughter we have. Happy Father’s day to me! What a great gift God! Thank you!

Our girls just did complete a week of extensive training and schooling in Bible School last week. I asked if she learned about picking up and saving our earth from there? She said no. That the idea did come from school. ~our tax dollars at work! But she and her sister did have a great time at Bible School, and learning about Weird Animals last week. Here is one thing they learned real well. I have to admit, its kinda catchy!

Its Amazing!

Have a great Father’s day Week all you Dads out there!


Father’s Day 2013

Here’s a summary of Father’s Day at our house.

I spent the afternoon doing what I really love to do.

But it wasn’t all fun and games.

First, we had to wait as dear old Dad locked the keys in the car as we loaded up…


But we made it.

I got to do one of my favorite things…

Playing Daddy in the ocean with my girls.

Dylan’s not afraid. Her love for water has no boundaries!


She’s fearless and it does Dad’s heart good to hear her come up just laughing and giggling like she was being tickled.


I threw her and caught her. I helped her jump the big waves.

Pretended to let the big waves sweep her away.


And then just let her be herself as I tried to catch some waves before the tide turned.



 It was a beautiful day. Did you see these blue skies?  The water was actually warmer than the air temperature and that is saying something in South Carolina! I caught a few wave rides. I hated to come out.


Mommy and Skylar had their own quality time!


OK, maybe I stayed in the water a bit too long.

In the end, these girl’s could just walk all over me with these feet!


PS: speaking a ‘love for water knows no boundaries‘ Heather and Reto we are taking the girls to Ocean City, NJ in late July. If its not too late for one or both of you to join us bring Lillya and Laylani and we can all swim in the ocean and ride some rides!  Dangge! Bis spöter

Happy Fathers Day!

This was a cute Fathers day gift last year from my oldest daughter and reprinted at Leanne Shirtliffe’s Ironic Mom site, “Stuff Kids Write“. It was cute to me, as I understand the reasons behind the answers. She is basically answering for herself and some of the things we shared together.

So here is the decoder ring:


1) She was three.



2) One thing her grandmother always said to her as she grew.  (Guys kinda like it too)




3) She had the cutest little coat to wear to church and we didn’t mind showing it off!




4) It was the beginning of summer and I made this every week. And she loved it!




5) HER favorite song at the time was Margaritaville. She knew it, knew the words since she was a baby (Dying Day post). So I would always sing it in the car




6) We would give her Curious George gummy bears as a treat for her potty training success. And I would ask her, “Now what do you say?”




7) See #6 above (no more diapers!!)




8) I was always running to the store for milk with our two toddlers. It wasn’t that I liked it




9) We were making vacation plans to take her to the boardwalk at Ocean City, NJ that summer. I showed her the videos on youtube.




10) Dylan is the one that likes presents. I like ‘rest’.




11) Texas Roadhouse was the nearby restaurant we would eat lunch at every Saturday afternoon. They had the BEST manager there that would stop what she was doing and just adopt Dylan and then our youngest too for the afternoon. She took them everywhere…in the kitchen, behind the bar, etc and they would come back with either or both a bowlful of cherries or marshmallows. Tammy was awesome!




12) Dylan was going through a phase with lollipops, still is. But, if Mom holds up her little pinky finger (wrapped around…) every time Dylan asks for something and I jump the answer works well then also.




What were your favorite, most memorable Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gifts?

Stuff Kids Write

Last year, when Dylan was three, her nanny asked her questions about her daddy and recorded her answers. With Andy’s permission, we’ve annotated Dylan’s responses.

One thing is for sure: Dylan loves her Daddy.


Special thanks to Andy of Our Life in 3D for submitting this. He and Dylan’s Mommy have an entertaining daughter!


With both Mother’s and Father’s Day coming up, why not have your child fill in a questionnaire and send us the humorous results? Email us at stuffkidswrite(at)gmail.com.

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