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Father’s Day 2013

Here’s a summary of Father’s Day at our house.

I spent the afternoon doing what I really love to do.

But it wasn’t all fun and games.

First, we had to wait as dear old Dad locked the keys in the car as we loaded up…


But we made it.

I got to do one of my favorite things…

Playing Daddy in the ocean with my girls.

Dylan’s not afraid. Her love for water has no boundaries!


She’s fearless and it does Dad’s heart good to hear her come up just laughing and giggling like she was being tickled.


I threw her and caught her. I helped her jump the big waves.

Pretended to let the big waves sweep her away.


And then just let her be herself as I tried to catch some waves before the tide turned.



 It was a beautiful day. Did you see these blue skies?  The water was actually warmer than the air temperature and that is saying something in South Carolina! I caught a few wave rides. I hated to come out.


Mommy and Skylar had their own quality time!


OK, maybe I stayed in the water a bit too long.

In the end, these girl’s could just walk all over me with these feet!


PS: speaking a ‘love for water knows no boundaries‘ Heather and Reto we are taking the girls to Ocean City, NJ in late July. If its not too late for one or both of you to join us bring Lillya and Laylani and we can all swim in the ocean and ride some rides!  Dangge! Bis spöter

BIG Surprise!

One of the great things about kids is the simplest things make them so happy. Dylan just had a birthday for instance. The first gift she opened was a toy. The next three gifts she opened were clothing. She didn’t even open the clothes up to see what they looked like. She just moved on to the next present. Our youngest played with the boxes.

Then, last Thursday the greatest gift just appeared. I didn’t go shopping for it. She didn’t see it on TV. It wasn’t given by an awesome grandmother. I couldn’t even tell you what this spectacular gift is. Don’t even have a name for it! In fact this whatever-it-is just showed up in the back of a truck when we received a delivery at work. At work, we just looked at each other and asked, “what is that?” I just knew it would be a hilarious delight for both our kids; a kinda mid birthday-week month treat. It was big. It was fun. And it had indoor jump castle written all over it.

The BIG Surprise barely fit in the back of my car. We sat down to eat dinner and I told the girls I had a Big surprise for them if they finished there dinner. Right away the questions started.

“What is it?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Is it a dog?”

“No. Bigger.”

“Is it a car?”

“No, bigger.”

“Is it a house?”

“Not that big.”

And so they ate their dinner without incident, just a flurry of questions. Afterwards, I asked them to gather in the living room and cleared some room for them. Here’s a blurry video from the ‘Sofa Cam’ of the craziness:

The BIG Surprise started out as a huge inflated pillow that was then covered with a thick brown paper bag material to keep it from getting punctured. It was used on the truck as a spacer to keep things packed close. You may have seen miniature versions of this in things you receive in the mail.

The kids hollered and laughed! Someone laughed so hard they  peed in their pants. Someone else got laughs as they did something else in their pants in the free for all. (Darn mommy and her Vulcan hearing!).

In the end a sweaty Dylan came over and gave me a hug and said, “Dad this is the best present ever!”


Score one for Dad.And on with the birthday-week month….

Leave The Dirt To Me…

Before I became a dad I had never changed a diaper before. People always talked about how horrible it was. I heard all the ‘urban legends’ and detailed stories. So, when I was finally pushed into my moment of truth I opened up the tabs and was utterly disappointed. Being a restaurant manager in the past I had cleaned up far worse messes than this. I said, “Is that all you got”?

I had nooo idea how resourceful these girls can be!

Which brings me back to Cleaning Tip # 1 MUST HAVE’s two and three.

The second MUST HAVE for a DDD  is a hand-held Black and Decker cordless Flex portable vacuum.  When the kids look like they left more lunch on the floor than in their bellies, whip out this Flex! When doing crafts turns into a glitter disaster, its Flex time! When the kids have a food fight with a large bag of  Goldfish, while you’re in the shower, the portable Flex can actually save lives! Don’t lug out the portable vac in the closet. Flex instead.

Finally, the Roomba! This is the robot vacuum cleaner that works by itself. I confess it is not the best vacuum cleaner I have used BUT  it can vacuum while you sleep. Cool! I can vacuum and be at the park at the same time. It can clean the kid’s room while we all play outside. Simply this gadget saves you time when time is one thing you don’t have enough of.

They actually make Roombas for carpets, hard wood floors and even swimming pools. My Christmas Wish is they come up with one that does the LEAVES outside. My Festivis Miracle!

So I know what you are thinking, “How many vacuum cleaners does DDD really need”?

We actually collected five (!)  by now. I told my wife I would not tease her anymore about the need to have five vacuum cleaners. So I will stop here. Please don’t tell her I brought it up…again .

On a side note, we actually named our Roomba “Rosie”. When we came home one day Dylan asked who cleaned the living room. Mommy said, “errrr Rosie the Roomba.

And remember, if you like what you heard…spread the word… Our Life In 3D. Thanks!

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