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Donuts for everyone!

Just came from Dr. O’s office. After waiting an hour for my latest PSA results, I walked up to the desk to let them know I was leaving. I had waited an hour already and it was 5 o’clock.

Could you please just call or mail me with the results?” I requested.

She agreed but first checked on them. She came back around the corner and gave me a casual thumbs up, “You’re good” she said.

Good?” I questioned.

She said, “Yes, your PSA’s are less than 0.1, you are good!

Ladies and gentlemen, my tests say I have no more cancer in my body!

Last test.

Last checkup!

Ladies and gentlemen….

Donuts For Everyone!

donutsExcept for my initial drop in my PSA’s, that was the biggest drop yet.

Know what?

I largely cut out my diet sodas for the last 6 weeks….I’m just saying.

But based on those tests I am cancer free!

…and back to working on my immortality!

So how do we celebrate great doctor visits at my house? (at least me)

With Dunkin Donuts...

And you all are invited too! I have plenty for everyone!

Know what?

Tonight I might celebrate a little bit more!

While I never ever felt sick from the cancer, I am feeling pretty good tonight!


First round of donuts are on me!


No, its not my time..

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