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Just take the credit card…

Sorry! I really had nothing to offer today.  So I went surfing, ending up at one of my fav parent web sites, Ironic Mom, incorporating kid evolution with humor. There a subscriber said she regrets telling her child to pick out her own clothes.

Well, our girls don’t demand a new wardrobe every new year, YET.  So I feel lucky. They have been quite content with what they have already. They should be, as generous as friends and family have been with these two. So I just encourage them to pick out what they want each day. Amazingly my oldest has quite a fashion sense! Take a look:






Whaddya think? We do nothing but encourage them. Now, if I could just get them to comb their hair by them self instead of making daddy be the bad guy!

Do you send Christmas cards or Christmas emails? If you have evolved into Christmas emails here is a holiday trick for you (lets see if it works here). Do you like the image below? ‘Right click’ on it. Click on ‘save image as’ and then file the image in a folder where you can find it. When it comes time to send out your Christmas emails simply add the image as an ‘attachment’. The important part now is to be sure to click on the box that says, “show images in message body”

Now just add your favorite Christmas motto above or below the image and some family pictures and you have your own ‘unique’ Christmas email!

Now, if you will do me the favor of trying to act surprised when you get our Christmas email this year…. Have a great weekend!

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