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Sunday was a lazy day. It was raining for what seemed like the tenth day in a row.

We came home from church and brunch. The girls had their baths and we put them to bed.

Mom and Dad have been good. I guess they deserve some quiet time.

Mom and Dad have been good. I guess they deserve some quiet time.

With the To-Do lists majorly caught up, Mom and I decided to take a break. We found a movie, among all the quietness, and Mom helped herself to a glass of wine and some slices of cheese to go with our Sunday Matinée.

For 'medicinal' purposes

For ‘medicinal’ purposes

At the end of our brief hiatus from reality Skylar comes down from her nap and sits on Mom’s lap, laying her little head on Mom’s shoulder. After a few minutes a sleepy Skylar sits up and squints her eyes at Mom, barely opening them enough to let the light in and says,

“Mom, you smell like the blood of Jesus”

Mom and I looked at each other and smiled. Maybe Mom communed too much?

Peace be with you Skylar!



How do you know what ‘the blood of Jesus’ smells like anyway?


This week in Sunday School our kid’s teacher drew a frowny face on the palm of each child’s hand. She explained that the frowny face represented sin.

The kids took a good hard look at it.


She would later go on and wipe off the frowny face on each child’s hand and told the analogy of this is what Jesus did for us by dieing on the cross; He ‘wiped away’ all our sins.

Only Skylar’s frowny face wouldn’t wipe off!

The teacher tried and tried to wipe off the frowny face from Skylar’s hand but it wouldn’t come off. The teacher, feeling sorry for Skylar, apologized to her for making her hand dirty.

Skylar shrugged her shoulders and  conceded,

“Its OK. I’ve been a little mean sometimes.



We and Jesus still love ya Skylar!

If it makes you feel any better Skylar, my frowny face doesn’t always wipe off either.


Have a great week everyone!

Turn that frown upside down!


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