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I Think I Just Saw a Monster!

Sunday started out a day with high hopes and great expectations!

Then I got outta bed…to find our oldest has a stuffy nose and didn’t feel very well. I think all the parents reading this can agree that few things are sadder than a child that is sick, they don’t understand why, and we are helpless to make them feel better other than dosing them with some meds and juice.

Oh, wait! Can I stop for a moment and make a 30 second rant on kids medicine? First, you can’t find anything for kids under two and if you do you still hold your breath about overdosing them. Second, who can read the blasted directions?! Its like you need a microscope to find the dosing directions with the super-small fonts. So you just pray you are doing this right. I don’t mind a little chemical experimentation myself when I am sick (wouldn’t be the first time) but I am not about to do this with the kids when they can’t really tell me what is wrong.

OK, on we go. So it looks like a lazy day in front of the TV with some movies, popcorn, and a floor full of fruit and other munchies while our oldest tries to feel better. Good-bye Ravens! Good-bye Green Bay! I figure I’ll have to catch the highlights later tonight. My fav teams keep on losing any way! Bye-bye Saints! Bye-bye Tebow!

So it is a cozy day, with everyone snuggling on the sofa, staying warm, stationary and fed with snacks. Not losing any weight today! We start off with the house favorite, Monsters, Inc. and that cute girl running around the film hollering, “Boo!”. This was the first movie we showed Dylan way back, as it was one we saw sans kids before; and liked it.   Dylan has always liked this one. At first she was so afraid of monsters after viewing the movie for the first time. ~ not a smart move for a Dad of a 2 year old…with monsters hopping out of the closets at night.  But we turned it around and now she loves being a playing monsters. Its one kid’s movie we watch over and over again.


Another one of our favorites is one from my youth, the Jungle Book. One reason for the Jungle Book is I think it has the coolest songs, a lot different format than other Disney movies. Do you remember “Bear Necessities” and King Louie, and the “King of Swing“?


Its funny, our smallest loves this song. Whenever she sees a monkey or gorilla she says, “oo-oo-oo”, like King Louie in the movie. She sounds just like King Louie in her own little baby way. And I follow up by tapping her on the chest and singing, “I want to be like you-oo-oo!”. She smiles and its nice to see I can still amuse someone with my singing.

I think another great kids movie with some cool songs is the “Princess and the Frog” flick. I guess the New Orleans jazz songs just make more of an impact then the other Disney cookie-cutter Princess movie songs.

Dylan says here favorite is Mulan and the song at the end called, “Be True to Your Heart”. We some how have evolved into a dance party at the end when this one comes on, with some silly kids dancing. ~Try it next time…no one is watching…and its tons of fun.

Our 2 year old woke up, half way through her nap, crying. It turns out her bottle might have been leaking a bit while she was sleeping and now she has this enviable dread-lock look going on with her hair. She is oblivious as to how hip she really looks as I plop her in the tub with some more renditions from the Jungle Book.

I see I am running on here and you really don’t want to bore you with a play by play of our do-nothing day.

So you know, Dylan is feeling better. It appeared to be only allergies. Do you know how I can tell  she’s feeling better? If you can picture, she’s kneeling atop the breakfast bar watching me make dinner with a little snoot running out of her one nostril. I am smacking some hamburger patties together (I’ll leave the catchy phrase for you to insert) in hopes of making some sliders for dinner. Dylan is mistaking my enthusiasm of whacking the burgers from hand to hand, but craving some attention, and says, “Daddy, I’m gonna bust you up!” My little monster. Who taught her that Drayton?

What has been your favorite kids movie?

Do you have a fav line that you ran around the house saying like “Boo”?

Let me know. We need a smile…..and some new movie ideas for their birthdays.

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11 thoughts on “I Think I Just Saw a Monster!

  1. Lil’ Mermaid is actually Dylan’s favorite right now too. Everything is all about Ariel. Her dolls, her Christmas, her new big-girl panties, coloring books, story books, etc. With your taste in kids movies you could be a babysitter at our house anytime as they are our top 3 in-house movies too. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. I love Monsters Inc! I like the songs in The Jungle Book, too, but I think my favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid. I like the music.

    One the songs/scenes in The Princess and the Frog freaked me out a little. I think it was one of the voodoo songs.

  3. What is RedBox? I am not familiar with that? ~ of course I don’t get out much anymore either.

  4. She saw Alice but I think it confused her a bit. She hasn’t seen the Lion King but likes the Wild a lot so I imagine she would love that movie too. I’ll add it to the list! I’m smiling about your trip to NYC. We saw Wicked one time and loved it. but with all that city has to offer its those things that stick out. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I don’t think they have seen the Shrek series yet so I’ll look into that. Did your kids need any Shrek action figures? We have all the figurines(ettes) we need right now, as I scan the floor. I”ll look for the Disney 3 Muskateers too. And How to Train Your Dragon seems to be the most popular movie here in the comments so I will add that to the list! Thanks for checking in!

  6. Yes, they love Cars too! I forgot about that one since we don’t own it. Toy Story was another hit with them, Little Mermaid is Dylan’s fav and this year’s Christmas was all about Ariel! I will add American Tale to the list! Thanks!

  7. I love all the disney classics, but was obsessed with alice in wonderland and the lion king in particular. went to see the lion king on broadway in new york…one of the best times of my life!

  8. How to Train Your Dragon is another great choice, I agree.

  9. We love Shrek, Despicable Me (I think that one is even funnier if you’re an adult) and How To Train Your Dragon. They might be a bit much for the under 5 set, though. There is a Disney version of The Three Musketeers with Mickey, Donald and Goofy that has some pretty awesome songs — I freely admit that I like it more than the kids, ha. Have not seen the Princess and the Frog movie yet, have heard mixed reviews.

    I’m not a football person, but Middlest is a Broncos fan so yesterday was a sad day in our house.

  10. We go through different stages. For a while it was Lady and the Tramp (a.k.a. doggie movie), Wall-E (over and over and over…ahhhh), Cars, now Cars 2 is playing on repeat. Monsters they will watch on occasion, but it has been a while. You know one that is not a Disney movie that they have taken up an interest in is An American Tale and they will even sing some of the songs. Also, Snow White, my 2 year old goes around the house with a hammer singing hi-ho, the Rescuers and Sleeping Beauty. That one I always thought was creepy, but my boys like it. They even like Little Mermaid and will sing those songs too.

    Your comment about “Daddy, I’m gonna bust you up” is hilarious. My 4-year-old came in the room during the football game last night and said, “finish ’em” Where did he get that? Last time I heard that was on the old Sega game Mortal Combat.

    The Packers are out and that breaks my heart. Don’t worry about highlights, there really aren’t many.

  11. I am not a huge fan of movies, but I do think RedBox is pretty awesome!

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