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I am sucha dork!

Saw this commercial the other night while we were watching TV. It looked so glitzy and glam. I was paying too much attention to the video that the audio really wasn’t kicking in too much. I mean these guys really looked cool! A cool tune.

Then they mentioned the name of the product. I thought it was as bold and glossy as the product. Yet I still couldn’t believe someone would market their product under this name.

So I turned to my wife and asked, “Did they just say ‘Bastards of Style’?”

It sounds like that, right?

She shakes her head and laughs, “No, MASTERS of Style”. And she just kept laughing.

I paused for a moment, soaking in her laughter, then asked her, “Can this count as a sort of DYLANism?”

She said, “You better not.”

She thought this so funny she told her suite mates at work (and her sister, her aunt, the neighbors, etc.). Now when they get a glimpse of this commercial they’ll text her.  i.e. “Just saw the Bastards of Style commercial, lol”.

Hey, it could fit, given the commercial! Right?

She thinks I need to get my hearing checked.

I think, is it any wonder we have the arguments disagreements that after I didn’t hear her right.  ..the communication thing. It must be my perception. Yes, I think that’s it. I think it proves me point!

PS:  She actually thought they said, “Ambassadors of Style” the first time.

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8 thoughts on “I am sucha dork!

  1. Suppa Spy! 0023

  2. Haha I forever changed my image when I put up that post. I think it’s working to my advantage so far =P

  3. LOL! I’m it? I’m a Bastard of Style? Just kidding. Lemme see if I can’t get my thoughts together and get back with you. I still have this image of you standing over me with one of your big guns! 🙂 Very intimidating!

  4. I thought that was some crappy marketing if, for all the money you spend on an ad and an interested party can’t get the name of your product from it. Yea, too easily confused. Thanks for dropping by Derek!

  5. That’s a good point. I’m writing that down for future times. It can work on one’s sanity too! thanks for stopping by Karen!

  6. Tag, you’re it! 🙂 http://cafe23.me/2012/02/22/tag-youre-it/

    Lol Bastards of Style =P

  7. This is how wars start you know. People hear one thing wrong and that’s it. Funny how easily things can get confused.

  8. Ha, Ha, Andy! I think spending lots of time with loud little ones works on our hearing much earlier than those who don’t! Cute post!

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