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Jet Lag

Last weekend we were able to sneak away to the zoo so that our kids could play with their favorite cousin . I wanted to air a blog a lot earlier on this. Forgive me, I have jet lag. Or so it feels like. It seems a I picked up a pesky stomach virus at the zoo that took root on the drive home. I was worthless for a few days. So friends and family and all others across land and sea, forgive me on this.

The first thing we ran into at the zoo was a nasty domestic dispute however. It seems these two couples had a disagreement and it just escalated! By the time we walked up on the scene there was already a small crowd watching.  We got there just in time as the volume between the four just kept getting louder and louder. It wasn’t pretty, especially at a zoo on a beautiful Saturday morning.

It was hard to make out what all the yelling was about as they weren’t talking too clearly.  You know how ugly domestic disputes can be! Just a bunch of uncontrollable,  irrational yelling, crying and pointing of fingers. Where were the zoo personnel to break this up?

About the only things I got out of the whole argument was one party  called the other a baboon.

“Oh yea, well you walk like an orangutang! hollers the other.

I thought it was going to be an all out war and free for all when the other finally compared the female to the “missing link”.

And then I remembered, I have a blog to fill. I should be getting all this on film! So, if you have a curiosity about the nasty underbelly of domestic quarrels check out this video. Its not pretty!

See? Did you see their chins blow out like a frogs? They were loud and upset!

So we made it past that disturbance took a look around and it was lunch time already.  We grabbed a picnic lunch on the tropical March afternoon. The kids played hide and seek and the adults tried to envision themselves with that much energy.

The rest of the day was just your typical zoo outing.  Lions and tigers and bears. Climbing on the sculptured art work….

Giddy-up lion cub!

Eating sweet, unhealthy snacks. Rides on the train through the enchanted forest. Riding horses.

Giddy up horsey. Wee-haa!

More junk food. More souvenir cups. More rides on the carousel….

Riding "Kung fu Panda"!

We saw the aquariums, the snakes, the alligators. The elephants were getting their elephant litter changed so no elephants. But we did see the giraffes with the four new baby giraffes.  Birds, kangaroos, kolas, squirrels, flamingos, gorillas, and a silent stomach virus in disguise as zoo food.

I envied the Lions. They are the king of their domain!

If you want a quick run through the zoo, including the giraffes and a Brown Bear trying to cool of (its the first week of March!) you can follow Dylan in her run through the zoo video below. Get the kids! They may be talking ‘monkey’ the rest of the day!

This great weekend was actually a week before our great run of birthdays at our house. We call them birthday-weeks. But the birthday-week month got an early start that Saturday. Not only did the kids get a chance to go to the zoo and play with their favorite cousin, when we got home their was a huge box waiting on the doorstep for us.

I brought the box in and Dylan says, “Look Dad…D-Y-L-A-N. Dylan! is this box for me?  Sure enough. One of our kids very thoughtful grandmothers absolutely filled a box of gifts for both our birthday girls. Their must have been 20 individually wrapped gifts inside this one box.  Thanks grandma!We love you!

What a great ending to a great day! Or was it a great beginning to a long Birthday-week month? All I know, I had to stand by the sink fearing the girls might get yet another surprise!


Let the Birthday-Week month begin!

Daddy, I think this lion needs more batteries...

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10 thoughts on “Jet Lag

  1. I was! I am just real busy with the girl’s birthdays and my family in town. Do you have the time? I would be honored to see what you have to add!

  2. Hey, I never got the notification for your reply 😦
    Just happened to see it in my Comments I’ve Made section.
    Were you serious about asking me to guest blog?

  3. Energy and time I am afraid. Are you available? Would you want to be a guest blogger here? My parents are in town until after Easter so I don’t see spending too much time trying to create a post. Think about it or just come on down an show up to relieve me. I would love your input either way.

  4. That argument at the monkey house was loud! They ere really fussin about something. Yes the oldest turned 4 Sunday and the youngest turns 2 on Easter so I may be gone from writing for while. It doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good Cheetah print though!

  5. Lol domestic dispute .. you had me fooled there for a second =P
    The kids looked like they had fun! Good luck for birthday-week month. Sounds like you’re gonna need a lot of energy for that!

  6. We loved the zoo when my kids were small, although ours doesn’t have the carousel. Great argument in the monkey house! Enjoy the Birthday Week/Month!

  7. Next time we go to the zoo I will call you. Come and join us! You could probably guilt me into eating healthier over the course of the trip too! (I need it)

  8. Yea, I was down and out and then prepping for the big day and family over. I hope your daughter has a wonderful b-day too! Have fun with it!

  9. Wondered where you had quietly disappeared too. My son was out of school for a whole week with that nasty little bug! Lovely post! Happy birthday to your lovely gals…my girl has a birthday tomorrow!!

  10. i always had the ride the carousel every.single.time we went to the zoo…It was my favourite way to end our trip!

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