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BIG Surprise!

One of the great things about kids is the simplest things make them so happy. Dylan just had a birthday for instance. The first gift she opened was a toy. The next three gifts she opened were clothing. She didn’t even open the clothes up to see what they looked like. She just moved on to the next present. Our youngest played with the boxes.

Then, last Thursday the greatest gift just appeared. I didn’t go shopping for it. She didn’t see it on TV. It wasn’t given by an awesome grandmother. I couldn’t even tell you what this spectacular gift is. Don’t even have a name for it! In fact this whatever-it-is just showed up in the back of a truck when we received a delivery at work. At work, we just looked at each other and asked, “what is that?” I just knew it would be a hilarious delight for both our kids; a kinda mid birthday-week month treat. It was big. It was fun. And it had indoor jump castle written all over it.

The BIG Surprise barely fit in the back of my car. We sat down to eat dinner and I told the girls I had a Big surprise for them if they finished there dinner. Right away the questions started.

“What is it?”

“It’s a surprise.”

“Is it a dog?”

“No. Bigger.”

“Is it a car?”

“No, bigger.”

“Is it a house?”

“Not that big.”

And so they ate their dinner without incident, just a flurry of questions. Afterwards, I asked them to gather in the living room and cleared some room for them. Here’s a blurry video from the ‘Sofa Cam’ of the craziness:

The BIG Surprise started out as a huge inflated pillow that was then covered with a thick brown paper bag material to keep it from getting punctured. It was used on the truck as a spacer to keep things packed close. You may have seen miniature versions of this in things you receive in the mail.

The kids hollered and laughed! Someone laughed so hard they  peed in their pants. Someone else got laughs as they did something else in their pants in the free for all. (Darn mommy and her Vulcan hearing!).

In the end a sweaty Dylan came over and gave me a hug and said, “Dad this is the best present ever!”


Score one for Dad.And on with the birthday-week month….

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14 thoughts on “BIG Surprise!

  1. I didn’t think it would last long either but it did. The plastic just stretched a little. Yea, your boys would ahve so much fun with it. It was made to support heavy loads in a big truck so maybe they would geet there mmoney’s worth out of it. And then… you could to when no one was looking (I had tons of fun!). Thanks for dropping by Andi!

  2. The company that brought the giant pillow by last week is coming by again this week, so keep your fingers crossed! If they have an extra one, it is yours. Thanks for dropping by Karen!

  3. Andy, this video of your kids honestly made my day. Now I want that giant bubble wrap in my living room so I jump around on it for 10 mins when I get home from work hahha

  4. If you can put that part of your brain to rest, yes we put the big worm up over night and also was sure not to let it get too close to the brick fireplace edge. And after the kids went to bed last night we buried the worm in the trash as most of its air had gone. Yes, my eyes opened WIDE when I saw how far she flew in the air when I sat on it. Completely unexpected and I was glad I didn’t sit down harder. Thanks for ‘checking’ in WW. Are you still on your trip?

  5. That was adorable, especially the end of the video. I hate to be a worrywart, but ya know, the child safety part of my brain is hoping the big plastic worm is not left alone with the kids.

  6. Ooh, do-it-yourself bouncy worm! Looks like fun. My kids would pop it in a New York minute though, now that they’re all big and heavy. Actually, they might TRY to pop it. That’s what you get with boys!

  7. Oh Ms. Karen, you are soooo old school. Have you never jumped on a huge pillow filled with air? …me neither until last week. Like I said, it had indoor jump castle written all over it. I will call you next time so you can bring your crew by. Thanks for dropping in!

  8. I thought they would pop it too. They played on it pretty hard but it kinds stretched more than punctured. Someone made a great invention there! I will save you one next time for your clan…

  9. That looks like fun, except I sort of think my boys would just try to pop that. It reminds me of the blob, which is a similar, yet larger, thing that sits in the water, someone jumps on an end and the person on the other side goes flying. Way to go on this one, dad.

  10. My how bubble-wrap has grown! Gone I see are the days of popping it w/ your fingers or stomping on it — there is no stomping on that bubble! Your Big Surprise is AWESOME – your kids are lucky ducks. 🙂

  11. It was so much fun. I knew when I saw that big pillow that my kids would have so much fun with it. My oldest is fearless and loves the jump castle and she had a blast. Thanks for dropping in!

  12. Thanks Breezy. The video didn’t turn out well but it was so much fun and laughter. I about crapped in my pants myself when I plopped on the end of the pillow and it flew Dylan so far, so high in the air. Too funny!

  13. haha love it! the simplest things are always the most fun

  14. haha this was so cute! 🙂

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