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Friends…Thanks for friends!

How could this world spin round without your friends? Have you ever thought about it? I mean what is a good friend worth? It doesn’t have to be your best friend, just one of any of your good friends? What are they worth?

What do you think?

I say, “Anything”. They are worth anything.

This week we were blessed again by the kindness of Friends.

Our best friends, and neighbors from our old house, who moved far away, about 2 years visited this past week. They stop back in town about 2 or 3 times a year. While we often joke about finding houses together in the future when they move back to our town (we hope). This visit they gave us a reason to ‘keep bugging them about it’! They surprised us with a wonderful house warming gift, a tranquil painting of the sun going down over the ocean. It fit perfectly on our wall  It really was too much!

Our 'Rachel and Ross'

Our ‘Rachel and Ross’

Actually, while I say, “it was a surprise” it kinda wasn’t as our ‘other wife’ (yes my other wife) actually called and asked what we needed for the house. She asked  about something for the walls. I told her our theme, our color pattern we were attempting, and a black frame continuity and let her / them do the rest, as they have always had great taste in friends in decorating.

So Thank You so much Troy (my other husband) and LeeAnne! We love ya man!

me memory

Then! Last night the, now familiar UPS man, caming a knocking again. He brought a very large cardboard envelope. What could it be this time?

As usual, it had the names of our two princesses on the package. It was from Grandma Wa-Wa (a.k.a. our other Grandma).

If you remember about a month ago, our trusty UPS guy brought a package to our door (in a day full of surprises) around dinner time that just happened to be filled with great beers from Texas, plus a bottle or two of wine to help us move in and ‘de-stress’ from that horrible moving experience. The gift was from Laura Hayes, our first great nanny’s mother who lives down-under (in Texas).

Laura Hayes, known as Grandma Wa-Wa because our then 1 year old could not pronounce ‘Laura’ only ‘Wa-Wa’ has been mailing great gifts and especially great educational material to our girls for the past 5 years. She has only met Dylan once, about 4 years ago. Her daughter, Jessica and our first nanny would send picture after picture Dylan to her, which I understand lined many a wall and desk 10 hours away in Texas. She has been too kind and a great friend to the family!

Friends to the family have ment so much to us! Recently some other very special friends,a  birth mom and Grandmother, mailed a huge box in the mail, clothes among other things, for our girls to wear this summer on vacation. It was so great to see our girls being loved and doted over.

This last special surprise Dylan was able to read the enclosed note to the girls herself, which we filmed and sent back to these great gals that sent it. ~ Ladies I hope you recieved that email. If not let me know and I will try again.

But it was special as Dylan got to read the love this family sends for herself. And a big reason she can do that begins with the generousity of our other Grandma, and her daughter Jessica with these great educational gifts from a far. I can’t discount all our other great nannies and friends of family forthe help educationg our girls but the initiative seems to have come from Laura Hayes. And we (all) will be eternally grateful!

So Laura, and eveybody else, here is Dylan, who just starts kindergarten next month (!!!), reading a the note from Ms. Laura as well as some other nice things this week…

Ok, the fence was not a gift. We had to pay for that one.

But thank goodness for good FRIENDS!

All of you! Thanks for your kindness, and thoughtfulness, generousity and support.

What would we do without them?

I tell people I’d do almost anything for my friends. Because ‘anything’ is what they do for me!

I’ll be there for you
(When the rain starts to pour)
I’ll be there for you
(Like I’ve been there before)
I’ll be there for you
(‘Cause you’re there for me too)

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24 thoughts on “Friends…Thanks for friends!

  1. I can’t believe that Dylan is only starting Kindergarten!!!! Smart cookie! I loved how you said you were going house hunting together someday… I have friends that have the same plan! 😉 Great post!

  2. Yea, for the bugs. I hate bugs! You’ll have to be pretty skinny to hide behind those trees. 🙂

  3. They are great friends and miss them. SHE taught US how to be parents of new borns and HE fixed everything in our house. and their son was my oldest’s best friend. I hope you have simialr good friends in your area Ms. Beautiful. Thanks for dropping by!

  4. they look like very sweet friends to have!

  5. Long pants for the bugs, right?
    nah, if they spot us Ill just hide and let them run after you.

  6. Hey Ms. Gull! I have missed you! Yes, its great to have friends from all over, like you. 🙂 The girls are doing great and getting bigger and more amazing every day. Did you see all the pics in the recent “Great Aunt Sue” post? Or the one of Dylan in the wedding dress? I just want them to stay this age forever. Of course they can always use a little help from a great fashionista, like yourself…but not too much. 🙂 I am going to check out your blog. I thought you stopped for awhile.

  7. Wa wa has to be the cutest version of Laura I have heard.
    I love your girls.
    Honestly most times I come back here just to find through you how they are.
    And friends are definitely priceless.
    Thank you for another amazing post.
    You know this girl loved you too. 🙂
    Take care….of the two cuties. 😉

  8. Well stop by and we’ll go exploring together. … As long as I can run faster than you when they spot us. 🙂 You’ll need some long pants too!

  9. Sounds so interesting, I would love to trespass 🙂
    Good choice on the fence.

  10. Yes we wanted to preserve that view. It is private property so they ask us not to trespass. I understand it goes back a bit and then there is water on the other side. I hear their is also an small old African-American grave yard back there that dates back a bit. We are hoping the ownere doesn’t sell the a developer so we can always have that view. ~Yes we are so proud of Dylan. We hope for good thinigs for her… and Skylar. Thanks for dropping by Ms AuAu! Have a great week…

  11. Great for Dylan, she can already read, I learned much older.
    and wooow, you have an awesome forest view! does it go deep?

  12. YUM! Don’t tempt me…

  13. So true Ms. BHC. I don’t know how fortunate THEY are but we feel very blessed. BTW…Bags packed? your warm donuts are waiting. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

  14. How wonderful! Nothing like REAL good friends. You are very lucky to have them as I am sure they feel fortunate to have you guys as their friends. 🙂

  15. Your eyes did not decieve you, that was our own house warming gift. Funny story behind it. I don’t know how spacious the backyard is but you have to imagine a swimming pool on the right side with the hammock tucked under a palm tree in the back corner. That’s the plan. Bring the beach to us! ~ I think you need to be 50+ to truly appreciate the friends sign. Thanks for dropping by Ms. Cyndi! Have the best week yet!

  16. Ahhh, such a heartwarming post!! And the sign “We’ll be friends ’til we’re old and senile…then we’ll be new friends!” is fantastic! Love it! And I did notice a really great hammock in that spacious backyard with a beautiful view.

  17. Amen Diana! Including our friends from a far!

  18. Yes friends are more costly than gold…more precious than silver ❤

  19. Andy time Ms. Wa-Wa! 🙂

  20. I’ll get there as soon as I can!!! I really like South Carolina. Thanks for the invite and I may just take you up on that one day!

  21. You are priceless Ms. Laura! Thanks so much for your nice surprises and generousity! We all love you!

    PS: there is more where that came from as we have an awesome guest suite for you now. Come see us! xo

  22. That literally just made my day. Thank you for that. Really, that just made my heart smile 🙂 It’s been a long time since I have heard “Wa Wa”. I loved it!!

  23. Who doesn’t? Its my favorite kind! And I have been blessed a small yet awesome blog family and friends. And do anything for you (all) too! 🙂

  24. Sounds like you’ve been blessed with lovely friends.
    Your friends in the blogging world appreciate you too…as we’d also appreciate free booze. 😉

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