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Ol’ buddy, ol’ Chum, ol’ pal….

I wanted to send a quick update on our dog situation.

The last time I brought him up, Chum or Chummy, was a well-mannered, friendly dog but with a growing urge to growl or even bite when he felt his space or freedom was being threatened.

Well the good news is he has stopped all that. (it looks like) We haven’t heard a story of him growling in 3 weeks. I think he is feeling more and more like a part of the family. And Dylan is a big reason why.

While we considered returning Chum to the greyhound adoption group, mom knew that would be hard on Dylan. She had already become attached to him.

I guess we all have our first favorite pet, one that we could call ours.

And so its been with Dylan and Chummy. When she gets up, she doesn’t get us up any more. She wants to feed and play with Chum. She is the first to let him out of his crate when we return from a trip. She hangs on him and loves on him, sometime too hard I feel. But Chummy hasn’t resisted.

So this past Friday, Dylan had one of those adorable outfits on from one of her special Grandmothers. Mom and I each thought it super cute that we reached for our cameras about the same time before D. was to hop in my car and jet off to school.

Well, Dylan felt too shy for all the fuss that early in the morning and hid.

Knowing she really does enjoy the hoopla of looking cute (like most girls I imagine) I suggested, “why don’t we take a picture of Chum and, Dylan, if you want to, you can stand beside him.

You know what? It worked.

She really doesn't mind the attention from looking cute...

She really doesn’t mind the attention from looking cute…

She came out and stood beside ‘her dog’

And I say that as that is what mom suggested the other day. She remarked about how much D. loves that dog and how it is really HER dog (not mine).

Come on, strike a pose…

...she doesn't mind one bit and will actually 'ham it up' for the camera sometimes.

…she doesn’t mind one bit and will actually ‘ham it up’ for the camera sometimes.

Its funny, Dylan will lie down on the living room rug in hopes that Chum will lay down beside her so she can pet and cuddle with him.

Instead, when Dylan lays on her back Chum will go and stand over top of her, front feet on one side and back feet on the other, making a bridge over her.

And that’s what dogs do, right?

If a dog is feeling threatened of surrendering to a big dog they lay on their back and flash their belly. Its a sign, ‘I give up’.

I think Chum sees Dylan laying on the ground and stands over her to protect her. He doesn’t look down at her when he does this, he looks at us. Its really touching to see.

I think she gets great enjoyment out of it. And who wouldn't?

I think she gets great enjoyment out of it. And who wouldn’t?

And that my friends is the happy face that hops in my car and goes off to school for another challenging day of Kindergarten. And then she will run in the door and give her dog a hug when she returns.

Forgive the bravado blog readers but friends and family would like to know she has gotten a ‘green smiley face’ every day of school so far; and indication of their behavior in class. Five green smiley faces in a row allows them to pick from a treasure chest at the end of the week.

She has been placed in the first grade computer class and has passed two reading tests so far that qualify her for the second level of three levels in first grade reading.

Its only the beginning as there is really very few things she can’t read. ~We have to be careful what we leave laying around the house now a she will pick up on it. She read through the church bulletin this morning with our friends that sit beside us.

And I am working with her on math. I imagine she above level there as well.

On a separate note, I am still doing good, feeling great. The side effects of my procedure are about the same. Its all a matter of managing ‘life’ right now. Although all the literature I read said side effects (mostly urinary) really don’t kick in until after 2 weeks of the procedure, which was this past week. If  the incontinence was supposed to start at all, it would be now. But I have had none of that

I have to admit, for someone that has had their fair share of beers in the past, having a sudden urge to go is nothing new. I now have had to eliminate my Mountain Dews in the mornings as a way to cope in hope of preventing any soggy bottoms in the afternoons. Ah,actually, later that same morning. Cause I am a man of constant, ah………..sorrows…

Have a great week everyone!

Whatcha wearing for Trick or Treat?

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18 thoughts on “Ol’ buddy, ol’ Chum, ol’ pal….

  1. Great news all the way around, except for the Mountain Dews haha. Such a cute girl, dog, and outfit!

  2. Its good that shes happy going to school, if she wasnt it becomes much more difficult, and shes just starting, those smiles mean a lot.
    I havent wrote those stories yet, but the one I already have was from the “Miss Aurora” you once called me, where I live nobody call me like that, with the “Miss”, because of the language, and the people who know my name are kind of close ones around me, they dont call me Miss. In the latest story AuAu calls Aurora like that “Miss Aurora”, I thought it was very cool 🙂

  3. Anothr trip, eh? How can I apply to be the baggage boy for all the trips you guys take? Hope your joints are up to the adventure. As always, take pictures!

  4. She loves her dog! The pup sleeps in our room and she was up at 5:20am this morning to get him up and feed him (errr!) Hope you’re doing great this morning Sandy! Thanks for dropping by…

  5. She is totally adorable! Oh…life back then at that age…so simple! 🙂 I am quite tired and the cool temps don’t help my joints but I am looking forward to our California trip next week! Maybe our politicians will make progress before we leave…or not!

  6. They were some cute pics. I had to share! We put up a privacy fense before we got him but that had to do with putting in a pool next year too. We only have a picket fense up along our back border but he’s too scared to go back there at night from all the sounds of the woods. Not a typical greyhound. Wait to see what dylan did this past weekend in my next post. I’m in trouble! Hope you are doing great Breanna! Always great to hear from you. 🙂

  7. I thought too cute not to share. See those smiles? Can you imagine being that happy before going off to school? She got up again this morning at 5:20am to get the dog up and feed him..yes from my room. 🙂 She’s a big helper! Hope you are feeling great this week Marie! I have to gooooo…. :p

  8. They were cute together there, weren’t they? Too cute not to share. Thanks for the blessings and back at you for you and yours! Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Aren’t those smiles too fun not to share? Can you imagine being that happy befroe she goes to school in the morning? Yes, she loves her dog. Yes, so far so good on harsh side effects. I’ve been fortunate! Let me know how these stories turn out. I have more ideas …. 🙂

  10. Yes, I actually needed a reason to stop with drinking that soda. My dentist squirms when I told her I drank two a day. Yes, I wanted to share the smiles from that morning. Too cute not too! Have a great week SSM! Thanks for dropping by…

  11. Thanks Ms. Jessica…yes, I do the Diet Mtn Dew too…which really goes right thru me so I have to cut it out for now…as I finish my last sip from this mornings. Yes, Chum looks like he is working out. He really is a sweet puppy. You’d like him. I some how deleted the old picture for my header so I went back to that afternoon and found some new ones. I hope to keep changing them around so come back often! Have a great week Jess! Always great to hear from you…

  12. So glad that things are working out with puppy. It would be devastating to have to return him – even if it’s necessary. It looks like Dylan has a great new best friend. 🙂

  13. So cute! Way to go Dylan! We almost adopted a greyhound when I was a kid.. did you have to put up a high fence in your backyard?

  14. I’m so glad to hear that things are going better with Chum! Sometimes it just takes time for the dog to feel comfortable in new surroundings. Also love your new header – you’re such a great dad! – and glad to hear you’re feeling better! But no Mountain Dew? Bummer! I love Diet Mountain Dew…

  15. Great reason to quit Mountain Dew. Great shots of Dylan & doggie!

  16. So glad to read all the good news, specially after all the worries before.
    Its great that Dylan and Mr Chum have become friends, they both look good in the pictures.
    You gave me another idea for a nice story with the “green smiley face” and treasure 🙂 and congratulations to Dylan.
    No superpowers is not that bad as long as you dont get harsh side effects.

  17. What a cute pair of chums! Good to hear you’re still doing well. Blessings to you and the 3D gang!

  18. Glad to hear things with Chum have settled down. How cute are those two together??? Keep on peeing! 🙂

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