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Can I get up now?

Once upon a time there lived a princess. From the day she was born she had her own spirit about her. She was always happy, optimistic and loving. Her facial expressions were usually smiles and grins as she went about here day.  She was a happy kid from day one!

Somewhere, early in her development she learned people like to see these things. She saw how happiness exhibited can usually be returned. She found she could surround her own personal world in happiness by just being herself; smiling, happy disposition, never complaining or whining (well hardly ever). 

And she gained a large following along the way including a host of many grandmothers, both real, adopted and assumed. She also gained a bit of a blog following over the last 3+ years too with her fun and unique outlooks on life. Want to see what I mean? Click on DYLANisms and go to the early days, for some amusing insights and remarks over the last 3 years. 

And as she learned to surround herself in happiness she also learned how to manipulate the situation at a young age, by just being happy and cute. How do you girls just instinctively know how to do this?  

Don’t know what I am talking about? Here is one of my favorite and most cherished photos and stories of her. Dylan was less than two years old at the time. She was having a hard time laying down to take naps at this point. We had just transitioned her to  her own bed from sleeping in a crib and she seemed to enjoy her new independence. So much so that she would get up and wonder around instead of napping or sleeping at night. This led us to put up a baby gate at the door to her room, so she couldn’t get out when we weren’t watching her. 

So one particular afternoon, Dylan just would not lay down for her nap. Once, twice, three times I had to go back and tell her to get back in bed and stop playing with her toys, each time growing a little more stern. She finally got the message on my third request for her to stay in bed and get some sleep. 

Or did she?  

About 30 minutes later I heard some movement back in her room again. So I got up from what I was doing to go see what she was up to this time. And this was the image that I found waiting for me at her bedroom door: 

Can I get up now?

Can I get up now?

Take a good look at her. Her sunglasses on upside down, her favorite purse tucked on her arm, her favorite toys (Bunny and Bear) there to back her up. This was a well-conceived ploy! I walk up to her room and she says, “Daddy can I get up now?” 

I stood there held out my finger to her and told her sternly “Do not Move one muscle!” 

And I ran to get my camera. You could not help but smile at her uniqueness, cuteness and creativity to get what she wanted. I took a picture and gave her the OK. I just had to be with her after that.  

Fast forward to last week in school. Dylan came home with a certificate where she was honored as “Student of the Month”! We were so happy for her! And so proud. The only thing we wondered, as any proud parent would, was the credibility of this award and why it took until April for her win this? Maybe it was a typo and the certificate was actually for Student of the Year!  

Regardless, we were very proud of her and she continues to use her smile and happy, optimistic demeanor to her advantage. You go girl!  

Of course, I have long since built up some resistance to her smile and charms!  I know how she can work it…..

Yea…right! This princess still rules!

I would love to show you the cute Student of The Month certificate from her school displaying Dylan’s name on it but my computer and I are currently at war. It is slow and belligerent. If any of you are good with fixing computers and think you can help please, PLEASE let me know. Otherwise if you to take a shot at fixing it you can find it out along the curb, in various pieces, up and down the street.  

Does anyone have any coupons for new computers?

Maybe I should take Dylan and let her bat her eyes and smile a little bit.  

Please, please, pretty please?

Please, please, pretty please?

Dear God,  

Thank you for all the smiles, both big and small that brighten our day! They are the sunshine of our daily lives. They are contagious! Start a smile wave! 

And thank you for happy kids that take all the stress and darkness out of our lives by just being themselves! The world can disappear in their presence.  

Thank you for the many blessings of our girls  as well as what we were each born with. You gave us each what we needed to survive and thrive at our birth. Help us to never lose these blessings but use them to find our own special miracle that you have in store for each of us.  

And mostly dear Father, thank You for my two miracles, that have changed my life, as well as all the many miracles you have shown us this week, last week, and all the weeks of the year. Thank you for your mercy and abundant generosity!

Have a great week everyone!



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18 thoughts on “Can I get up now?

  1. Thanks D Anna. You need to meet this one. She certainly does have her own style. Sometimes its great, sometimes its laughable but its all her. I just showed her your blog. She thinks you are really pretty.

  2. Super cute and stylish little lady!

  3. Hey Ms. Karen! Yes they ar. Each day I ask her to not get any older. I forbid her to get any older than 6 now, but have been runningntnis same game since she was 4. She used to say, “But I have to get older. I’m growing up.” just as serious as could be. But now she just kicks back, “Oh daddy!” I guess we can’t stop progress. Great to hear from you Ms. Karen! I hope youare doing good!

  4. Amen Tom! Certainly “Our” happiness revolves around their happiness, eh? But I do get off on seeing those smiles. I hope youare having a good one. Thanks for dropping by Tom..

  5. Super sweet!

  6. A the daughter of a 2 1/2 year old, I can confirm that the princess always rules! Here’s to hoping they never stop surrounding themselves with happiness!

  7. Ok I will look for you there then Luanne. Thanks!

  8. what is the Ctrl , Alt ‘Supr’. I am not familar with thatlast key.. Sure you just wouldn’t rather come up. Use my Visa, bring your ruler, I will do my best.

    We are looking at buying a new one tonight, hae it picked out via Consumer Reports. I could use some help transfering everything over to the new one. Whatcha doing this weekend? Thanks for your help Ms. AuAu. I appreciate it!

  9. Luanne on said:

    I won’t be over at dWLA much any more, so I will be reading your blog through Writer Site, Andy. Too many blogs . . . .

  10. I guess if I could take a plane I could be there by six, but I have no Visa, so it would take longer 😛
    Besides, Im a very strict teacher, the kind that (almost) hits people with a ruler on the hand (I give computer classes).

    Security file? mmm, Ive seen many computers screwed by antivirus and such, I recommend not to use them, instead learn the basics of the operative system and use “common sense”.

    Im gonna assume that your computer hardware is fine and that is a software problem, the solution would be uninstall the “security software” and delete its program files if any remains, it will probably fix it. Also check your hard drive space, I recently fixed a laptop that had none left because the antivirus took it all doing a “security file” (it may be doing that file, and thats why your computer is slow).

    But since youre not able to uninstall because of slowness, you could try to stop the process; hit ctrl, alt and supr at the same time, the task manager should pop up (or a menu giving you the option), there you can stop programs from running, try to close the security software and then uninstall it.

    Theres a thing called Safe mode boot up, where only the main Windows processes load and you could be able to uninstall the antivirus.

    You can always reinstall windows again, but it will delete everything on that hard drive.

    Always make a back up of your files!!! or two while youre at it.
    Plain Copy and Paste done by yourself.

    If you decide to get a new computer, I can help you with the basics of choosing.
    Good luck, tell me how it went.

  11. Thanks ‘Ms. Bad Influnence on my Kids” She is usually a pretty good listener. My puter problem? I updated our security file from 2011 to 2014 last week and my computer has come to almost screeching halt. It moves so slow that it wants to time out from lack of activity before a process has completed, unless you stay there and milk it a bit to keep it going. I want to remove the program but it goes s slow I can never get that far in the program to remove it. Can you help? We will be home by 6 if you want ot drop by. Stay for dinner! Thanks Ms. Aurora! I hope youare doing good!

  12. Thanks Grandma Wawa! Yes she has her purse and a whole lot more going for her thanks to you and the love you and Jessica shared with her. thanks so much. Come and see us!

  13. Yes she has all those nails, such a pretty young lady, a smile of purity and innosence, stylish persona and a few alter egos to keep everything fun and exciting. Whats not to love? Yes, she owns the key to daddy’s heart (as if I didn’t have to tell you that already) Thanks for dropping by SSM! We have missed you….

  14. She has all it takesto previal then Luanne. Her smile lights the way! I hope you are doing good! Thanks for dropping by!

  15. “Always do the opposite of what dad says” 😛

    About the computer, whats the problem?

  16. I will always have a special place in my heart for Dylan!! And… I feel honored, grandma WaWa gave her that favorite purse!!

  17. Miss Dylan had it nailed early on: A pretty lady+stylish accessories+her two best alter-egos+a camera= RESULTS. You can already tell she will go far in life and get everything she wants & rightfully deserves…why, she’s got the key to her Daddy’s heart!

  18. Luanne on said:

    Cuteness prevails!

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