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To all those that have served: Thanks for this day!

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  I hope you had a chance to relax or have some fun or do what ever you like to do on your free days off from work.

We decided to take the kids out to the beach for the first time this season. I don’t think they had been to the beach since about June of last year.

I really hadn’t been out to the beach in almost a year as well, except for a glorious time or two when I only could spare  minute.

Our visit was ideal and instantly reminded me of vacations and beach visits from the past…

It really was a wonderful day. Even Mom remarked on how perfect everything was; the water was crystal clear, the air temp, the wind, the crowds.  It made for a nice escape.

clear blue Atlantic

Like I said, even given it was a holiday, a 4-day weekend, the beaches were not too crowded.

Memorial day crowd

Of course we did leave our house at 10:15 to avoid the beach swarm to the coast.

But we had our usual good time. The girls were a little slow to embrace the beach, forgetting where they left off at last summer. They quickly found themselves at home in the tidal pool. They made a few friends there. Poor Skylar, she had to lug around her inner tube swimmie all through out the 8 inch deep tidal pool; kinda like her purse. It was too funny!

We arrived as the tide was going out. The vacated sand made for a nice wide, flat beach.  There weren’t many waves due to the low tide so you could just wade out and keep going. Eventually I lured Dylan out to go for a swim with her ol’ dad. As you can see, she really didn’t care for that too much…

The girls had a good time playing in the water and ocean again.

girls playing

I had a great time acting like a kid in the ocean again. It was fun. It was relaxing. A great time for some little pondering with the Big guy.  It was a nice escape. And it felt good to be in my old beach chair again.

Back in my chair

Here is a brief look at our day on the ‘Isle Of Palms‘.  Thanks for taking time out of your hectic Memorial Day to drop by my beach here in 3D.

To all those Veterans, who helped secure our country and way of living so that we could enjoy a purrfect 3 day weekend (and get paid for it) I want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Happy Memorial  Day everyone!

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9 thoughts on “To all those that have served: Thanks for this day!

  1. Thanks D’Anna! I hope you had a great holiday too,,,,

  2. Great post!

  3. *yw*

    Well, hats off to ya, Mr. 3D. You are most valiant for diving after such precious things that should never blow away. Hold on Tight to your…hats…!

  4. Yes, She is literally fearless with those water wings on. And, as parents, we feel better about her in the deep water too with them on.You saw how I dove right after the hat when it blew off her head. I didn’t it to blow away from her. I hope you are doing good SSM…

  5. Well come on Luanne! Come join us on our side of the continent. I have a couple of young ladies I would love for you to meet!

    I am appreciating you more and more as a writer now that I have followed your other site. Anytime you want to do a guest post here in 3D just let me know! Thanks for dropping by. Have the best weekend!

  6. The ‘don’t you dare’ is actually a chance for you to use your imagination as the one heavy set guy is standing behind, almost straddling, his wife who is lying belly down in the tidal pool in front of him. I was going to have some fun on this post and video what others around is were doing and mimicking what they might have been thinking, kinda like Tina Fey did on Date Night. But it did not turn out so well.

    Yes the tidal pool the water is warmer as it sits in shallow water and not held to captive temperatures as the big blue ocean. Come and join us next time Ms. Aurora. Thanks for dropping by!

  7. What a fun day at the beach! My littlest one saw Miss Dylan’s water wings and decided he wants a pair now, too. She is always so fashionable…nice Orange hat!

  8. So jealous. I have been working too hard and need. the. beach.

  9. The beach seems very nice, so the tidal pool.
    Is the water warm?
    Better not being crowded.

    I didnt understand the last part of the video, “dont you dare…”.

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