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Christmas Mood

Merry Christmas everyone!

Now if you are reading this right now you might just be taking a break from your own Christmas festivities. I hope yours was a memorable one! Maybe everyone is taking a nap, or making dinner, playing outside, or over to grandma’s house one horse wooden sleigh? If so, what a great day so far, huh?

Or maybe you are reading this Friday morning with all the Christmas festivities in the rear view mirror, but still filled with all the warmth of family and friends.

You got the Christmas mood!

This December I turn my car radio to the Christmas radio station to get and stay in the Christmas mood. It comes one time a year but I enjoy a month of it!

One song, or singer I should say, stood out this year on the Christmas music, Darius Rucker, the former lead singer for Hootie and the Blowfish.

Is anyone old enough to remember them?

Now I really wasn’t a Hootie fan back in the day but the band is kinda local in my state, coming out of Columbia, SC. So they do get a lot of air play here. And I know they enjoyed some success.

This December the radio station played a few songs from Darius’s Christmas album (often) that I really liked. To me they are future classics. They are bluesy in nature but carry all the lyrics, Christmas traditions, and imagery of the popular Christmas classics.

I mentally tuned in every time they played his songs this month. So if you have a minute or two, grab some egg nog and see if you enjoy this new Christmas classic off Darius’ Christmas offering, Candy Cane Christmas

Isn’t that a nice, laid back Christmas tune that mimics other well-known Christmas carols? I think its real nice Christmas background, ‘mood‘ music.

And another Darius Christmas song the radio station played this December was the following.

And I have to fess up, I had thought twice about doing this post about subjecting readers to sitting through videos. But I saw this video last night and it was really special, shot at a local children’s hospital here in Charleston it appears. Its another great Christmas song, flowing smokey beat, and very touching for the Christmas season, What God Wants For Christmas

That’s not bad Christmas Mood Music, is it? Not a sing-along but very nice background music. Darius and his strong smooth voice do some cover tunes on his Christmas album as well. Here is a great version of a new Christmas classic, complete with a children’s choir for back up in contrast to high paid celebrities on the original….

And an upbeat version of Winter Wonderland country-ized…

And if you haven’t heard it enough yet, here is his jazzy version of a classic, coupling with Sheryl Crow that I am sure you heard all month

Sorry, there I go, I do drag on.

No, I am still not a big Darius Rucker fan.. but after these Christmas songs of his I heard this year for the first time I do really respect the man. And if you are still with me here, I hope you enjoyed some unique views of Christmas classics as well as his very special future classics. I mean it worked for Mariah Carey, right?

And I have so many other favorite Christmas songs I would love to torture offer you but you have probably heard them all month and I have kept you long enough here already.


If you have room for one more, here is my very very favorite, Silver Bells, done by a band I never heard of, the Roches, put to video of my first daughter as she enjoyed her very first birthday in 2009. Its a very special version of Silver Bells. And if you have been following this blog for awhile it is fun to see this very special girl 5 years smaller but still super sweet.

Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for hanging out with me here in my Christmas mood!



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2 thoughts on “Christmas Mood

  1. Thanks Diana! And a very special and belated warm Christmas wishes to you and yours as well my friend.. Enjoy!

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Andy, and your loved ones! ❤
    Diana xo

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