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iFit website = iCrapDoggyDue website

Every now and again you run across some company that you think is an evil, money-grubbing outfit, that appears harmless enough, but then cracks you over the head with some surprising billing that you feel helpless to stop.

….and a web site, service or product you feel you should warn others about!

Let me introduce you to iFit.

Buyer Beware!

A few years ago I bought a treadmill. It was a nice one that even came with a modem to connect to the Internet. They suggested using the iFit website as a way to track my runs as well as download some trails from around the world. I thought, OK, cool!

I bought a one month membership. And then another. At the end of the year they were giving away some nice gifts if I would buy a Yearly Membership.  I was tired of rebilling all the time. We had some nice taxes coming back that year and so I thought why not. I paid $130.20 on 12/31/2016 for a 2017 membership.

I know, crazy, right? That much money to track how far you run?

Well this January I received this message in an email:

Your Premium Membership has expired.
Hi Andy,

We couldn’t auto-renew your iFit Premium annual membership as expected.

To continue your iFit Premium membership, visit your Account Billing in your settings to upgrade your account to Premium.

If you have questions, we’d love to help. Simply email us at support@ifit.com.

Keep Moving,

Well, I don’t use the treadmill much. If I use it two times in a month it was a good month. Some months I don’t use it at all.

I even write down all the data from my runs in Journal form.

The little 3 inch TV screen on the treadmill is not very motivating when I am running through the woods in the Ukraine so those advertised runs are not very motivating either.

So I thought, no I am not renewing it this year.

It is such a waste of good money!

So I did not renew.

In-fact I did nothing. The email suggests they can’t bill me. Let me just right this poor, expensive fitness training off and manage the tracking of calories and distance on my own. ( I have a college degree after all )

So then the next day I was shocked to find this email in my Inbox:

Thanks for your purchase!
Please retain this billing receipt for your records. You can access your complete billing history in your settings.
Order ID: 2351041
Order Date: January 15th 2018
Item Amount
Coach 1 Year Auto Renewal – AUTO $180.00
Subtotal: $180.00
Estimated Tax: $16.20
Order Total: $196.20


I didn’t do anything, least of all ask for another overpriced fitness membership. ( do you see where the price for this Premium Membership went up $66 or 33% in a year?)

And I may be mistaken but I am pretty sure I changed the credit card number I used last year to a new one, hence the first email I received from them saying they could not renew.  Hmmmm?

Now I have gone through all the refund links on their website. Twice. I still have yet to hear from them.

Other than the ol’ take a number routine:

“Your request has been updated. Reply to this email or follow the link below:”

Meanwhile $196 just was stolen from my checking account by this shady iFit web site.

I started a dispute for this charge with my bank now. They have been good in the past about not paying for money not earned by some service (internet web site). But it really frustrates me that there are crooked outfits like this that stay in business and take people’s money when they have not earned it and through some shady business practice.

So I thought you should know. If you ever get an offer to join iFit, whether it be for a Fit Bit, treadmill, stationary bike, Stair Stepper, Nordic Track, anything….

Buyer Beware!!

If you see a promotion for anything from iFit I hope the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and you run, not walk, but run far away from the offer.

And please tell your friends and family too. If you get a membership they keep your credit information on file and bill you again when your membership is up whether you ask for it or not.

iFit = Buyer Beware!

She shoots! She scores!

Hi Gang!

I wanted to send a quick post to friends and family about what is going on here in our ‘burb’. Everyone always asks “so how are the girls doing?” So I wanted to do one about them on their blog for a change.

Remember these girls?

Remember these girls?

Time did not expand after the holidays. These days every Saturday morning starts off with a ‘competitive’ came of basketball.

Skylar is enrolled in a youth basketball league sponsored by our town and a local church.


We wanted to do something for her since her sister is in Girls

Sscouts. Plus she really needs an energy outlet.

Know what? She’s pretty good for her short self! Playing among her peers, she scored the first two baskets the first game and has scored two baskets in every game since.

"Go ahead, make my day!"

“Go ahead, make my day!”

And as good as she is getting at tossing the ball in, or at the hoop, she is even more tenacious on defense. So much so that the refs have to ask her to back up sometimes to give the other kids with the ball a chance.

There also has been a plethora of kids birthdays lately. The trendy kids birthday party this year is at the local ice skating palace, er, castle.

Who would have thought in South Carolina the girls would gravitate to ice skating?

Oh, I know why?

Every daughter appears to be a Princess at this palace, er, Castle!

Every daughter appears to be a Princess at this palace, er, Castle!

Yes, the owners of this ice skating palace know how to ride the Disney train! Of course our girls have a great time pushing themselves around the ice. Dylan can go lickety-split now without the use of her ‘walker’. And you just never know who you will run into at the palace…

I like warm hugs

I like warm hugs

I, on the other hand, have been a Grinch, due to this darn, cheap, no accountable FreeMotion treadmill I bought. The manufacturer said they would forward a magical card to insert into he machine that was supposed to restart the machine.

If you remember it was out of stock. Well after waiting 10 days for the card to get ‘in stock’ the company tells me it no longer is made.

Say what?

So now they are going to send me the entire top console of the treadmill to fix that machine and get it running again.

Only that too is out of stock.  

Did I mention the is a FREEMOTION TREADMILL with the fancy IFIT android console.

Folks, I really can’t recommend this company (Icon) or any of its products. Everything seems to be “out of stock” once you buy it, except all the warranties they offer. It really upsets me.

And they wouldn’t like me when I am upset.


But wait!

This post was supposed to about the girls. Did I mention Dylan also got straight A’s again on her report card last week? Yep! We are so proud of her. Although getting straight A’s is not really any trick for her any more.

This is the trick our silly girl is working on….

Daddy, I smell thunder. Was that you?

Daddy, I smell Thunder. Was that you?

…..trying to hold her little nostrils shut. Kids! But she will do anything she sets her mind too.

Which reminds me of some amazing weather we had last week, complete with the most amazing and brilliant rainbow I had ever scene when leaving work one day.


The base of the rainbow was brilliant like it was on fire. It lit up the sky around the base. See the second rainbow behind it? And how the weather is different on the outside of the rainbow versus the inside of the rainbow? I just had to stop and appreciate it for a minute.

Appreciate it like I do for all of you and my wonderful family.

I appreciate you all!

Have a great weekend everyone!

May all your shots go through their hoops!

The Answer To My Prayers (the sequel)

So imagine this, its breakfast time and my youngest child brings her empty cereal bowl over to me and puffs out here belly and says, “Look Daddy, my belly is full like yours now!”

Later that same morning my oldest is watching me get dressed for work and she we just a bit more direct noting, “Gee Daddy, you’re fat.” Thanks bud.

Yes I enjoyed the holidays a bit too much! It seems  like it was only yesterday I was bragging about moving back an extra notch on my belt loop. It must have went to my head making me feel invincible!

So this week I received (another) answer to my prayers!

We purchased a treadmill for our home. It’s a beauty!

I shopped around after the beginning of the year and found a FreeMotion 860 treadmill for about half off after sale prices and discounts and apology discounts (more on that later)

I wanted a treadmill that would stand up to the beating I can give a treadmill for high speeds and long periods of time. I also wanted one that I thought would last.

This is one of the new high techy treadmills that can use Google earth to pinpoint a running course. The first 3 days I ran along a wonderful road in Hawaii. Then I opted for a series of running courses from 12 islands from all over the world to run on. Here is some of the technology:

Ifit video 

So yes, I can draw a map  of where I want to run. In fact if you want to leave me your zip code and the street you live on in the comments below I could go running by your house. Maybe we could go for a run together then?  🙂

After I set up the treadmill I chose the last tab, Hana Trail route under the Video tab. It was not made by National Geographic. It was running a back road along the coast of Maui, through a rain forest on the island and some beaches. Beautiful! I ran solid for 35 minutes, taking in the sites. I never stopped but was motivated to keep exploring the running path. I put Maui on my Bucket List by the way.

Yes, you can control your speed. The treadmill not only has a 12% incline but it has a 3% DECLINE to replicate a downhill run. This  model by FreeMotion has 2 speakers for either a narrator on my scenic runs, a fitness coach, or music from my Ipod. It also has two built-in fans which can help you from getting overheated. I like them blowing on me to make me feel like I am actually running faster.

But after the third day of this glorious treadmill the technology on this iFit gadget stopped working properly and was left caught in a loop of looking for the Internet. This loop precedes the logging in screen so I can not get to the screen just to run, rendering my treadmill inoperable….after 3 days…and waiting 15 days for it to ship from the manufacturer.

How would you feel about that?

So I called the iFit team for a remedy and they told me they will overnight a ‘card’ that I can insert in my machine to make everything ok…..as soon as they come in. Yes the cards are out of stock. And the young customer service rep I just spook with says the consoles, which is what is broken on mine, are out of stock too.

Possibly I am not the only having trouble with this machine, huh?

If we didn’t spend so much money on this blasted machine it would almost be laughable. Not unlike the first time I stepped on a treadmill in the gym….
treadmill funny

I got this treadmill online instead of just buying one at the store. The manufacturer took 11 (frickin) days just to put it in the mail. I hope iFit is not that lackadaisical towards their new customers once they have their money. But it appears so.

Yes, customer service is such a subjective term these days.

Anyway, I got it in the mail and had to put a few things together to set it up. After a few hours I was done and eager to try out my new treadmill…the proverbial ‘answer to my prayers’….

treadmill gif

Actually the treadmill worked great and I did a good job installing it if I do say so myself! It ran smooth. The extra features, like speakers, fans, and decline were like running in paradise. It was powerful and able to stand up to the kind of running I like to do….when I am 15 pounds lighter.

But I know what you are thinking… yes as a good parent I must make sure my young girls don’t try to use the treadmill since they are not used to one…

treadmill gif girls

 It does look a bit like a contact sport after all.

But not running on this gem after having tested it out and enjoyed it for the brief time that it did work is really frustrating.

How am I going to lost this weight?

Have I just wasted  a bunch of money on a dream of losing weight and running fast again?

Does no company out there have any kind of initiative to taking care of its customers any more like, dare I say, the old days?

That really bothers me maybe the most when I think of how I try to take care of my customers instead of ‘they will get it when they get it’ mentality.


Maybe I should just use and stick to what I do best…

treadmill stick what i do best

and I will look like this someday on my overpriced treadmill…

sitting-treadmillIn all seriousness, I set it up. I absolutely love(d) it! The Freemotion 860 makes running more enjoyable (when running properly) if not more tolerable by running trails in Hawaii and all over the world (theoretically).

It would give me the opportunity to be burning calories, getting in shape, getting my running form back, and exuding all kinds of self-confidence! Even enough to take a selfie the first night before I knocked out 35 minutes running down the road from Maui…

treadmill selfie

Yes, be careful what you pray for. God asks you to pray for the things you want. That way he can give you what you need.


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